Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Teaching Experience

I sure love it when people do ridiculously stupid things and allow me to have a teaching experience with my children. This morning, I was awarded one of those wonderful opportunities.

Isaak didn't sleep all night. He'd wake up every hour not wanting anything but to be RE-swaddled (yes, my 8 month old STILL loves to be swaddled) so I'd go in there, wrap him up, lay him in his boppy and kiss him good night...again...and again...and again. Every hour mind you. At 4:30am he was up and this time for good. I, on the other hand, was NOT ready to be up for good but when you have a baby, they always rule. I took him in my room and let him crawl all over me as I slept on the floor, or at least tried to sleep. I knew that as soon as he was ready to go BACK to sleep, it'd be time for me to get up with the school kids. Ugh.


I remembered that it was snowing last night before bedtime. PRAYING I'd look out the window and see a winter wonderland I ran to go see. YESSS!! The streets were covered in icy snow. I flipped on the TV in hopes that school will be canceled or at least...delayed.

Just know, that prayers are answered. My cheesy little weather girl with her NC accent told me that Onslow is on a THREE hour delay. Awww...relief is in store. Once Isaak would go down I could count on sleeping for at least a couple more hours before he'd be up again and I wouldn't have to be interrupted by a school alarm.

A little after 6am, Izey is pooped. FINALLY. Sleep is coming for me. I put him down and cozy up in my three layers of blankets ready for some much needed rest.

Unfortunately, it didn't last long. I obviously have completely RETARDED neighbors who can't do math and a little after 7am my door bell starts ringing.

WHAT THE CRAP!!!!!!!!???????

I'm so mad. I was in SUCH a deep sleep. I run to my window to see if there's a car in the driveway. NO. It's someone nearby that must have walked. WHO is ringing my door bell!!!! I was pissed. Like, ready to kill someone. They rang it THREE FREAKIN TIMES before going away. I didn't check to see who it was, I was so mad I thought I might kill them right then and there.

2 seconds after the door stops ringing....WAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Isaak's up. Which means...I am too.

I hate stupid people. Everyone in this freakin cul de sac KNOWS I have a baby. Who would be completely stupid enough to ring my door bell at 7AM THREE TIME IN A ROW?!

After being up an hour or so, it happened again to allow me to see who the culprit was. I ran down the stairs...FURIOUS. I cracked the door open and there was my across the street neighbor's daughter looking up at me. She says..."Do you know what time the bus is gonna come?"


I give her a look of death and say, "THREE HOURS LATER." And then I shut the door.

What the crap is it with these idiots? Can you not add THREE hours more onto the REGULAR pickup time? Is it really THAT hard? You obviously KNEW about the three hour delay when you rang my doorbell this morning and woke me AND my baby up. Can you not add? What the freak!? Congratulations for winning my hate. Ugh...I'm so mean, I know...but seriously people. Who does that?!

So back to my opportunity. I was able to teach the kids this morning that we don't EVER ring doorbells of people's homes if they have a baby. No matter WHAT time it is and ESPECIALLY if it's 7am. And for that matter, we don't ring doorbells even if they DON'T have a baby ANYTIME before 10am. The ONLY time we would ring someone's doorbell at 7am is in a DIRE emergency. Like men need to be chasing you just feet away with knives and guns for it to be okay.

The worst part about it? Is that the stupid mom KNEW she shouldn't be ringing my doorbell so that's why she was sending her daughter over to do it. UGH.

Okay...I feel better. Forgive me for my hatred.


Staci said...

OH my gosh you have EVERY right to be angry. I would be sooo MAD! I was mad reading about it. My sleep is sooo precious and I have actually trained my son very well to sleep in till at the earliest 8:30 and to lay in bed with me until 10:00 when I'm ready to get up. He doesn't mind aslong as their is something to watch on T.V. Your a good mommy though and I love how isaak still likes to be swaddled..thats so cute!

Candace said...

OMG..... I got so ticked reading this! What freakin morons!

I have also trained my kids to both be late sleepers (even Noah!). It's great, he never wakes me up before 9 or 9:30. So everybody in my family knows to not even call me before 10 unless there is an absolute emergency!

That was a good lesson taught this morning...

Valinda said...

That is SO wrong!!!! Why didn't they CALL the transportation people???? I think I'd be tempted to retaliate but that might just be me. I too have taught my kids to leave people alone until at least 9 am and knocking is more polite than ringing.

Amanda said...

IDIOT! Sorry:(

In our house it is okay to ring the bell though b/c we can't hear the knocking at all upstairs and we are usually up there in the playroom. L doesn't wake up fro it b/c it is not too loud and not near his room and he sleeps with a white noise machine up pretty loud!

In the old house though I put a sign over my door bell that looked white trash---that said DON"T RING BELL--Please knock. Try that--cover the bell with a note card and a sign:)

Anonymous said...

i'm loving that you told us you were sleeping on the floor so we would know that you didn't have isaak crawling around on the bed about to fall off. nicely planted detail? :)

hopefully by this time you've gotten a great nap. get sleep for me too!

Carolina said...

I don't have children...so I can't be teaching anyone lessons! However, I do have uncontrollable sleep-related "anger issues"!
I turn into a rabid beast when someone wakes me up FOR NO REASON...so I definitely relate to your anger this morning!! I would probably have gone accross the street and thrown something at the neighbor's house or keyed her car or something!! See what I mean...straight up ANGER!! I can already feel my blood pressure rising!!

I'm so jealous that you live in a place that has snow days and weather-related delays...lucky!! Go JVILLE!!! Too bad their school system doesn't teach people to calculate time...LOL!!!

P.S. I wanna see a video Izey crawling all over you as you slumber!

Bonnie said...

This brought back so many horrible memories of my old neighbor! Remember the one that dropped the frozen milk on her toe!? Her daughter was ALWAYS coming by and ringing my doorbell 20 min before the bus got there just to see if I was going to the bus stop!!!! It drove me crazy!

Sara said...

Girl I would have been furious!!! I told all the kids in my court not to ring my doorbell too, but you always have that ONE KID!!!

Unknown said...

Wow. They don't like, read this blog, do they? That is crap though. I hate people coming by without calling for anything, isn't that horrible!?

Goodnight moon said...

And you forgot to add that Super-Amber came in with her cape again flying in the air and saved the day:) I took your 4yr old off your hands for....lets see....6 whole hours!!!! Not that I was counting or anything:)

I love it when you get so mad! It really makes me laugh and its always such a great blog:)

Are you nice and cozy in your new pj pants? And are your lips swollen from the swedish fish yet?

Dana said...

Ok.. That would have gone all over me. I am such a witch when I don't get my sleep. I think I would get even... ring.. ring.. ring that doorbell....

Lindsay said...

oh my annoying. It's that little girl that always comes over isn't it? i know it is.. i remember you told me about her. IRRITATING.

David and Teresa said...


Love you Mutha

Jess said...

What a horrible experience! I would have been ticked too!! Anyone would have. Poor Izey was probably just as mad. :(