Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jippity Junk

1. First and foremost...tomorrow's post is A-MAZING. I can't wait for you to see it...that is, if you choose to. I will announce the winner of the roadkill contest and lemme tell you, I've had some GREAT pictures sent in. NOW, I'm warning you right now about tomorrow because some of you may NOT enjoy looking at nasty death smeared on the side of the road. If so, I wouldn't click on my blog tomorrow for the sake of losing your lunch...or breakfast...or anything else you end up eating that day. It's good lemme tell you...reeeeeeal good.

2. My two winners from the guess the baby contest should be receiving their prize before the end of this week. I mailed them off on Monday so keep an eye peeled for those Tara and Carole.

3. I am STRANDED. I took my car in to get fixes this morning and of course they won't have it done till THURSDAY. WTC? right?? Anywho...I had to hurry and get it done because my warranty expires at 88,000 miles and it's already at 84k so YIKES....I had to hurry. Thankfully everything is covered!! woo hooooo. Simple fixes and I'm back to new, that is...on Thursday.

4. Yesterday we had a Sunflower over so we blindfolded her and took her to the great and spacious building here in Jville...TOYS R US!!! YAY!! She rode motorcycles with a hunk and ate pez. It was grand.

5. Isaak got a new prize at the great and spacious too!! You see that big boy seat behind him? YEP! A big boy car seat! He's thrilled if you can't already tell.

6. I have a fun new addition to my face...a big fat freakin curling iron burn!! UGH. Who does that anymore, right? I'm like 30 somethin. The story is...Isaak was crying on Sunday as I was getting ready for church and fixing my hair. With the curling iron still attached to me head, I picked up Isaak, who of course decided to REACH for the iron in which case I jerked back causing the iron to DISINTEGRATE my FACE. Just when my leprosy begins to fade, I get THIS piece of work. Suck. UPDATE POST PUBLISHING: I just realized this picture makes me look like my hair is DRIPPING with grease...alas...it is not. I just got out of the bath.

7. I'm leaving to Utah in a week to visit my Lucas. I can't wait. I'm going alone...did you hear that? ALONNNNEE....ALOOOOONE. I love it. I know my Izey will miss me but it'll be good bonding time with Dad and I'll only be gone for like 5 days so no biggie.
8. I joined twitter but I'm really confused by it. I'm SO NOT technologically smart and I can't quite figure out how you find people and how they find you. I keep getting emails telling me that ppl are following me...most of which I don't even know (some I do...Melissa!) so I wonder why they chose to follow me. Anyone know? Should I be concerned? How do I get twitter on my sidebar?! I'm so lost....
9. Blah...I'm gagging at the site of this numero.
10. I gotta go make dinner now, individual Chicken Pot Pies :) MmmmMmMM See you tomorrow...bright and bloody!! hah!


Carolina said...

I am thoroughly afraid for tomorrow's post! I don't want to look, but I do...but I know I'll throw up in my mouth...what to do??

I'm not gonna talk anymore about how cute Izey is...you just keep capturing those cute pics for his portfolio!

You have always gotten lots a curling iron burns...I say they're hickeys...LOL!!!

Yay that you're coming to Utah. You will have great pics for your bloggy blog! The weather should be lovely...unless another FREAK BLIZZARD blows in! Whats up w/Pam & Chip...ya heard anything?

Ya give in to Twitter huh? Now you will be so ADDICTED you won't know what to do with yourself!! I have no idea how to use it really...can't help ya there! I've been trying sooo hard not to give in...but they're sucking me in!!


Vagabond Mother said...

I wish I was going to Utah, it is so hot here and Lucas is already going to prom and driving.

I love Isaak's eyes, oh my gosh. Amazing.

Cool birthmark.

Goodnight moon said...

Seriously, everyone will throw up at the site of your blog tomorrow!!!! Trust me people! It's nasty!!!!

I can't believe you did Twitter! Whatever!!!!

And I feel like blah, so thats all I have for you, sorry!

The Nugen's said...

1. I am excited to see tomorrow post! Everytime my hubby sees something dead on the side of the road, he tried to pull over but there is usually too much traffic. So no roadkill from me!

2. Thanks for the shout-out! I also am confused by Twitter. Just joined to see what the fuss was all about, but I don't get it.

Candace said...

I think I signed up for twitter a while ago, but I don't know how to work it, so I never went back. You can tell me all about it next time I see you (which better be soon!!!) and I'll try to start workin it! I too, wanna know how I get it on my page, I'm so always wantin to know that when I see peeps with it on their pages!

And Izey is just the cutest!

And I hope you have lotsa fun seein sweet little Lucas.. I wanna see tons and tons a pics!

And can't wait for the blood and gore in the morn... y u makin us wait???

Lindsay said...

i'm so excited!!!! i can't wait til tomorrow!!!!

David and Teresa said...

Enjoyed this stuff...uh er..junk...I hope you and Lindsay have a BLAST!!!! You deserve it, Baby and mutha of 700 kids.

Love you

Paige said...

I'm definitely checking in for tomorrow's post. I can't wait to see the blood and gore!

Unknown said...

I bet you cant WAIT for your trip!! Funtimes! Then, of course, I will go see her and she will forget ALL about when her lame sister came to visit...