Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Fangs

I wanted a picture for this one so bad...I tried, really I did. But success. Isaak is NOT havin the whole, pin you down with my feet while Miah holds your top lip up and I try to take a picture without your hands grabbing me.

Anywho, he IS welcoming FOUR...yes, count them 1, 2, 3, FOUR new teeth on the top ALL AT ONCE. Poor kid. Funny thing is, they are all breaking through the gums, but one front one and one side one are ahead of the game, so it looks pretty funny instead of the usual two front together and two side together.

Whatever, it makes ME laugh.

Also, the update on his allergy visit. Stupid doctor still.

WARNING: I'm gonna break my lent because it's really frustrating but I'll add another day on the end...that makes 3 total extra lent days.

Okay so the office doesn't give out test results over the phone so I had to schedule an appointment to have a "consult" with the doctor to go over the results. I waited two weeks for this even though the results were ready just days afterwards.

Not only do I have to wait an HOUR and FIFTEEN MINUTES over my appointment time, but when the doctor finally comes in, he looks through the chart and mumbles...where is it?

Excuse me? Where is WHAT?

He then tells me that the results aren't in the file. He said he has to go and call the lab to GET the results and he'd be right back.

What the freakin crap?! I thought that was the point of the ENTIRE visit. I did my part, I waited, I showed up on time...why can't you be ready for me? Is that not totally rude and unprofessional or what?!

So 15 minutes later he comes back in with the results only to tell me that the lab didn't DO one of the tests he ordered. He tells me that Isaak has to go BACK to have MORE blood drawn. Uhmm, no, I'm done with that.

Best part was when he kept pointing to Miah while he would explain stuff, and then to Isaak and then back to Miah and finally he asked, "Which child is the patient?"

Freakin idiot...can you not look in the chart and see the freakin BIRTH DATE? Makes me feel really important....he's a real personable doctor, can't you tell?

The tests that DID get done were the allergy blood test which came back ALL negative, not allergic to anything. The urine was fine and the other blood work is the one they didn't finish.

The only thing he DID find was that Isaak's stool samples showed he has small amounts of blood in his stool. That means he now needs to be referred to a gastroenterologist to be scoped and checked. I guess the problem lies there.

Bad news is that the nearest pediatric GI doctor is in almost 2 hours away. That sucks but it's totally necessary.

Isaak just fell, gotta go...


Goodnight moon said...

I love that I took Koko to gymnastics tonight so you could blog! But you did have good subject matter. And your doing way better with your lent then I am.

Thanks again for my yummy in my tummy smoothe!!! Thanks to Ian...he dropped the last slurp of it while standing in line at white trashville Kmart.

Just let me know when Izey's next Appt is so I can watch Miah and get your other kids to school for you!

Tara said...

I am so sorry! that seriously sucks big time! I hear you on the long distance doctor. In Spain we had to drive 1 hr/30 min+ for EVERY little thing since the only military doctors were there. It was a pain. I feel for you. Hang in there, and get it done as soon as you can, so you can come here without worries and have some girl time!!!

The Nugen's said...

Um yea, if the dude can't tell/remember which one is the patient, I would have bolted out the door. Gimme a break. You poor thing!

Froggylady said...

That really sucks about the idiot doctor. Hopefully you won't have to deal with him again. Also, poor Izey with his teeth!

Amanda said...

oh. man. that. sucks.

I can't believe he is getting 4 teeth at once! L is getting his top 2 right now...they are about to poke through...and he is dying!

dena said...

could he be allergic to gluten?

Aymee said...

Man,'ve got some serious doctor issues. I've come to the conclusion that they don't know squat most of the time...except those OBGYNs, their amazing. Seriously, I'm sorry you're having to deal with all that poo, it's no fun for anyone! Glad to hear Miah's doing better. My little cousin just got that done as well.

Good luck with your lent, keep it up:) Hey are you going out to Utah anytime soon? I'm gonna be out there May 19th thru June 6th. Let me know. But the weekend of the 23rd or something is the fab wedding in LA, I'm sure Summer's told you about it;)

Dana said...

what a DA... hopefully the new doctor will be on the game...

David and Teresa said...

oh my goodness. that doctor might need some extra courses on professionalism. sorry baby. dear I'm worried about my baby Izey....or was it Miah that was the patient?? Hahahahaha but i know it is not funny. I wish i was there to at least help you a little with your juggling act. poor sweet izey, he has been through alot in his short little life and his mother has been through alot too. love you baby.

Lindsay said...

go catch my Izey before he hits the ground!!! hurry!... stupid doctor.. that makes me wanna scream.. i probably would have said something to him about not knowing his patients and given him a dirty look. Poor, poor Izey.

Unknown said...

That's CRAP about the doctor. Would have made me REALLY mad. Thanks for the update. LOVE TO IZEY!