Saturday, April 18, 2009

And the winner is...

This is a tiny bit complicated because there was ALMOST a winner, but it's wasn't completely confirmed on who she picked exactly for one of them so I'm announcing TWO winners. The first is....


You were the first commenter, making me think my test was too easy. You got every single one right until you came to #15 whom you guessed as Kora but said, "Kora (this is hard, i was also thinking it could be you)". That was too close not to recognize you in some way, so you will be winner #1.

The second winner is the TRUE winner who got each and every single picture right, no questions asked!!


Way to go...but you practically grew UP with me so just like my sisters were excluded, you should have been too *wink* Just kidding...WAY TO GO!!!!!

Both of you will receive a meaningless Lowe Family Prize so email me at...

with your MAILING address and I'll put that in the mail on Monday!

And just for your own satisfaction, here are the answers to the quiz...

1. Isaak
2. Isaak
3. Jakob
4. Jakob
5. Kora
6. Jakob
7. Miah
8. Kora
9. Jakob
11. Kora
12. Miah
13. Kora
14. Jakob
15. MEEEEEEE - Yes, who else would torture her mom's vagina and breech it baby!!??
16. Miah

Way to go to all who participated! It was fun!


Goodnight moon said...

Congrats to Tara and Carolina!

Candace said...

I actually feel pretty proud of myself... I only missed TWO and I've probably known you the shortest...

Tara said...

OMGsh!!! I actually WON!?! This is the greatest! I have never won anything in my life before (through the media), not even a stupid radio call in, and this is WAY better. I don't care if you just give me Kora's empty sticker sheet that's worth less than a stamp, I'm just excited I won something, and from one of the coolest blogs ever! ;)

Bonnie said...

You know, I'm proud of myself. I did pretty well considering I've only known you for 9 months and six of them we were in different states. 14/16, not bad.

David and Teresa said...

I guessed them all but too late.

Valinda said...

Dang! I missed 3, but considering I've never actually met you or your super cute kiddos I think passing with a 81% isn't too bad. I might just steal this post idea one day, it was fun.

Carolina said...

YAY....I'm A WINNER!!!!

I thought I had no chance!! So my facebook status has this post linked to it. You should love might bring you some new stalkers!! can just bring me my prize when you come...UP. That should save you some postage..hehe!!

Aaaaand you made me smile when you suggested I should have been excluded...but I'm glad I wasn't or wouldn't now be the proud owner of such an amazing prize!!

Unknown said...

This is what I get for being a slow commenter. You're just going to have to believe me when I say that I knew all the right answers!

Camilla said...

I did pretty well too, even though we've never met. Does that sound scary? So my fridge picture was from a friend who tagged me. All my cream cheese I stocked up on for Fettuccine Alfredo, Red velvet sandwich cookies, and buttercreams. But now I decided to diet so who knows what I'll be doing with them. Everyone in my house likes Ranch except me. That's the only way I get Luke to eat vegetables.