Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

There was a Taliban.
He was a bad guy who wanted to hurt good people.

He did his best to search for the good guy and then take them down.
He didn't care who he hurt or who's family would be left crying because of the one they lost.

But what the Taliban didn't know was...
the Marines were
They'd stop at nothing to make sure this Taliban didn't succeed.

So the poor little Taliban gave up.
Angry and frustrated he threw down his weapon and walked away from the job.

He decided to change his ways and be nice.
Which landed him a big fat gold trophy from Miss Kristie in gymnastics.
Some say he's even considered joining the big bad Marines.

Ooh Rah!

PS...Thanks for all the donations! I have an amazing 4D sonogram scheduled for THIS Friday evening and I cannot WAIT to find out what it is. Unfortunately, I cannot take your hard earned money and use it for my selfish needs. I have decided to take all my earnings and make a fabulous donation to the Hope for the Warriors Organization in the name of The Lowe Family News Followers. This organization is here in Jacksonville and offers help to wounded warriors and their families. Take a minute to visit their website if you contributed money and want to see where it will be going.


One more thing.

Only those who contributed to the sonogram fund will get to find out the sex in a super secret email wrapped in bubble tape and lots of yummy love from ME. I love people who would give anything at the drop of a dime...no matter how insignificant it really is. Y'all rock.

You still have time!

If you wanna know!! The donation will not be made until Friday.


Lindsay said...

that taliban guy is pretty handsome.. but here's my question... why was he wearing a marine shirt DURING his evil search? oh.. and can i give him a hug? i think that's really all he needs.

Goodnight moon said...

Good observation about the USMC t-shirt, Lindsay! I noticed the same thing!

I love when the kids use there imaginations to play!

That is an awesome idea with all your donations! Great cause!

raschel said...

email me your address. i'll send you some $ for a good cause...and bc i really wanna see what a 4D sono looks like. ...but i don't wanna sign up on paypal.

Valinda said...

I love the donation idea. I get two good things for the price of one! Maybe that Taliban is really a double agent wearing that USMC shirt. :)

Kathy said...

Valinda donated for me because I don't use Paypal. Don't forget me in the top-secret, bubble wrapped e-mail!

Carolina said...

"Come mister Taliban...Tali-me banana...daylight come and me wanna go home"

I'm sure those are SOOO NOT the words, but it's the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this post! I heart Miah...he is so cutie!! I love that he's in gymnastics and has a trophy!

ANd I love that you really are a sweet, kind, and loving human being that would make a donation with her blog earnings :)

Also...I think since I've known you for like ever and ever and I was your bestiest in high school...I should be privy to the knowledge of the baby's sex regardless of said donation :)


The Nugen's said...

That's a great idea. At least my money is going to a good cause now! Ha! At what time will we expect to receive this bubble wrapped news? I can't wait!

Tami said...

So can I send you money? Don't want to use paypal....you can email me...twyland2034@hotmail.com.

Your little taliban is adorable!

Stephanie Kelly said...

hahah that Taliban is adorable. And sweet of you to donate everyone's money to the charity. I didn't donate because 1st, I am poor. Second, if I knew it was going to a charity I would of. And third, I am a physics and I already know what you are having, and Fourth, I was lazy!!! And finally I have summers shirt done...I will mail it to you after I get back from Cali. and there just might be a surprise in with it ;) ~Peace Home Slice!

Unknown said...

Miah is SO CUTE! What imaginations!

I seriously, seriously cannot believe people have sent you $64. I think they think that if they don't, you will make fun of them on your awesomely popular blog. I'm still holding out. Unless you name your baby Pat, and post absolutely nothing about clothes or toys you buy, and always refer to him or her as IT, I will find out soon enough. Oh yeah, there's a hole in the plan, Lowe. A hole in the plan.

tiffanyg said...

Oh gosh I am so glad he came to the GOOD side!!