Saturday, March 14, 2009

Miah's Batman Celebration

I have come to accept a few things about my family and myself...
1. Every child I have will always have a Batman birthday party for their 4yr celebration. I don't know why this has been the case so far, but it always is. Funny.
2. I will always depend on other people to take my children's birthday party pictures. Whether it be my famous sister Amy or now...Amber, my new recruit. Especially since my camera is freakin BROKEN...ugh. Annoying. I guess I'm gonna go back to using my old Nikon now but I gotta find that dang cord for it.
So my party WAS gonna be at our house. I booked this company called Once Upon a Theme here in Jacksonville and they provided everything. I'll go into detail about that later. The forecast was for rain (although I didn't see a SINGLE drop) so the company moved the party to the fire station. Uhmm, GREAT for me because I don't have to clean my house now. Love that. I just show up, have fun...and leave.
SOOOO, lemme tell you why I won't be starting a party business here is Jville.
First of all, let's reflect back to Jessica's Princess Parties when it was in MY ownership. (please disregard the website it is now, I LOVED my website and I wish she hadn't changed it).
1 1/2 Hours of Solid Entertainment
(including games, treasure hunt, dancing and face paint)
The Princess of your Choice
Carnival Like Treasures for all the Guests
Paper Crowns
Balloon Animals
A Plastic Tiara and Gift for the Bday Girl
Total = $265
2 full hours of party hosting and entertainment (but we went over a WHOLE hour)
1 hour before and 1 hour after of setup and cleanup
3 party hosts (who monitor everything. you sit back and have fun. they even write down all Your gifts for you)
1 character of your choice
A HUGE obstacle course bouncy
A craft (making capes)
Face paint
Cake (even with candles)
4 pizzas
Drinks for all
All paper eating products and plastic ware
A life size card signed by all your guests
Goodie boxes for every guest
Balloons for every guest
**Extras that I got**
Firetruck rides for ALL the guests
Firehouse goodie bags for all the guests with sticker badges
Total = $300
I can't even compete with this folks. I don't know HOW they make ANY money, but I'm not arguing! It was sooo great! I showed up with NOTHING except my kids!!
Special thanks to Peter and Nikki Dyba. They did an awesome job...and I'm a pretty tough critic given my background *wink*

Ian and Miah...
oops I mean Spidey and Batman

Miah found this Flash costume we had and wanted Izey to sport it.

Here I am looking like I'm getting ready for a beauty pageant or something. What the crap is up with me looking like I have too much makeup on??! Why didn't anyone tell me I looked like a drag queen!?!?

My three big ones. There's my Summer Sister in the background. So get this...
Staci is Summer's cousin who is married to Rob
Rob is Matt's brother and Matt is married to Mica
Mica is Enos' sister and Enos is married to Lindsay...MY sister.
The seven degrees of me and Summer.
SOOO, we're sister in laws or something.

Tug O War

The MAIN man arrived in a Firetruck.

The cake that I've already eaten 25 pieces of.

The traditional "after bday song family picture".
(still...too much makeup)

The three heroes.

My very own Batman that I got to take home with me.

A beautiful butterfly who ripped her dress IN HALF.

Firetruck rides at the end.

The group.

Okay, so here's my Oscar speech:
I'd like to thank Once Upon a Child for putting all this together so I didn't have to do anything at all except wear too much makeup and smile.
I'd like to thank Amber who took ALLLLLL my pictures for me because my jacked up camera is broken AND because I just like for people to do things for me.
I'd like to thank MA for watching my baby the whole time even though he smells like vomit.
I'd like to thank Summer for just being pretty and smiling all the time.
I'd like to thank the firemen who donated their building for us to use and took us on rides and let us honk their horns (in a PG way).
I'd like to thank my good friend Marsha for the cake. We all know her. Not really.
I'd like to thank all the guest for the presents that Miah is loving this very moment.
I'd like to thank my Lover for workin hard and paying for this party.
This day couldn't have been possible without all of you and I'm just so grateful for everything.


Goodnight moon said...

Your so welcome!!!! I'm just really glad that I'm friends with you so that I could be apart of this VERY fun filled day!

BUT....really THANK YOU, because NOW all Isabel and Ian wants for their birthdays, is one like Miah's!!!! Great! How am I going to be able to do that?!?! Maybe "A" can work even harder and pay for my kids themed birthday parties? Deal?!?

And you totally did look like you were wearing purple eye shadow!

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

i WAS wearing purple eyeshadow. great...i guess i can trash that. i really liked it though.

Sara said...

That looked like an awesome party!! I have never heard of those people, Once Upon a child? Where are they located?
Glad it all went well and everyone had a blast!!!

Candace said...

I already saw those pics on Amber's page, but it was fun looking at them again on your page!

I wrote an Oscar speech on my blog earlier this week, too! LOL... WEll, really, it was the emotional equivalent of an Oscar speech...

Anonymous said...

When I was four, I had a spiderman party. It was great. My mom did not wear make up, but she still looked awesome. I had some cake the other day that was SO divine. It was chocolate with chocolate frosting. I rode in a cop car on a ride along too. My kids really didn't like the party because they thought there would be a bigger Jumpee. MA and S's E

Froggylady said...

No! Don't trash the purple eyeshadow, just save it for night time, dinners out and reunions with your lover.

That party looks like so much fun!

I totally looked at the website just so I could laugh at you in blonde wigs.

Dana said...

You could totally to this if you wanted to again... I know we had Ariel come to my daughter's fifth bday and she still talks about it and so do her girlfriends. Matter of fact at Katie's preschool a mother was talking about Jessica's Princess Partys wanted to know if you were still doing it.. I told her how you moved and someone else owns it now.. anyway.. I don't think you give your self enough credit for being amazing...

Bonnie said...

Man you got a lot of bang for your buck with that party! It looked so fun, I wish we could have been there!

David and Teresa said...

Jessica I thought you looked beautiful and not like you had on too much makeup. I know because I am the Mutha. Now as for Izey Ro and that costume...that was soooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cute. The crooked mask was my favorite of all. The rest of the kids looked like they were having alot of fun and your acceptance speech was very oscar worthy. I believe Summer would be your sister in law by marriage twice removed...not really I have no idea what the relationship is but i know one thing you are lucky to have for a friend with all the great things she does for you. Love you Mutha

Anonymous said...

what an awesome party...wish we could have been there withe y'all

David and Teresa said...

I really didn't want to mention this but in one of the pictures I think Miah was looking at some little girls might check into that...Is that a Mormon thing? Did you teach him that? Well that was always a BIG NO NO at our house when you were little.
Just kidding.

Jess said...

I thought you looked great - not too much makeup at all! I'm super jealous and hope I look as great...even after 1 kiddo.

Miah's birthday looks fabulous - what a wonderful 4th birthday he'll always remember.

Crystal Renee said...

Too cute. Izzy looks ADORABLE! I agree with the previous comment that the crooked mask, it was the cutest. You don't look like a Drag Queen, lol. But you did make me laugh! And you got alot for that amount, wow. Do they do parties in Wilmington?

Amanda said...

fun, fun fun! WOW--awesome party...and even better that it was at the fire station! No clean up:) Izey looked ADORABLE and so did Miah:)

Valinda said...

Kathy and I thought you said Once Upon a Theme so which one is it? Your Flash is the super cutest baby but did not even hold a candle to your Batman! He looked so happy! Does your Butterfly need some higher quality dress up clothes cause I know someone who can get you a hook up. Your make up isn't too drag or at least it was washed out by the camera flash so it's all good. And well you already know this but I loved your website that sang.

Lindsay said...

"I'd like to thank the firemen who......took us on rides and let us honk their horns" - thats what she said.....oh, and i love my niece and nephews you produced/bought...i wish they were closer to their new cousin. :/

Unknown said...

Man, that place sounds AWESOME! There's nothing like that here! That party looks fantastic! Those are cute kiddies! Miah is getting SO BIG!

Marnie said...

Looks like such a fun party! You are so smart to have someone else do all of the work for you. I may have to try that next time. Happy Birthday Miah- I mean Batman!