Monday, February 9, 2009

Get UP Jessica...

It's 8:13 am. I'm sitting here at the computer dressed and ready to go workout. But I don't wanna. Kids are finally feeling better so I'm allowed to take them in. But I don't wanna.

Of course this is the morning that Isaak decides to sleep in LEAST 8:14. The longer he sleeps, the longer I sit and the MORE I start justifying why I shouldn't work out today.

The gym will be packed.
The later you go, the more kids they have and Isaak will be ignored (or fed cookies).
Lindsay is having her baby, I need to be around to blog it for her.
I really want a Dr. Pepper.
Wait, is Miah's nose running? Maybe I should stay.
I have so many errands to run today and I don't wanna do them sweaty.
I'm getting hungry.

Ugghhh...come on Isaak. Wake up for me so we can go. You never sleep this late on school days and especially on weekends when I could sleep late WITH you.


Anonymous said...

so, did you workout?

Goodnight moon said...

How much of my butt did you work off for me?

raschel said...

i think you should stay so you can keep us updated on lindsay's process...

Bonnie said...

Dude, I cannot wait until Emmalyn will sleep past 6! I am so tired of getting up early! I just want one day to sleep in until my body says "get up" not until my baby says "MAMA!" Consider yourself lucky and go back to bed, do your workout when he wakes up. You can burn calories anytime, but you can only sleep when little man does!