Sunday, April 5, 2009

BN5 There you are!

12 weeks my little secret love!

I never imagined I'd be growing so fast with you but yes, there you are already popping your little self out for the world to see even though I'm trying to hide you. I had my first OB visit and she said I'm measuring 12+ weeks even though my due date (October 24th) reflects that I should only be 10 weeks. I'm starting to wonder if I miscalculated on a few things. Maybe so!

The doctor wants me to go ahead and do an early GD test on Monday since I HAVE had it in the past, no fun, but let's just hurry and get it outta the way already in HOPES that I don't have it this time.

I'm feeling pretty good right now. I haven't felt SICK sick in 6 days. Although still just a tad nauseous, I haven't had to resort to a Zofran during these last few days.

I'm beginning to believe more and more that you and Izey were super buds in the pre-existence. He is a precious little love to everyone, but VERY stingy with his kisses and the other day I had my shirt up and patted my belly saying, "baby" to Isaak. He got SUPER excited and started giving open mouth kisses like CrAzY on my belly. I think he KNOWS you're there and surprisingly, already on your exciting journey to Earth to gain a spirit.



So I did the April Fools trick as planned. Most people didn't believe that I was really pregnant, assuming it was a REAL April Fool's joke...hehe. Some are still skeptical. Aunt Ni and Aunt Mimi put your sonogram picture up on their blogs as well so everyone thought it was just a huge sisterly joke. Little do they know, MINE was for real I never said, "April Fools". I give at LEAST one clue to the truth in almost every blog, seriously...I'm so surprised these people don't know me WELL enough. I'm thinking of keeping it a secret until the end of the Summer. It'll be hard, but fun in the end. I can't wait to spill the beans showing my big huge 8 month belly!

Anywho...I love you tons! I can't wait to find out that you're a girl...I just KNOW you are.

Until next time...

Kisses -


1 comment:

Carolina said...

i didn't even notice the belly when you first showed it to me.

I'm gonna say it again. I knew you wouldn't do such a common april fools joke...I knew there was more to it.

I was really hoping for a dramatic reveal to the stalkers!