Thursday, March 12, 2009

Junk with no skip if you will

1. Been kinda blah lately so forgive me for not posting as often as I should. No weekly wanna be, I know, I know. I'm losing valuable fans but blah is legit.

2. Here's the Lowe down on Isaak's on going sickies. He's still vomiting and having really runny diarrhea every so often and this has been going on since mid December. He has two day spells where he just screams and screams in pain and I can do nothing but hold him while he screams. I took him to the doctor for the millionth time and asked to be referred to a specialist. I feel like every time I take him they say he has constipation, or a stomach virus, or needs a new formula and then they scurry me out to get on to the next patient. Not this last time. I PLEADED with her to help us because being the mother, I KNOW something is not right with him. It's been hard each visit because when I actually TAKE him, he's showing NO signs of being sick at all. Same this last time but I promised her just a DAY before he was crying non stop in pain.

Well, they have decided to refer us to an allergist....FINALLY. I KNOW he has severe food allergies and I'm SO excited to get them all sorted out. They also switched his formula...ONE MORE TIME. But this time it's to something super fun...$50 formula. Yeah, nice right? It's hypoallergenic, Nutramigen. SO FAR (which isn't saying too much because the first few days of the LAST 3 formulas were great) he's been reacting good. His skin conditions aren't getting better, but no rashes on the belly and no vomiting. He's also sleeping SO much better. No waking up in the middle of the night at ALL (which he would just once to eat), longer naps and a sweeter Isaak in between. He IS, however, still having diarrhea and the poor guy can't get it out for days at a time. He hated the formula at first (it smells like fried chicken) but I guess now he's accepted that he HAS to drink it if he's gonna live. I'm sure it can only taste horrible and I feel bad (which probably explains why he doesn't waste his precious time with getting up in the night for the crap).

Hopefully big changes are on their way. Oh and the other thing is, no more sharing food with him. I'm so used to shoving bites and bits of my food in his mouth, but more. He begs and cries for it but I have to say no. Not until he figure all this out.

3. My privates aren't getting much attention but that's only because I feel like the stuff I'm adding to the home aren't that important. I'm pretty much just hanging things right now. I still have things I need to add but I haven't found exactly what I want so I'm not buying.

4. My computer is crap right now which is another reason my blogging is too. I'm waiting for my dancing Dad to send me something to fix it all and until then, who knows when I'll be able to get it start. I could just go up and use Jake's but I feel all foreign on his and all my crap isn't on his so it's hard to do most things. My scanner is down here too which means...flashback Friday may not take place this week.

5. Okay shout outs...I've had some fun blog stalkers come forth and I want to tell them Thank you for joining my clan. Brooke, Crystal and Yannur...welcome welcome. If I were sayin this in person I'd probably sing you a welcome primary song. Who knows...I may record one for you. Brooke...I find it absolutely 100% ridiculous that your Sunday family dinners include watching my Rebekah Galloweigh. You guys know all the words? I worry for you and your sisters. I think I need to meet you so I can have material for my next wanna-be. Crystal...your kids are beautiful. I always wanted to have biracial kids because they have the BEST skin ever, seriously, right? Like it's like chocolate MILK, right? Funny thing about having biracial kids though is that you gotta have a husband who's a different race. I sure screwed that up. I was totally thinking his Japanese would just BAM ended up with the most pasty pale kids you can create. I think that's why we adopted get some of that yummy choco, mmmm, he's delicious. Yannur...I can't email you for an invite to your blog or invite you to my privates because you didn't leave me your email freak. Wanna do that? (you like how I treat my guests?)

6. Does anyone ever feel like they never get a break? I feel like EVERY single night I have SOME activity to take my kids to. Oh wait...that's because I DO have something every single night. It's seriously draining me. I'm voting for NO ACTIVITIES in the Summer time, whaddya think?? How do people make dinner like this? No wonder I'm constipated. I gotta eat out every night. My veins and arteries are filled with crap and crap. I just want a home cooked meal people, that's all I'm asking.

7. I swore I wouldn't do this, but I'm doing this. My neighbor is driving me NUTS. She's a freak about everything. My kids (Kora and Miah) were over there yesterday and got sent home. Wanna know why? Kora runs in to tell me that Miah was trying to look at Mackenzie's (the neighbor's daughter) underwear. I was like....what? Whatever. I blew it off until I hear a knock at my door. Guess who? Yeah...the neighbor mom. Great. So she says to me in her baby voice like I'm freakin 6, "I just wanted let you in on what happened just now. The kids were in the backyard playing and I had to send them home because my husband peeked out the window and saw bother girls with their dresses lifted up and Miah was trying to pull their underwear down. I just want you to know that that's a BIG NO NO at our house." Oh really? A big no no? Is that why when Mackenzie was over HERE one time that she continued to pull her pants down to show all of us her butt? I had to tell her to stop but did I make a big production of it and send her home and talk to you? UGH. I'm glad you're telling me it's a big no no at YOUR house, because we actually encourage it...we do it all the time. Miah's just doing what he's been taught. UUUGGHHH....annoying freakin crap. I just stand there listening to her, not saying anything. She goes on, "Mackenzie isn't allowed to play with Kora and Miah for the rest of the day and I just wanted to make sure you knew this was going on." Well good. Why don't we just go ahead and say that Mackenzie can't play with Kora and Miah FOREVER because every time they do there's some stupid drama that follows it. They're freakin kids lady okay? Of COURSE showing privates and underwear is a big "no no" at my house but guess what? They're kids, and they think it's funny so every now and then, they're gonna do crap like this and you just gotta tell em No and send em on their way. The bigger deal YOU make of it, the more curious she is gonna be about wanting to show it. And I guaranTEE that mackenzie was out there giggling just like my's not like she ran off to tell you, did she? Stop making this sound like my Mormon freak (and she really does think we're freaks ever since I told her we were LDS, seriously) kids are teaching your perfect daughter bad things. Anyway...

8. Amber hates Isaak.

9. I hate this number.

10. I wish I had some grilled chicken legs. Where are you lover?


Anonymous said...

2. i have a coupon for nutram..... however it's spelled. it's for a free can from your dr.

6. no activities rocks!

7. is this the same neighbor who sent her daughter to ask about late arrival? of course, she's probably the only neighbor on the block with kids kora and miah's age, right?

8. that's okay, isaak told me he doesn't like amber either.

Vicki said...

Oh my gosh, I just last week donated 8 cases of the powder to the dr office. But I do have two cans if you will send me your address i will mail them to you. If he has excema it will help with that as well! Kiss Mr. Miah for me.

Amanda said...

poor little Izey:( I hope the allergist helps:( At least he only has a few more months until he *hopefully* won't have to drink that yucky expensive formula anymore! That would be so hard on you both! I give L some of my food ALL THE TIME or he gets so upset. I can't imagine dealing with that:( And what kinds of activities are your kids having every single night? And what fast food are you eating every night? I am interested:) hee,hee... Can you tell my life is boring? I wish I had a home cooked meal too....trouble is I don't want to plan it, and cook it. I have pumpkin bread in the oven though b/c it is freezing here today and that will probably be my dinner:)

Sara said...

I hope your week and Izey gets better soon!!!

raschel said...

aww..keep us updated on Isaak. when do you go to the allergist? i'm excited for you to find out what's bugging him. hey! whatever happened w/ jake and the hearing thing? i'm assuming all is well?

i have no clue how you do it all!! i have ONE child that is a BABY and i'm exhausted by the end of the day and we HAVE no activities...AND my husband can help out at night.'re super woman.

what a freaking nut your neighbor is. what DID you say? please tell me that you told her about the daughter pulling her pants down. OR that you told her "The bigger deal YOU make of it, the more curious she is gonna be about wanting to show it."...that would've been perfect. You probably did the nicest thing by holding your tongue...i would want to go off on her...but I would've been so caught off guard.

Goodnight moon said...

I lOVE Izey Ro.....but in my defense, since I am pregnant and am really really really smell sick, his fried chicken wet kisses make me want to vomit! Remember!!!

I'll make you a home cooked meal!!! And you'll love it!

Crystal Renee said...

1. It's okay to feel blah. We are allowed to. But weekly wanna-be is so fun! Ha!

2. Yikes. Don't you wish sometimes that we can get free formula like all those people who DON'T work (another issue, I HATE IT).. lol. I feel bad for the little one though, poor thing. I hope they figure something out.

3. Well, mine is

5. THANKS! I appreciate the compliments and the welcoming. Very nice. I was shocked to see that :) On the husband thing, yea, I sort of just ended up with him ;) LOL!

6. Yes, EVERY day, I feel like I need one.

7. She is crazy. And you are right, if you MAKE a big deal they will do it again. It's called rebeliousness.. who knew!

Lindsay said...

i am really beginning to despise your neighbor. I think you SHOULD have the kids quit playing with that annoying little girl.. which i assume is the same little girl that rang your doorbell at 7 am. cut them off jessica.... CUT THEM OFF.

Liz said...

We believe the house across from us is cursed because, no matter who moves there, they're crazy. The most recent witch (since moved) once called the cops (actually more than once) because the neighborhood kids were out playing and they were too loud. Really. So I'm still laughing at your story of YOUR neighbor! Easy for me to laugh, obviously.

This book won't help your little one's health, but you probably will like reading it to him for the emotional lift. It's "The Moose with Loose Poops," and the title says it all. It's fabulous! Kids love the title and they will totally identify with poor Miles throwing up and sitting on the potty chair covered with reams of toilet paper. It's by a pediatrician, Charlotte Cowan. Give it a look. And good luck! And here's hoping the schedule settles down a little bit.

Anonymous said...

woah, the drama. Here is my advice...
1. any wanna-be is worth some wait time. If fans break up with you because of some lull, they weren't your greatest fan.
2. you already got my advice on this one (fundraiser cans at Seven Eleven.
3. sometimes privates just need a break.
4. technology is the devil.
5. Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the others gold.
6. NO activities is amazing. and if you HAVE to have activities..the crock pot RULES!
7. maybe you should take your neighbor some brownies to say sorry about the rear end show.
8. Amber hates Isaak? It's sounds like Izey is smelly.
--check out the physiology section-- I think this is why you hate this number.
10. Yea, I crave burnt chicken all the time too. I have two words for you, Smithfields. sk

Unknown said...

Hey, I can't fault you for slow blogging, since I am the slooooow blogging princess!

I hope you figure Izzey out. Have you ever thought about donated breast milk? I know it sounds crazy, but it's pasteurized just like cow's milk. Sometimes insurance will cover it if your doc prescribes it. It's really amazing what it can do.

Brooke H. said...

thank you for the shout out! And I know it is ridiculous that we watch your Rebekah Galloweigh wanna-be almost every Sunday, but it is still fun!

Valinda said...

Wow that is drama junk! Fred had to be on that same formula it was $30 9 years ago, inflation is awful! It's never made me sad that my kids have no neighbor friends. I hope Izey feels better soon because I'm sure you will too!

Tara said...

I SOOOOO know what you are going through with Isaak. It took Eddie months for the almost hourly runs to stop. Sorry, I know you don't want to hear that. I only have a few issues with military docs, and the crap I went through with Eddie's allergies, and Josh's legs, are at the top. I know you understand allergies with Kora, the food ones can really be a pain. But you should see Eddie now, almost a year later, and he is SOOOO healthy and happy! (and super smart now! just had to add) hang in there, and let us know as soon as you find out. I have tons of great sites for egg/dairy/gluten allergies if it turns out to be any of those. Also, because Eddie's issues were related to whey and casin, breast milk was killing him too. It sucks when the allergies are severe, they are SO limited! I'm sorry you are dealing with it, but it really gets easier, it's such a part of our lives, I don't even think about it anymore. no biggie. :) Good luck!

Froggylady said...

What?! I thought all mormons did in their big beautiful churches was teach kids to lift their dresses and show their hineys? Thank goodness I found out that's not true before I tried to join the church!

Bonnie said...

Well, this is really too much information for me take in! You've got to stop holding all this pent-up drama for one post... it makes my eyes hurt.

But, I will say that you need to avoid that neighbor. She sounds like the type to sue you over the emotional distress your son caused her daughter. Can you say CRAZY!?

Goodnight moon said...

Why are you being so blah lately?!? You poor thing!

And, I DOOOOOO love Izey Ro!!!!

David and Teresa said...

Im not sure about Amber hating Isaak. Why would she? I think you are overreacting. Amber do you hate my baby Izey Ro? Please tell me no. And to think I almost bought you a camera.


PS Just kidding. Don't tell Jakob that when my friend at work goes to the dock to smoke...I go with her and probably will die of cancer too. Kora and I both can go to the Celestial Kingdom at the same time. And as for pulling down panties, Jess you did it more than any of my three and well that is where your Mormon kids get it from. Love ya...Mutha

Carolina said...

Your neighbor is soooooo a freak!!

Nura Yan said...

hello babe. just saw my name in the entry. i must be sleeping while i typed that comment. here's my addy:

thanking u in advance. looking forward to it. hehe.