Friday, February 20, 2009

Blast from the Past Friday

So welcome to my newest segment I'm introducing today. Most Fridays will be called a Flashback Friday and we'll look at times and faces from the past (thanks to my new trusty scanner). Not every week will be of me, don't worry. It could be of my kids, my family members or friends...YES, that means YOU. YOU right there reading this RIGHT now...YOU could be featured on my blast from the past Fridays. Doesn't that make it all the more exciting?! I know you're all thinking about what pictures I may have of you...ohhh the possibilities is all I can say :)
SO this week I decided to do a flashback from my childhood because the past week for me has been somewhat of a whirlwind. I've recently started contemplating my skills as a mother and whether or not I'm as fit for this job as I once I thought I was.
The past few days that I've ventured out into the public eye I've been met with some pretty hairy experiences from double nose bleeds for me and Miah while Isaak's doctor is telling me what I need to do to help him get dealing with vomit spewing from a sick Isaak like the exorcist in the middle of Pizza Hut and being so sick from the smell and mess that I start having excorcistic like reactions as well causing me to run off to the bathroom leaving my baby covered in vomit for friends to clean up (thanks Court and Amb). I have a pretty bad gag reflex, just ask Austin, Lindsay and Amy.
I've been feeling like a traveling circus act with eyeballs staring and glaring at me from all directions. I just know people are thinking that I'm an idiot for having 700 kids. That I'm too young or too stupid to be able to handle the mess and craziness that follows us. It makes me sad. I cried to Austin on the phone last night needing encouragement that I CAN do this job. I usually never get like this, never. I'm usually really free spirited and I laugh off all the stress of being a mother and just love it. It's weird for me to feel this way and even a little embarrassing to admit it to the world.
Enough whining. Please don't feel like you need to make me feel better. I'm not blogging this for sympathy...only to get it out and record it.
Now let's have some fun :)
So I remember the times when we lived in Garland and Amy (my big sister) was actually NICE to me. That was before she grew pit hair and had B.O. We used to play together all the time, enjoying each other's company, ramming heads into fireplaces resulting in 17 stitches and calling dibs on the boy Barbies. She loved me then and ONLY then until just about 5 years ago (hehe, no but for real...). I thought it would be neat to show pictures of me the same ages as my kids. I don't have one when I was Isaak's age, my mother doesn't trust me with those sacred goods (you should have seen the drama it took to get her to give me my own stinkin birth certificate). I think I probably stole this picture from my mom. It has a crease in it like I snuck it out of her album and folded it to keep in my pocket so she wouldn't see. I'm the littlest, being THREE like Miah. Amy, I'm sorry I'm showing the world you in your pantaloonies but at least you don't have a chocolate ice cream dollop stain on your crotch like me. It was then that I was cute.

And then I lost teeth. Bleck. Here I am SIX like Kora. My mom would do my hair each morning before school, something I don't repeat for Kora because I'm just not that good or that patient. I always hated when she would make me wear dresses to school which was most of the time. Looking back I see the struggle she must have gone through with me each day as I struggle with Kora each day when she wants to wear her pink ugly faded "Marine daughter" shirt with turquoise leggings and tall riding style boots.
Life was good in 1st grade. I had the nicest teacher in the whole school, Ms. Dedario. She would spend the first hour of school letting us color and eat jelly beans while she'd put on her makeup. She had short spikey hair and would flirt with all of the male staff at the school as she'd pass by them in the hall. I admired her. She was so beautiful to me.
As the years went by, the schooling got less fun. No more jelly beans. I got uglier and the teachers got meaner. I was EIGHT like Jake and a dancing queen. I took tap ballet and jazz every year and would look forward to my recitals at the State Fair of Texas in front of the huge crowd. I would get to wear makeup and use lots of hairspray so that was always fun.
Funny thing about this picture, I remember every single person's personality in my class. I'm on the far right. I wasn't the best dancer so I never got center stage. I was envious of the girl in the front. I remember feeling mad that she got to be in the middle even though she was chubby. Isn't that horrible? What in the world made me feel like that? Poor girl. The dark haired girl next to me always had bad breath. The boy was a master dancer. He came in the middle of the year from some amazing dance school because he was better than all of us. The girl to the left of the boy had low self esteem and the far left girl was always very chipper and would get in trouble for talking a lot.

Ahhh the days of no stress and no worries. I listen to Jake complain about his "hard life" of takin out the trash and always having to help with his siblings and I think of how EASY he really does have it compared to life now. Don't get me wrong, I love my life. I think I have it better than most, actually I KNOW I do. But every now and then I like to lay in my bed and wish that I could go back and spend one more day as a 6 year old, playing Barbies, making cookies with my mom and enjoying the simpler times.
Happy Friday Friends!


Dana said...

I am with ya.. Having your mom make the best lunch..a ham sandwich. riding your bike and staring at the clouds... man if just for a day.

Tara said...

I love the mini-Kora pic. I didn't know you were such a BLONDE! Great pictures Jess!

Anonymous said...

I think Kora looks a whole lot like you did in the "I'm Jane Fonda" picture. Gotta love the bangs....I can almost smell the Aqua Net. And, is that where your love of Baby Legs started????? :)

Marian said...

There is no doubt your mum and dad enjoyed this blog post; me as well. I recall each of those photographs AND I was present when you fell onto the raised hearth of the fireplace in Garland -- I was mortified. Thank heavens there are photos of you girls during your dance class period because all the videos were stolen from your first home in Rockwall. Your dad was gutted at that loss, which caused me great anguish for he and Teresa.
Love, Aunt M

Valinda said...

I'm having a -I wish I was less responsible day too! I loved hearing what you thought about the other kids, you always make me laugh. It's a good way to start the day!

Amanda said...

I Loved this flash back:) What a crazy 1st grade teacher you had! No teacher in the school I taught in would get away with that!

Bonnie said...

HAHAHA! I love the dance pose! That outfit is hilarious! It's so funny, because I always thought the girls that got to take dance were so cool. There were no such opportunity for me in a small town. So, I guess, deep down I'm not making fun of that ridiculous outfit... I'm actually jealous :-(

Anonymous said...

i love the flashback fridays idea...this is fun and can't wait to see more pics

Froggylady said...

I didn't know that the zombies from Thriller wore such fabulous costumes and had such poofy bangs! Love the dance pose and polka dotted leg warmer things.

Lindsay said...

I'm totally feeling like being 6 today... i had my first white trash experience today... i think those only happen when you are a mother... also.. i remember that tap dancing boy.. i had a huge crush on him.

andi said...

Hey Legsy,

I am SO looking forward to Fridays! The old pics are awesome!

Misty said...

Oh My Gosh! If someone were to come up to me and say "Jessica George" I would picture you as the 6 year old with pig tails! NO LIE! That is what I remember!!!!
But now you are all grown up, beautiful and a wonderful mom!

David and Teresa said...

well I know that you would eventually hear from "the mutha" You know Jess, steal my pics if you so desire and don't feel guilty if you so desire but someday(with 700 kids for sure) you will feel the anguish that i feel now as I look at one of my very favorite pics and know that it is gone from my collection. If you were here I would beat your butt and change the locks on this house. hmmm...that is what i will do right now...change the locks..teehee love you anyway Jess and Yes, it is normal to feel that you (pardon me) suck as a mother...i feel that way welcome to the world of motherhood. You know you do all you can to make your children learn all they need to learn and to protect them from everything bad but yet you SO doubt your motherhood skills. It is such a terrible thing. Why do we mothers do this to ourselves? I remember my mom commenting that she was a terrible mother at this and that and I remember thinking, "ohgosh, she was the best mother out there, how come she says those things?" Oh well, I love you and I think you are the cutest and best mommy of 700 kids that Iknow...and I should know because I am the mutha.
Love you.

Unknown said...

You and Lindsay either had WAY more interesting childhoods than I had, or else you have WAY better memories!

I love this new feature of your blog (the flashbacks)! I might rip it off... If I do, I'll give you credit.

Carolina said...

Where in the heavens do I begin??

1. Kora looks exactly like you in the first picture...and Amy is too much sassiness for me to handle =P

2. You were the luckiest first grader! Your teacher let you run free while she applied makeup?? NICE!!! Who needs teeth when you have the luscious flowing locks?

3. The fabulousness that are your...."JAZZ HANDS" or..."SPIRIT FINGERS" are too much for me to describe!!! Didn't you still have those bangs in the 6th grade??

4. Chubby girl, bad-breath girl, low self-esteem girl, future gay boy, and you! Must have been good times!!

5. Should I be afraid of the pictures in your possession?

I really needed this laugh....thank you!!!!