Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday #9 Jake!!

Today was an AWESOME day. Seriously, like it was so much fun. I don't know about everyone else, but I had a really fun day. We woke up this morning and started getting ready to go to the Cherry Point Air Show in celebration of Jakob's birthday. Our original plans were the aquarium, but after Jake passed a poster in a shopping mall telling all about the upcoming air show, he quickly switched gears and wanted to go here. I'm so glad we did, it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen in my life.
Before we left, Austin thought Jake should open ONE of his gifts and of course, Austin picked which one it should be. It was a pocket knife, but not just ANY pocket knife my friends...OHHH NOOOO. It was Jake's very FIRST REAL LIVE pocket knife. A sharp one. This is serious. Needless to say, Jake fell in love and proudly tucked it away in his...well...pocket of course and we were off to the show!
When we got there it was a little sprinkly, but the planes were still flying. This was my first air show EVER and let me tell you...I advise you ALL go to one, FREAKIN COOL. I thought it would be a lot of waiting for something you could barely see or point out in the sky and then it would be over until the next show and more waiting. SOOO wrong. Planes were flying from the moment we got there till the moment we left NONSTOP. One performer right after the next. They did have to stop for about 15 minutes when the rain picked up but as SOON as it stopped planes were back up in the sky in NO time.
My only regret about the whole thing is believing the website when they said that THEY would provide earplugs for everyone....they didn't. None were to be found so during the loud ones like the F18, F16 and Hornets, Isaak cried and cried as I smashed his head to my chest to keep the noise to a minimum. The other kids seemed fine. Kora was a little whiney all day because she wasn't getting all the attention and it wasn't HER day so when we got there she whined about Jake picking a "scary" place to go on his birthday. After I jerked her aside and told her this WASN'T her day and she needed to CHILL I didn't hear another word from her. Terd.
The whole place also had all the planes being flown plus tanks and more all parked and and open for the crowd to explore. We walked from exhibit to exhibit checking things out...but really just following Jake. He was in charge. They also had a row of TONS of yummy fair type food that smelled D-VINE. Mmmm. I enjoyed a corny dog and funnel cake, I'll admit was soooo delicious.
Here are some of the cool performers from the show. I only had my cell phone so I couldn't get any pictures but just pretend I took these okay?
This is the P51 Mustang that was flown a long time ago like in WWII or something like that. Maybe the Korean War? I dunno. It was old.

I had two absolute favorite acts and this was definitely one of them. This is a CAP 232 flown by Micheal Goulian and it was soo awesome. He did amazing tricks that made it look like he was falling from the sky. It was so neat because it looked like he had lost control and was just going crazy. I loved it! I don't see how he doesn't puke his brains out in that thing or have mega vertigo flopping and flailing all over the place like that.

This is the MAGTF or the Marine Air Ground Task Force. They showed us what it looked like while it was refueling in the sky.

This is the F/A - 18C Hornet. Holy mother of fast.

And the AMAZING and freaking scary if I was a bad guy it was coming after...
F16 Fighting Falcon. This thing is so freakin loud dude.

This is another oldie from the 40's the B25 Panchito.

And then my second favorite performer was the totally RAD Marine AV 8B Harrier. This thing is unreal. It like hovers over the ground like a bumblebee perfectly still and then shoots off going sooo fast. I don't know it's even possible. It lands the same way, just setting itself down. It's so cool to watch it doesn't even look real.

After we were all pooped and our ears were all shot, we decided to head home. Isaak was soooo tired on the hour long trip home but it was nothing that his brainy baby movie and an oreo couldn't fix.

When we got home we decided we'd do cake and presents and then rest. We were all tired and not hungry enough for dinner yet.
Here's the cake Jakob requested as he does every year now. A chocolate fudge cake, with chocolate fudge chip icing surrounded by chocolate covered strawberries. How's THAT for yummy chocolate cake NIENIE?!?!
I know I'm a bad froster, but those lumps in the frosting aren't cake, they're chocolate chips.
Don't' make fun of my turkey platter I had to serve it on. I don't have a beautiful cake stand (although I'd love one...HINT HINT) so I had to use our Thanksgiving decor. Don't worry though, it didn't make the cake taste like turkey.

Jake got a Panda Bear Webkinz from Kora.

A set of 6 Bakugan (this new thing he just got into) from Miah.

A bow and arrow from Mom and Dad.

And cards, gift cards, cashola and letters galore from everyone we love.
Thank you friends and family.
Jake decided since he was 9 that HE needed to light his candle.

We sang. It was heinous...and then he blew it out and made a wish!

The strawberries were yum-a-licious and we even had a celebratory drink to go a long with the cake!

Since we didn't have anyone there to take our traditional family picture with the cake, we decided to do some individual photo sessions.
I love this picture. These guys are so much alike.

Miah the chocolate face.

Koko loving her Daddy.

And me with rained on hair looking chubby.
But happy.

After cake everyone ran away. Jake and the kids went to play with the new toys and Mom and Dad went to rest for a bit before making dinner. The cake had so much frosting on it even IT got tired and just fell over. I felt just like that cake.

At the end of the day Jake said, "This was the best birthday EVER. I have the best mom and dad, my brothers and sister love me, I'm the richest kid in school and I had the best birthday."
The day was grand.
I love you my Baby Jake.
I can't believe you're 9. I never thought you'd ever be so big.
I love every little SINGLE thing about you and I can't wait to see what kind of GREAT man you grow up to be....
...but for now, just stay small and keep loving your mother.
Happy Birthday.


Anonymous said...

I love going to the Air Shows. Great pick in my opinion. Glad you had a great day. Happy Birthday to Jake.

Amanda said...

That was so very sweet:) You are a wonderful Mommy:) You made his day perfect! I never would have thought and air show could be fun! thanks for the ear plug tip:) I just saw some in Target tonight and though...well if I ever need them I know which isle they are on...I almost bought some b/c I like to be prepared for ANYTHING at anytime...but then I thought that was too crazy and left them there!

I need to know what this brainy baby DVD is? Who is is made by?

Valinda said...

That looks like awesome fun, I'm glad he picked something "yucky" and boy to do. I love that last pic so cute!

nat said...

What an awesome bday for Jake!!!

Aymee said...

Excellent job on that cake! And Happy, Happy Birthday, Jake! He is getting so grown up. And I SO love chocolatey messy baby faces...great! Hope you are doing/feeling well!

dena said...

why do little boys have to get big?

David and Teresa said...

That whole thing made me cry and to think that my Jake is so big now. I remember when he WAS that little in that last pic.
Happy Birthday to my sweet Jake.

David and Teresa said...

don't get me wrong...tears of joy but sad tears that Jake is growing....It is just part of life though.


Tara said...

So sweet!! that cake looks SOOOOOOO yummy! Happy BD Jake!!! you look so grown up already! 9 is a great year, enjoy it!

Goodnight moon said...

Happy Birtday JaKob! (Do you like how I am always capitalizing the "K" part:)

I forget how awesome airshow's can be. I've grown up around them my whole life, so I get bored at them...EXCEPT for the food part:)

I'm glad that JaKob enjoyed himself. And it was cute that he was incharge of the events too. Poor Kora....the ONLY girl!

The cake looked awesome, well that is....IF you like that much chocolate! Do you drink a gallon of milk with it?

Oh, and how could you forget your camera?!?! I almost reminded you on the phone before you left..but I figured, heck no....she will remember it! Sorry I didn't open my big mouth and be a good friend!

Dana said...

That was the best birthday.. yummy cake and a great day... i am so happy that it all worked out for him.....

Burns Family said...

Happy Birthday Jake! The Air Showed sounds like a lot of fun...I has a blonde moment..I was looking at the first couple of plane pictures going WOW Jessica is an amazing photographer then...I was like wait that is too high in the sky, and I don't think they would let her on the boat hmmmm... silly me... Looks like such a fun day...and what a delicous cake!

Lindsay said...

looking at this made me so sad not to live near you... i miss my jake.. i'm so glad he had fun on his birthday.. he's so wonderful. Tell him that i love him and i'm really glad he had a good birthday. he deserves it. My sweet little baby jake.

andi said...

Holy Happy Birthday! That's a great way to celebrate (and especially with all of the chocolate...and P.S.: if THAT is chubby, then I don't want to know what I look like, sheesh.) Happy b-day Jake!

Bonnie said...

Whooohooo ! Happy Birthday Jakey-Boy! I can't believe he's only 9... he totally acts 14! I love him! Tell him Cooper wants to Bakugan battle him!

Unknown said...

What a great birthday! That cake looks DEEEE-VINE!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Jake! Move back here so you can be friends with Alex again. He needs your mature influence. And I need your next birthday cake.