Friday, April 10, 2009

Flashback Friday - WOO HOO!!!!

When I was REAL young I started a fascination with collages. I would make them all the time, in school, with friends, by myself....whatever. One day I found this clipping and decided to cut it out and retain it for all time. I don't know if I still have it today because I need justification as to why I'm so odd...or if I have it to prove to others that this IS normal for me.
Whatever the reason, I believe this statement with 100% of my heart and soul. I can pick a middle child out of a family ten miles away. I love that about myself...I think it's my favorite part of me...being...
the middle.

Tomorrow marks the 2 year anniversary of my sweet blog. What did I EVER do before blogging? Well, let me tell you. I'm a rare breed, an odd soul...I really am. Anyone who has been around me long enough knows this. Just because my blogging didn't start until 2 years ago, doesn't mean that there weren't many a times that would have been some good blogging material.
I'd like to dedicate this flashback to moments I WISH I could have blogged about. Maybe if I wrap up the good times here real quick, my kids will get an idea of just how awesome my life is and was when I was a kid. Aww yea...let the party begin!!
My crazy times started real young. Younger than this picture and they began with my little sister Lindsay. Amy always hated me and tried to kill me. No really, she did. She regrets that now because I can always throw it in her face...but it's true. Don't worry, she's repented.
Lindsay though...she was an odd ball too. I'm not sure if she was born odd or if I made her odd by taking her under my wing and creating my prodigy with her. She did anything I told her to. It was great, like having a puppy.

We spent our days playing school, making projects and dressing up for our homemade plays. OH how I wish I had blogged all those good times. The commercials we made...everything. It was good times then...good times. Thank you Lindsay for being my little pet.

Cousins. Oh how I wish I could have blogged all the family Summer vacations with my sweet cousins. As he years went on, our time together on the beach changed from collecting seashells and doing cartwheels... kissing boys all night whom we just met. My how we changed and grew.

Oh how I wish I would have blogged about Buck the guinea pig and all the other little creatures we accumulated over the years. Linds and Amy, remember when we had mom and dad hamsters and the mom got pregnant and she had babies and we were so excited only to wake up one morning to check on the babies and they were all gone. We were so confused at first until we saw how the dad had gained like twice his size in weight overnight.

Oh how I wish I would have blogged about our fun friends the Pierces!!! Yes Amanda...that's you!! We always loved going over to the Pierce's house and having sleepovers. Unfortunately I didn't have a friend to play with because the only one my age was Bryan and he was a boy and well...that just didn't work so I either TRIED to play Amanda and Amy but would always be kicked out and then I'd TRY to play with Lindsay and Molly but they wouldn't listen to me. Fun times...always loved that.

Look at you little Molly, Cassie and Bryan!!
(Am I spelling that wrong? Brian?)
Yes that's my Dad with his HOT mustache...

I couldn't forget you Nancy P!! There you are with my perm...
I mean mom.

Oh how I wish I would have blogged all the times I spent with my grandma Willis. She was everything and I didn't even know it. I enjoyed her company each and every day as I would come to pick up Jake (who she'd watch for me while I was at work) and we'd sit together and talk for ever about everything. I miss her so much lately. I would give anything to have those moments again.

Uhmm...I don't know what this is but it sure looks like it would have been great blogging material, right? Loved those times when Devon and I would dye our hair red and rock out to Morrissey and The Smiths.

OH how I wish I would have blogged about all my great childhood friends. The nights Natalie and I made cheerleader! Our ridiculous skits and faces (seen here) that we were known for at school. Hun Dudle Uhn...

I loved having friends who loved that I was a NUT and still had fun.
Amy's 5.0 GT Mustang was her pride and joy, who knew I was doing sexy poses on it's hood when she wasn't looking. All I need is the bikini...and the boobs too.

And when my friends decided to be just as crazy as me? Well, that was the best! When I think back, I can still hear Carolina's silly laugh...she was always laughing.

I couldn't forget YOU Lindsey! I know you're reading along so BAM...there you are!
Remember sneaking out to meet Donny and Travis at the gas station behind your house?

Oh how I wish I would have blogged about my romance to this hottie. Is that even the same couple? Geez louise...time changes everything right? What a perfect love story I have to share with my kids and their kids and their kids kids. Sunday naps on my parent's couch after church, watching Disney movies together, acting silly almost ALL the time, wrestling, drama, hurt, love, happiness...all of makes it ALL so juicy! I wish it was all documented!

And finally, this is for you Staci...OH how I wish I would have blogged about my crazy years... actually, I'm glad that isn't blogged. Having a faint memory of it is good enough. But this picture was fun...the time I shaved my head because...ya know...Britney did it. Well she hadn't done it yet but I knew she would. So I did first.

Luckily I HAVE my precious blog NOW and I can record ALL my memories, good and bad, here for all to see. The best part is, I can keep it forever and let my kids see it and pass it on from generation to generation. What a great idea! I think Heavenly Father knew what he was talking about when he advised us to journal. I should have listened sooner.
Happy Birthday Blog.
You rock.


Kris said...

Morrissey and The Smiths? And you shaved your head? We totally would have been friends in another life....Wait...

Staci said...

I loved this post!!! It reminds me of me and my sisters growing up..we had a guinea pig too! Thanks for posting your shaved head hahahah I'm so jealous! You pull it off pretty love how you kept the bangs too! You rock thanks!

Candace said...

You are hilarious. Your oddness is the best part of you. I love it. And your shaved head. Love that. And you and Austin are HOTTTTTTness together!!!!

Goodnight moon said...

Okay, so I had all these great things that I was going to say to each picture, but now I have forgotten all of them. I think that I pretty much said everything to you over the phone as I was looking at the pics with you!

But all I got to say is...."GIRL, you got some legs"!!!!!

Kathy said...

While I haven't been laughing with you for the last two years I have been entertained for sure! What do you get a blog for it's second birthday??? :)- Valinda not Kathy!

Lindsay said...

i was laughing out LOUD at these pictures... i never thought about it until now.. but you're right.. i think you DID mold me into someone weird.. i don't think i would have been...remember that time you told me to eat cat food and i did it? i was thinking, "oh she's SURE to like me forever now!!!" I was definately your puppy. Thanks for letting me follow you around (until you didn't anymore and we hated each other). Which reminds me... i remember having a crush on Austin about the time of that picture.. .it was very awkward....well.. and i was like, what... 12? so yeah. awk-WARD. I love flashback fridays!!! :)

Amy Herfurth said...

Hey thats my velvet black dress!!! and what the heck are you doing on my suped up MUSTANG!! I have never seen that pic...I would of killed you!!!

Don't worry, I love you now! ;)

Stephanie Kelly said...

hahah This is great!! I know I never comment on your blog as much as I should...but don't worry I do lurk. But this one was def. comment worthy! First, Lindz is such a cute lil' nerd. And are those Doc Martins? (in the 10th pic.)And last I too am jealous of the shaved head...I think every woman has thought of it and has wanted it but doesn't have the do they are nice, big and juicy!

Amanda said...

I feel so HONORED to be on your flashback Friday:) Man--I never knew you felt left out--sorry. I was probably only caring about myself at the time...Amy and I would try to come up with ways to spend the night longer--or pack our clothes and snuck them in the car when we took the other one home and beg to stay there:) Those were fun days!

Deanna said...

I am finding that quote about the middle child to be very true in my family.

Fun post...makes me laugh at your self-proclamation of being shy. You, my dear weren't and aren't shy.

Burns Family said...

Wow...I could not stop laughing...BTW happy 2nd Birthday!

***** said...

The wall's just soo good. And the one piece summer suit, loved those!

Marian said...

What a super journey down memory lane. And, yes, your Grandma Willis was a woman amongst women -- she was a rare jewel. Hey, aren't those the Doc Martins I got for you girls from England?

Loved all the photos, particularly the one of yourself and Austin; a precious couple.

You ARE weird and WONDERFUL. Cumpleanos 2nd Blog.

Aunt M

Carolina said...

LOVE FLASHBACK FRIDAYS!! I actually made the blog...I feel so honored!!! I still have those pictures in a most favorite is of you with the flags marching with your limbyness...LOL!!!!

I love oddball Jessica...I have lots of great memories with her!!. Like hanging out of the car like Ace Ventura when you were driving. Like the time we were obsessed with the dumb n dumber soundtrack and had to blast it when we went anywhere. Or the time we went to High Adventure and tried to take tons of pictures with random boys so we could show them to our mIRC friends and make them jealous (haha..we were soooo stupid!)

I was sooo painfully shy and helped bring me out of my shell! Yay for that!! You always were so freaking entertaining Thank goodness you were the middle child...right??

Aaaand...I still laugh ALOT, it's the best!!

Happy Birthday to your DOES ROCK!!!

Lisa Dalton said...

I know, I know. I had all of my stuff in my wallet because I went and got my passport and hadn't taken it out! Aye carramba! Really big lesson learned!

David and Teresa said...

Man how time fly's by. Seems like just yesterday. Dad

David and Teresa said...

those better not be my pictures that stole from me because they are important to me also. I loved the flashback and wow! you and Austin were SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! young.

Love you

I cannot believe that you made Lindsay eat dog food but we (Sandra, and Moe) did weird things like that to Jackie. Kora are you learning from this? hint hint...WINK...Mawmaw

Froggylady said...

Happy Birthday Blog!

I love this post, it makes me think of and remember my childhood. I wish we lived in a world where we could still give our kids as much freedom as we had.

Bonnie said...

Love the old pics! I can definitely see where Kora gets her fashion sense... it's dubious but shows real personality.

Unknown said...

That post was fan-freaking-tastic! LOVE the pictures!!

andi said...

It's fun to see your old pics. And by the way- thanks for blogging regularly and not submitting completely to Facebook. I knew I liked you :)

Tara said...

SO CRAZY AND FUN JESS!!! I love this!!! Seriously, your legs...seriously. Green with envy here. You are definately aging well! goodness! This was a super fun post to read, I love flashbacks. :)