Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You want pictures? I'll give you pictures!

The other night Austin and I were in bed looking at all my cell phone pictures I have stored. I wasn't aware that most of them were taken by a mysterious phone robber named KORA. She loves being bossy and even MORE so when she has a camera.
Here is sweet Miah minding his own business until cell phone camera Kora walks up.

Come on Koko...do I HAVE to do what you tell me to do? Please don't' make me...

Pose #1

Pose #2
Obviously being directed by Kora.

Pose #3
Okay I'm getting tired of this and so are my lips.

Pose #4
I'm done...how'd ya like THIS pose? huh?

She also likes to sneak up on Jake.

And her favorite? Turning the camera on herself.
Aren't I beautiful?
Aren't I pretty?
Aren't I perfect?

But sometimes she turns it on me.
Sometimes Jessica gets mad.
And sometimes she wears a different shirt other than the one shown here...
but not very often.

Last week the kids came home from school toting awards galore! Jake told me that Kora got one of the highest awards the school offers! WoW! Then they asked me why I wasn't there when they GOT the awards. Kora said, Mom, I was looking at all the moms and dads there and couldn't find you. Huh? All the moms and dads where? Turns out they had an awards ceremony. Did anyone tell ME about it? No of course not. They just expect me to show UP, with NO notice! Freakin terds.
Yea it's sideways, get over it.

Here's the attorney's new office! I gotta add a couple plants and there's also a cool picture of the Marines at Belleau Wood that my mom had framed for him on the opposite wall not shown. Yes, that's his fake red Prada purse on the desk too.

Isaak's first feel of sand through his fingers...
so precious.

The hoochie at the doctors office who didn't care that her son stole all my important cards outta my wallet and threw them under her chair.

Oh what? That lady's cards are under here? Maybe we should get them for her instead of just let you keep stealing them and hiding them while I do NOTHING except call your name...
or maybe not.

Mom, I found your jeep, I didn't know you were in town.

Ian and Miah falling victim AGAIN to Kora. I think I'm supposed to be babysitting this day but who knows where I am...probably napping.

Isaak holding on for dear life as he sleeps. Dreams can be vivid.
Do you ever have that one where you fall off your skateboard and then JERK in real life? That's my favorite.

Austin trying to take a picture of the disease on my face but I'm not letting him.

And a profile pic of the shiny penny. He is so round and sweet, just like a little penny.

Phew...now my phone is finally empty of pics and I can start fresh!


Crystal Renee said...
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Valinda said...

lol I find those sort of pictures and videos on my real camera. Kora does a good job with what she has to work with. She must have the photographer genes!

Carolina said...

I'm gonna steal Miah...he is sooo friggin cute! All your kids are...what the heck man??

My favorite is the hoochie mom. Even more favorite than that is that you still use the word hoochie! Not because its old skool or anything but because I know exactly what that word means to you and the depth of its truth when you refer to something as "hoochie"! LOVE IT!!

Is that the shirt you're trying to give away in your scary contest? Actually, the other day I drove past some really straight up NAAAASTY remnants of some animal and had the urge to snap a pic...but didn't! I will not succomb to the pressure!!!

Goodnight moon said...

Love all the pics! Miah looks like "blue steel", especially since all the poses are pretty much the same! Too funny!

Love your shirt pic again! Dang girl...do you ever wash it?!?! Make sure when you send it to the winner of the road kill....you wash it really good and make sure the arm pits aren't stained!

Love your mom's license plate! I had to blow the pic up to make sure that was what it said....you know...case your iphone doesn't have a zoom!

And "A" office is Super clean! But the question is....will he keep it that way?!?! I think it might be possible as long as YOUR not in or around it:)

Thats all I got for now, peace out!

Candace said...

I didn't know Austin was an attorney.. wow, I'm SUPER impressed!

And Miah makes some great faces. Those were crackin me up!

Did the hoochie know you were takin her picture? LOL..

And I need to get on this dead meat contest, because I like that shirt!

Unknown said...

Great pictures! I LOVE Kora's photos! ALL of them!

Cranberryfries said...

Found your blog on MMB and stopped by to check it out. You are cracking me up. Also I saw your little blurb about roadkill contest. I gotta go check that out my hubby is ALWAYS taking roadkill pictures to show me. I know I have a few good ones to send ya. haha.

Lindsay said...

what a hoochie, inDEED!... "i don't care if i raise a decent kid.. but i better have my "cutest" outfit on and my hair done like an official hoochie mama." (her thoughts)... also.. i love all of kora's pictures... perhaps another photographer in the family some day....or a model.. she looks so beautiful in that picture she took of herself. and so does penny and Miah... jake just looks like an awkward pre-teen...but i love him anyway. :)

raschel said...

I love the description of your picture. I laughed out loud. I want to know what you were doing while the little boy was taking stuff out of your wallet?! Did you realize what was going on? Izey is too cute "holding on for dear life". That is ADORABLE.

Froggylady said...

Finding random pictures must be a blast! I love Miahs faces! Totally Zoolander, spikey hair and all!

Um...I don't think you ever wear a different shirt.

I can't believe that hooch just let her kid play with your crap! That's ridiculous. Unless you were wearing the flower shirt and then you totally deserved it.