Thursday, April 23, 2009

Junk to get past the death

1. Do you ever eat a peanut butter sandwich and EVERY bite makes you wanna gag because it tastes like the peanut butter was made from rotten peanuts? I hate that. I had that yesterday. Not to mention the fact that I ate Cheetos with it and sometimes if you eat a cheeto that's too small and very underdeveloped, it TOO can taste rotten and make you gag.

2. I think I'm gonna do a little of one of THESE babies before I leave to visit Lindsay. I've been feeling very pale and ugly lately and I think a little glow might help with all that.

3. Austin has this new spray (or lotion, not sure really) that seriously smells like hamster chips in a hamster cage. I gave him a hug the other day and was like...why you all smellin like a hamster? He refused to believe it was true, but the kids agreed with me. Funny thing is...I kinda like the hamster smell. It's very...wood chippy.

4. My Summer Sister brought me some treats yesterday since I was stranded, one of which being lots of bacon. I love bacon and so do my kids. I think I'm gonna make breakfast burritos tonight for dinner with all that bacon.

5. I get this little beauty back today (this isn't my real car but it's very close) and I can't WAIT! I honestly do NOT see how some of you do it with only one car. If I was stuck at home ALL DAY EVERY DAY...oh my gosh...can you imagine the errands that would pile up? The kids who wouldn't get transported? The money I wouldn't spend? Holy moly...It may be for some ppl, but definitely not for me.

6. Speaking of errands piling up, they are.
I need a pedicure
A massage
Pick up some items at Michael's
Isaak needs formula
Grab some junk at Target
New bra
Mail off awards
Spray tan
Stuff for my trip (are you gonna miss me?)
Hair cut (Kim you available in the next few days?)
And the list goes on...
and on...
and on...


Valinda said...

If we still had just one car I think I would be crazy too. I'm very jealous of your Mommy only Utah trip, I hope you have lots of fun!

Amanda said...

We had one car before we had P--that was okay b/c I was at work all day and Steve was at school. But....with way...that would be so HARD. Some days if we are going crazy with L whining we just drive around a bit and get sonic and it cheers us all up! It might only be 20 minutes total but it makes a difference!

Wood chips--that is so funny!
Go for your tan girl! Is that the spray on kind ?--I know nothing about tanning...can u tell?

Goodnight moon said...

Blah, blah, blah...isn't that how you feel right now?!?! Being stuck at home does that to you. Do you realize that just about everything you blogged about was negative? Good think your lent is over missy!

Candace said...

Definitely going to miss you on your trip. Lindsay has a computer, though, so we will be expecting SOME kind of connection with the cyber world.

raschel said...

my favorite cheetos are the little ones b/c they have TONS of cheese on their little body. ...and...i've never done the spray tan thing, do you like it? i've told myself i need to stop fake baking at some point, and i STILL havent done it for this year, and i hate how pastey i feel. i'm about to give in...but if spray tan looks good...and doesnt look streaky....hmm...

Jess said...

I wanna hear how your tan goes. I don't get good results from that thing...maybe it's just me. :( But I desperately need color!

Adam & Brandi said...

The good thing is that you get your car back today right? Then you can run all your fun errands. Because that's exactly what they all are. Good luck with the spray on tan. I've never had one, but that's probably the way to go. And yes everyone is going to miss you when you decide to up leave your family.

Vagabond Mother said...

I hear you about the car because it is the only time I get to really relax with the boys. They are great car riders.

What the heck? How did you get so many followers? People must like dead guts.

I'm so jealous you are going to Utah. I want to come so bad.

Froggylady said...

mmm...bacon. Now I want bacon for dinner. Maybe on a pizza or around a chicken breast with some cheese.

Have fun with the mystic tan and finishing up your list. At least most of your list sounds fun.

Unknown said...

You have 38 followers?! You're like... famous, Amos!

I did see the guts post and it was pretty cool. I am not into death and gore as much as you are, but I definitely have some sick curiosity of my own.

I love how your "errands" look like a list of ways to pamper yourself! LOL!!