Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This is why...

1. This is why I love Burger King. Rodeo Burgers. Mmmm. This picture is a misrepresentation though because it only come with one patty and I wait...NEVER, get the BBQ sauce on it. Pure bliss for only $1. I can taste it now.

2. This is why I love 4 year olds. When we're sitting at the kitchen table quietly stuffing our faces my Miah looks at me in deep thought and asks, "Mom, am I still 4?" Yes Miah, you'll be 4 now until you're 5. You'll never be 3 again. To which he replies with raised eyebrows, "Wow..."

3. This is why we love Amber. She sneaks in our house when we aren't home with her "Lowes" key I made her and leaves a birthday prize for Miah. Balloons and...

...a Batman pinata! Thanks Amber friend.

4. This is why Legos drive me NUTS. So many little pieces that get ALL over the house. I end up just throwing them away if they manage to escape their designated boundaries.

5. This is why Kora is grounded from joining us for the Friday night movie night. She REFUSES to keep her room clean. All I ask is that everyone's room is at least "straightened" before going to bed. I gave her 30 minutes last night to do her straightening and when the time was up I found her just sitting in her bed. She didn't even TRY to clean it. She told me that she just can't.
UGGHHH, stubborn. No grounding ever phases this woman. She's impossible.

6. This is why Austin misses Isaak so much. He's simply irresistible 24/7.

7. THIS is why I love Etsy. It adds so much nice flavor to my retro kitchen!

8. This is why Miah can't wait to go to craft school again next Monday. He made this frame for me and told me I CAN change the picture if I want to.

9. This is why I feel like hibernating. I don't wanna leave my bed because it's soooo cozy. I think me and Miah spend more than half the day just being cozy in this bed together. If only we had a servant to bring us food and drink!

10. This is why I think that Jesus and Cherries don't mix. I passed a car today with the name "Jesus" airbrushed on it next to a picture of a pair of cherries. For some reason those two things just don't mesh. Hoochie and Holy? I think cherries need to be reserved for things like tramp stamps.

11. This is why my kids hate looking for clothes in the morning. They have to dig through the clean pile.

12. This is why I've changed the way I feel about cankles.

They CAN be sexy.

13. This is why my runs will no longer be silent.
It's a downgrade, but really ALL I need. I love it!
14. This is why Miah can't wait for his birthday part on the 14th. THIS guy will be making an appearance!


Valinda said...

That's quite the list you have today. I've never had a rodeo burger do they sell them in the west? My 4 year old had a screaming fit on and off all morning- good times. I want an Amber friend she's super cool! I don't have to deal with Legos but Polly pocket, Barbie and LPS accessories meet the same fate if I step on them. Maybe I should ground my kids until their rooms get clean, it's a never ending battle. Izey is so cute. I have that same pile of laundry it's a pain. Those are cute cankles but on a much bigger person... Be sure to post pics of the party it looks like it will be tons of fun!

Amanda said...

oohhh---too much to comment on in this post!

Does that burger have a chicken patty on top of the hamburger patty? I do love me a whopper...but I only get them like once every 2 years for some reason! I had to have one while I was preggo and that's the thing that got my my ticket.

I can't wait to see Miah's party with Batman there.

Amanda said...

P saw the picture with all the lego's and he said if he got to visit you he would like to play with them:) Esp. the ATH fighter (he is not sure about the name though:)

We have a small display of P's ships in his room also.

Candace said...

WEll, this was just FABULOUS..... Umm.... I think my favorite part is how irrisistible Izey is... he really, really is.. and I completely understand his irristability, because I have one just like that myself! :)

And an Amber is a really great thing to have, she's a very thoughtful, wonderful friend!

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

oh my gosh...chicken on beef? NO WAY...gag.

Okay here's the breakdown of the rodeo the way I Like it.

One patty of beef
One slice of cheese
and three onion rings

all between a yummy sesame seed bun!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the rodeo cheeseburger too. It's my favorite. and Roman's too!

They have Batman there too?!

Carolina said...

So, this is why....I love your post today:

It's informative with illustrations and what not!
Very good for this visual mind of mine!

A. Miah is much too adorable with his crafti-ness!
B. A RODEO burger...uhm I must have this now (do they carry that in Utah?? hmm..)
C. You're lucky to have a good friend like Amber!
D. Did YOu manage to get your room clean when you were little?? Poor Kora she is too busy coping with being the only GIRL!!
F.Izey is like a marshmallowey cankle delight!!
and....G.Yay for your iPod Shuffle!


Bonnie said...

Oh my gosh, I totally thought that was chicken and beef too. I was literally trying not to gag! Gross!

By the way, I am so excited for Miah to have a wonderful party! I wish we could go! I really hate that you keep mistreating Kora since I can tell by the batman on her floor... she didn't make that mess herself!

Unknown said...

Miah is too freaking adorable!

LOVE the canisters!

Gross to all things Burger King.

Izzy's canckles are grand!

Amber is an AWESOME friend, clearly!

David and Teresa said...

This is why I love you Baby...just because. THanks for the picker upper today. I needed it. Miah is so precious and looks so grown up in that picture. I love that 4 year old. Please tell him...Koko needs Mawmaw to come help her clean that room. It can be overwhelming, i know. Oh and those legos made me want to play legos with my Jake. Izey, I miss your cankles. I miss ya'll. Love mutha

Amanda said...

okay--the onion ring looked like a fried chicken patty--and I thought that would be gross too:)

glad to hear it's NOT!

andi said...

Mmmm, can that guy make an appearance at my birthday, too? Happy birthday!

Jess said...

Oooo...I love your posts. Miah's pic and Izey's cankles are my favorite. I want to squeeze the little leggies.

Do you really eat those rodeo burgers? I'm a little freaked out by the picture. Everything looks so processed. The chicken patty is making me heave as I write.

I'm down with liking gross stuff, though. I have my own fetish for McDs double cheeseburger.