Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What did I do today?

I've been slacking first of all. Thats what I've been doing. Things have gotten a little hairy over here lately and some things have come up that have caused me to take short break from the WORLD. I have a sick Isaak and a sick Kora but what's new right?

SO today I stole THESE from the doctor because me and S's E met over at Amber's house to help her tackle the workload in front of her....getting ready for HOUSE GUESTS!!


The boys had fun for the MOST part, but for the other part they just fought.


Isaak was being whiny so I had to hold him until he fell asleep on me. Which meant that I would tell Amber what to hang and where...and she would do it.

WTC is going on with Amber's hair right? Like I think I saw a rat's nest in it.

When S's E got there she went crazy MAD and rearranged the entire house to make it look like a winter wonderland. No but really, she's like amazing and knew exactly where everything should go, and it WORKED. If you wanna see more of our accomplishments, go visit Amber the preg HERE!

So I also posted new stuff at my privates but to give you a sneak peak, take a look!

Don't worry, this is all stuff the Lover has seen thanks to his suspicious mind (singing that).

A lovely mirrored whatever it's called. It sits on my credenza.

A cute retro school chair. Once again...the addition with mini.

Look at this fun little suitcase made of leather type sumthin. It sits under my little entry way table in the living area.

And THIS is what it houses!

For more additions go look at my PRIVATES!


Goodnight moon said...

I can't say thanks enough to you!!!!!! Thanks a bunch!!!!

Oh, and I thought that my little ponytale was cute! But I looked so nasty yesterday! Thank goodness you only got my backside!

Bonnie said...

You try to make yourself sound like such a great friend, but let me ask you... why is the pregnant lady on a ladder hanging things on the wall while you play with the camera... shouldn't she be holding the baby while you did all the manual labor. I'm just wondering.

Hmmm.... some friend you've turned out to be. Anyway....

Oh, but I do love the new additions. That mirrored thing is called a vanity tray, my mom has one. She uses it to put all her perfume and nail polish on. It's cute. And the new trendy diaper holder... very nice.
Your house is coming along very nicely.

Jess said...

I love your rustic-looking suitcase. The best part about it is that it stores diapers! Ya-hoo for furniture and other decorations that can secretly store practical items.

You are a great friend helping Amber get ready for company. I wish your friendship was still here in Texas!

Amanda said...

Your still busy even with 2 sick kids!

Candace said...

I love the suitcase!!!!

***** said...

It ALL is sooo fabo! You should have your own show. Make people think outside the box on the home decor.
Amber is the luckiest to have you to help her...she totally owes you something...maybe a coconut cream pie hand-spun shake from C-F-A would even you out.