Saturday, January 31, 2009


We took this video awhile back for Pops and PawPaw but I forgot to ever put it on the blog! Forgive my slacking. Here's the future Boxing Champ showing his skilz in the garage.

ps...lots of things are going on at my PRIVATES!!


David and Teresa said...

Way to go Jakob!!! When you jab be sure and step into it putting your entire body weight into your punch. Try just throwing jabs only and no right hand. Remember this - jab straight out and bring arm back as soon as you can. Straight out and straight back. Use your body weight all you can. It will increase your power. Can't wait to see you in action. Love You Jakob!! Paw Paw

David and Teresa said...

you will be the next "Cincinnati Kid" Jakob...that is what they called Pawpaw when he was in the golden gloves.
Love you

Jess said...

His shoes are loud! They sound like wooden shoes or sumthin'!

Amanda said...

AWESOME Jakob:) I think we have a real future boxer here:)

andi said...

Very nice! (Where are the kids' grey sweats, black skull cap, and big dog?) I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley :)