Monday, February 9, 2009

Fine then

The phone rang this morning while I was contemplating working out and guess who it was?
The Lover
He said, "Go work out".
So I said, "Okay".
It's done now and it sucked but I'm glad I got the extra push I needed. Accountability is a B.
One in particular I'm very fond of!


Laura said...

Has Lindsay popped out that guy yet? I'm glad to hear that someone else dreads the working out. But it does feel better knowing you did it I reward myself with a bunch of junk food. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Tara said...

Thanks for all the Lucas info. Ok, so I guess I'm the only one who freaked out. Even though you said not to. I'm an official auntie today, of course I'm going to freak out at every little thing! So I called Lindsay in a panic after reading your post, and woke her up, now I feel terrible, but still worried. Jess, if you hear anything, and you know they are too busy to call me, PLEASE call me so I don't feel the need to call and bug them again, cause I will, I have to know everything is fine, for sure. It's taking all my will power to stay home and not drive over there and see him for myself. I want to give them space, but now I'm worried about Lucas. Keep me in the loop please! I think I'm an overbearing big sister, but I can't help it, I worry! Thank you!!!

Tara said...

oh, and good job at the gym, even if it wasn't fun, you rock! It shows how awesome you are when you go workout at the time you least want to. Go Jess!

Bonnie said...

You have no excuse lady! You have a gym with daycare... use it! It always sucks getting there, but you are always happy when you're done!