Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Beaster

Our Easter festivities started Saturday afternoon when I decided to get off my lazy butt and STOP being such a poop mom so we could dye eggs like all the other blogs I've been visiting. It's not that I don't like being crafty, I do, really. I'm actually a REALLY creative person. You'd just never know it because I hate being creative with kids since I'm so OCD about making messes. It drives me nuts to see messes happening. But whatever, I let go...for the sake of kids being kids. You should be proud. I was. The kids had SO much fun!
This is me pretending I have photography skilz running through my blood.
But I don't.

And the finished product! Makes for a few good days of egg salad sandwich lunches!

On Easter morning the kids had to follow the eggs with clues inside as usual. They always love this part, it's our tradition. It was neat because this is the first year that Kora has been able to read some of the clues! I was so proud of her! The clues led them to the garage where their baskets were waiting for them!

They loved their prizes. They all got lots of candy and each a movie. So that means we're stocked on our Friday night movie nights for the next three weeks!

Isaak was feeling like dog crap that morning, but his basket definitely made him smile!

We hosted a big Easter dinner at our home for our friends so Isaak and I cooked all day while Austin went to church and taught my class for me. I was gonna go, but sick Izey wanted Mommy. He wouldn't let me put him down and I had so much to do so I grabbed a twin size sheet, folded it in half and made a makeshift wrap to throw him in while I used both hands. At first he was a little confused but realized that he was still ON me so he was fine. He just rested in there. I was cussing Lindsay's name at the time because I loaned her all my wraps for her baby thinking I wouldn't need them anymore. I guess I should have kept one.

I didn't get any pictures of the dinner or our friends dangit...Amber was in charge of pictures, it's all her fault. But it was Summer and MA with their kids, Amber and Matt with their kids and then our family. SO much fun!
After dinner we did a sundown egg hunt and filled the back yard! The kids loved it! You see that old lady in the background with her flowerdy dress and white puffy socks? That's me. I think it's funny that no one at the gathering asked about my socks and why I was wearing them with a dress. Hmm...Instead they chose to focus on the moley fungus leprosy I have growing on my face which I chose NOT to document with pictures. I love when my face breaks out like a 15 year old girl in ripe puberty. Bleck.

Here's the group of kids and their scary red eyes. I was gonna steal this same picture off Amber's blog because I knew her picture would be better than mine but she's being slow and hasn't posted it. Either that or hers sucks too because I insisted we take it outside thinking it would look photography jeans.

ps...The Roadkill contest is WELL underway and I've received many good entries. I can't wait to see more! I have an abundance of possums and although very creative...dogs would be nice...even cats. I'll know when the contest is over when I see something that makes me WISH I would have been there.
pss..I finally heard back from Walter.
WOW, after all those hours, days, years of thinking why my Dairy cost was so high, I can put it to rest now! That's Great!!! Now, on a more serious note, when Tiff said you emailed her, the first thing I thought of was the stool you made for me. I looked at your facebook page and what an incredible family you have!!! I hope all is well and everyone is doing Great. Still doing the same down here, selling steaks, taking lip from the tall people and having fun!! If your ever down south, I expect a call!!
I guess I can lay that to rest and take peace in knowing I have been forgiven.
I'm gonna go get some half n half now!


Lindsay said...

#1...the flowerdy dress? HIDEOUS. jakob wearing a skirt?
#3...Ian's eyes are the scariest. I wanna cry and run away.
#4...i like how kora is wearing a bass pro shop shirt... in pink. cuz that makes it girlie, right?
#5...i guess that just goes to show how scared of walter i am... i thought he was gonna get mad and sue you for the loss of half and half... i always felt like he was yelling at me for screwing up... you should try the waitressing game called mama's diner. it's so hard.
#6....mmmm, half and half.

Lindsay said...

oops! one more...#7.. isaak looks so freakin' cute. i wish he was coming with you so we could trade babies.

Crystal Renee said...

Aww.. too cute. Love all the pics. Your face, I feel it too, I have issues going on right now as well, ugh! Poor Izzak, he looks so sick with them eyes with his basket. I like the idea of HUNTING for the baskets, CLASSIC! I might have to steal that idea. The roadkill is really working? Ok.. I am searching for roadkill ALL day today! Thanks!

Tara said...

Hey, I didn't even attempt coloring eggs, so you aimed high in my book. I kept my favorite wrap, so when people come over with cute babies, I can wear them, get my baby fix, and the parents think I'm nice. You need to ask Lindsay for one back, they are handy to have around, and Izey is still old enough to carry on your hip when you need both hands and he is fussy. I'm going to order some Winder Farms milk for you, the skim tastes like 2%, just to give you an idea how good it is. I get it at my door, it rocks. see you soon!

Vagabond Mother said...

Your house looks so cool, good work. Happy Easter!

Goodnight moon said...

Lindsay...yes Ian's eyes are really scary! He has the biggest pupils I have ever seen...which make him always have RED DEMON eyes. Its so bad in pics, that Ian tells me that his eye color is red. Its so funny. I guess Jessica doesn't know how to use her red eye reduction. Gesh!!!!

Okay, and Jessica....I have been really lazy today, sorry! Can't a girl catch a break?!? I guess I'll get on it right now....

Thanks for a fab dinner. It was no kidding, soooooo gooooood!!!!! I want some of it right now! And I've been craving for some of your homemade lemonade/strawberry drink! I'm craving it!!!! Bring me some!

Goodnight moon said...

Oh yah...and your idea to take the pic outside....not a good one! My pics aren't good either!

Carolina said...

I'm seconding Lindsay's Mama's'll be hooked!!

I'm overwhelmed by the abundance of information you threw at us. I'm glad your Easter was precious and that you can now drink your half n half with zero guilt. Maybe now it won't be as yummy and enticing, who knows?

dena said...

wraps rock! just used mine today. AND, ordered a mei tai off etsy last week. can't wait to get it. grab you one while lindsay uses yours.

socks with the long!

photography jeans? where do i get those. i need something other than maternity jeans or sweatpants at this point. :)

roadkill contest...ernie recently hit two, yes, count them, 2 yorkies (at the same time). yep, couldn't have hit opposums or raccoons or animals that deserve to die. he hit someone's domesticated pets!!! they dented the front of the bumper and everything. if only the contest were in swing then, i woulda had him get a picture. before you all lynch my husband, he didn't MEAN to hit the doggies. he came over a hill on a super busy road and they obviously didn't know they were in enemy territory.

word to yo mutha

Jessica said...

Are those my cousins' kids in your last photo? Summer? Or is that how you know Stephanie T.?
small world.

You don't wish you were there for the possum guts with maggots? COme on!!

dena said...

i'm sure she's thrilled lindsay posted that picture. it's really tiny (unless you blow it up). maybe she won't notice.

Jess said...

1. Wait a second...who were the Hershey's REALLY for in Isaak's basket? Uh, huh!
2. What wraps do you like best? I have a hotsling - what else should I look into?
3. Gosh - poor Miah with the mismatched flip flops! Do I need to send him matching ones? Poor baby!
4. Oh...and the skirt you asked me about is from Old Navy - hello cheapy! :)
5. I have a picture to send you of a kangaroo - hehe!
6. What's the recipe for this "homemade", I mean country time, I mean lemonade!?

Bonnie said...

Dude, I love that picture of Izey! His lips look so big and yummy... i just wanna give him a big smooch!

Oh and what's up with Miah's outfit, stripe shirt with plaid shorts? I'm hoping he dressed himself... then it would be cute!

You're right, the group picture sucked. You can't see any of those beautiful faces! Did they even know that you were taking their picture?

Love the eggs! I wish I could have some of your egg salad!

dena said...

Jess (from the comment above), I'm gonna put my 2 cents in about wraps...I have a 10 week old and have a sleepywrap from and LOVE it. It takes practice, but my son immediately quiets and sleeps awesome in it. I call it my Jedi'll see why. I've used it since he was tiny and will be able to use it for a LONG time to come.

And, I just ordered a Mei Tai. You can put them on quicker, they're a bit cooler, and you can do a hip carry and back carry without help. Plus, a girl just likes some variety.

But that's just my 2 cents!

Laura said...

see, more evidence you're a cooler mom. we haven't dyed eggs in about three years. isaak's having a rough few months. do you think he's allergic to wearing girl's clothes? hehe

Marnie said...

Walter has forgiven you. All is well.

***** said...

Klyde, thanks for having our family over for a great meal. You and Amber are pretty good cooks. I am sorry you had a mole. So, your mole must have been contagious because I had one the last several days. Austin, WTH? how come you didn't pull off the photo with the mole? You could have entered the pic in the contest. just kidding...