Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unanswered questions

1. Dana...the recipe for the buffalo chicken dip is...

for a 9x 13 size pan or half it
boil 3-5 chicken breasts until done and shred it
drain and add 2 2-oz things of Tabasco sauce
spread 2 rectangle size blocks of cream cheese on the bottom of the pan
add chicken on top and bake 325 degrees for 20 minutes
top off with 2 jars of Maries Blue Cheese dressing (in the refrigerator section)
Voila... so simple and good!

Okay and this recipe is straight from the mouth of Kristin so don't thank ME!

2. Raschel...Jake's ear situation is still a situation. Thanks for reminding me that I SUCK as a parent and I haven't scheduled an appointment for him. Oh wait...I'm remembering that I had planned on waiting until his 9 year check up to talk to them about it and get a referral.

3. Amanda...Jake has boxing on Monday and Friday evenings and Scouts on Wednesday evenings. Kora has Gymnastics on Thursday evenings. Tuesdays NIGHTS are free but Miah has gymnastics during the day. What kind of fast food am I eating? Well since I live in a JAR (with lots of jar heads hehehe) we don't have much to choose from so it's mostly, Burger King, McD's, Arbys, Chick fil A, or Wendy's. Last night I got a 1/2 order of cheese fries and a dinner salad with ranch from Outback and that was SOOOO good. I'm wishing we had Whataburger, Chipotle and Smoothie King though :( I can only dream.

4. this ISN'T the same neighbor that wakes me up at the butt crack if you can believe that. I have TWO freakish neighbors. Yes they both have kids Miah and Kora's age but this neighborhood is FULL of kids so no worries. Kora has a sweet friend down the street that she plays with and there are NEVER issues there. Well, except Jake freaks out because her mom smokes and Jake thinks Kora is gonna die of cancer or something. It's funny.

5. swimmer was neither Elmo or Dora. It was Hannah Montana.

6. Candace...Uhmm, I SUCK on the recipe blog so feel free to kick my big butt outta there. I secretly was using it for my own personal needs without trying to "give back". I'm really rude and selfish like that. If you want those recipes go steal them from Heidi. She's got some good ones. I'm too lazy. Oh and let Bonnie take my place on the blog...seems like she's dyin to get in there.

7. Laura...pollution doesn't melt away brain cells but it stinks so it makes people hold their nose and breath through their mouth which makes their throats dry and they eventually lose their voice so even if they have ugly things to say...they can't and don't. That's why people are nicer these days because of pollution. I think.

8. Kempy...worst friend award? I think not. Myrtle Beach 2010 Lowes and Kempy's? I think SO.

9. I hate this number. Funny though because it's one and a half of my favorite number (6) and it's 3 times my second favorite number (3). Why the hate? I'll tell you why...S's E is the winner of that one. Darn Naegele's Rule.

10. Amanda...why did I let Isaak get sunburned? I didn't really LET him. I mean it was a little cool so I didn't expect anyone to get burned but I guess the sun still shines right? I didn't hold him up to the sun the whole time as much as I didn't LET...I didn't protect either I guess. I'll do better, I promise.

11. Liz??? Is this the Liz Liz I know? The Nelson's Liz? I didn't know you read my blog you sneaky rat. Thanks for the book suggestion, I'll check that out. I want Isaak to OWN his diarrhea, what a better way to make him feel proud of it!

12. Sheriece...Have I ever thought about donated breast milk? No. Why? Because it makes me throw up a little in my mouth. I'm sorry, I should be open-minded. I'll check out the site. Maybe if my boobies (yeah that's gonna get a lot of googlers) weren't broken I'd be able to hook a brother up, right? Too bad.

13. Now THIS number is nice. Stinkin HOT. I always wanted to get married on Friday the 13th but the next available one wasn't until Feb and my engine was revvin for some lovin from the Lover so Jan 2nd had to do! Oh well :)

14. Kathy...I'm glad you like the surprise I sent you! If you wouldn't have asked for it then you would have never known it could be yours, right? Way to speak up!

If you have any other questions that I seemed to forget...too bad.


Candace said...

I'm not gonna kick you out, I'm not too good about diligently posting recipes either... However, Bonnie is definitely invited in... Bonnie, email me, and I'll send you an invite! My email is:

Amanda said...

Thanks for all the answers:) I can now sleep:) No really--you know I was joking about Izey's burn:( I know you wouldn't do that on purpose!

Anonymous said...

12. laughing hysterically!!!!!!!! just thinking of you throwing up "a little" in your mouth makes my quota of at least one belly laugh a day!

Sara said...

I agree with #13!! I was born on Friday the 13th in October, so it's definitely a winner!!! hehe

Valinda said...

Hey you forgot to mention me in Kathy's #14 because I managed to keep it a secret! I'm gonna have to come up with a question for you one of these days.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, when you said Brooke, I didn't realize it was Brooke DURFEE! I didn't even know her family read your blog! How crazy! They're good people, be nice to them, mean girl!

Bonnie said...

Dude, I don't want in your recipe blog out of pity! I am not gonna be their sloppy seconds. Thanks, but no thanks. :-)

And is there even a 9 year check-up? Hmm, didn't know about that one. 2 mos, 4 mos, 6 mos, 9 mos, 18 mos, 24 mos... 108 mos. Well, make sure he gets a sucker and a sticker!

Did you really want to be married on Fri 13th? Weird, today is Fri 13. You should have at least waited until Jan 13 so that every 7 years or so you could have an anniversary on Fri 13.I guess you were really revvin'. But, I guess that's really here nor there since it was 10 years ago.

Kathy said...

I am very skilled at breastfeeding, and the thought of feeding my child someone else's breast milk also makes me throw up a little in my mouth. It just doesn't seem sanitary or something.

Goodnight moon said...

I don't really have anything fun to say about this post, sorry! I guess because you answer all my questions on a daily basis.

But, if Izey does need some fresh breast milk, I know someone that could "let down" some for him later this year....and it would be free! But, that would still be gross!