Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I got some junk for ya!

1. I am SO stinkin sore from the gym I can barely even WALK, it's ridiculous. I guess not workin out for a couple weeks really wasn't a good idea because I feel like I haven't worked out in AGES. Luckily, I have an awesome little gym with a indoor pool so I'm gonna just SWIM tomorrow to relax my muscles instead of ripping them even more. I haven't been swimming in like a year and a half because I didn't do anything but hang my legs in the water when I was preg with Isaak. WoW, that's a long time ago.

2. Today Austin sent me a text that looked like this )*( Does YOUR husband send you explicit texts like this? And if so...how do you respond?

3. So I'm getting really pale because I haven't tanned since mid October. I REALLY wanna try the mystic and Amber tells me it was a good experience for her but I'm still nervous. Although, I don't wanna die from skin cancer when I'm 35 so I better find alternatives to tanning, right?

4. I wanna know how everyone feels about Britney's come back performance this morning on ABC. I watched her overseas performances and I wasn't TOO impressed because I feel like she could have gotten WAY more into them like the old Britney. Today was a TAD better but still, WHERE is the Britney that we all know and love? I youtube'd her Slave for You performance with the snake and it's just SO freakin awesome. Her dancing skills are like none other, I just wanna watch it all day long. I want her to blast out with THAT kinda performance, don't you? Come on Britney..BRING IT!!!

5. I think Isaak is going through a growth spurt or something because he usually eats 5.5 oz every few hours and right now he's like crying when his bottle is gone and he wants MORE! He's even eating applesauce pretty good. I try to give him about 8-10 small spoons of it a day just for more fulfilment. He seems to like it. Plus whenever I have food and he sees me eat or drink it he goes NUTS for it trying to grab it and put it in his mouth. I love it!

6. So I lost a check of mine. When I was paying bills last month I wrote my tithing out but since we were in between churches and hadn't been to the new one I didn't have an envelope for it so I just decided to save it. So I WOULDN'T lose it, I stuck it in a blank envelope to take to church the next Sunday. Well, It was also near a pile of bills that I ended up mailing. Everything is kinda blurry as to what happened but I think I stamped and mailed a blank envelope with my tithing money in it. SOOO, I called the bank to cancel that check for fear someone would try to cash it somehow. The bank tells me there would be a $30 charge for cancelling the check. WHAT?! Are you freakin kidding me? You make money off MY money and your gonna charge me just to stop payment on a check..basically a few clicks on your computer?? I got really mad and asked for the guys supervisor who also tells me about the charge. So I say, "Look, I think the charge is ridiculous. I have NEVER asked you guys to cancel a check before and I'm a GREAT customer of yours. I don't agree with the charge so I either need to speak to YOUR supervisor as well or you need to help me out." All of a sudden the charge disappears...what the crap? Then she threatens me like 3 more times saying that this is a ONE TIME waiver and next time they WILL charge me. I was like..YEA whatever..we're in the process of switching everything over to another bank so I won't be using your services anymore anyway. THANKS. Dumb Wells Fargo.

7. Here's my solution to my private or not private debate. Thanks to all your comments, I was able to come up with a plan. I'm going to keep my Lowe Family News blog OPEN. Open to all you wonderful readers plus some. When Austin is gone or deployed I just won't dwell on it or mention dates or times or anything like that. I will ALSO have a private blog that will allow me to vent my sadness, frustrations and countdowns to his return. All who would like to visit the private blog as well, you're more than welcome. I don't care who wants to come to it, I just don't want googlers and wanderers coming to it, make sense? I'll start that private blog in the next few days so if you want to be able to hop to it and see how things are going over there, just leave a comment for me with your email or email me with your email at jesslynlowe@yahoo.com and tell me who you are and how you found me. I'll be sure to add you to the list of invites. Now don't expect daily updates on that other blog like this one. If I post on it I'll probably mention it on my REAL blog so you don't have to be checking it all the time only to be disappointed that I haven't written anything new (like how I feel when I go to Kempy's new blog). DEAL!?

8. When we go to Texas for Christmas we're FINALLY getting family pictures taken. I've decided to go with Fall colors for our outfits and then add a few FuN accessories to a few family members to make the pictures interesting. Now, I have to go shop, bleh. Not that I hate shopping. I LOVE shopping. I HATE shopping when you're looking for a specific THING because you can never find it. Am I right? Oh and if you don't already know, my FABULOUS photographer sister AMY will be taking our photos. I wouldn't go ANYwhere else. Even if she wasn't free!! *wink* If you're in need of ANY photos, go see her, you'll regret it if you don't!!

9. So you all know about my fabulous jean collection that I can't wear, right? I speak of it all the time. Well a few months ago I TRIED to squeeze into one of my jeans and after lunging around the room to "stretch" them out so my booTAY would fit and they would button, I ended up ripping the dang things. UGH. I was so mad. Well now I DO fit in those jeans and I wish I hadn't busted them so I took them to a tailor to repair and they should be done on Monday!!! I'm so excited. OH and get this. The lady there was filling out the receipt and guess how much she's charging me for the repair. ONE DOLLAR!!! I was like...are you kidding me? I feel bad!! I feel like I should give her at LEAST 5. I was expecting to pay even up to like $30!! Let's hope she does a good job and if so...I got a new tailor for the next three years!!! Woo Hoo!!

10. It's cold. And cold doesn't feel good when your muscles are tight.

11. I have so much to do when we get to Texas and my brain is so full of TRYING to remember it all that it's falling out my ears. I better make a list. I love lists. Raise your hand if you love lists like me! I made a list of things me and Austin want to buy for the house and I love looking at it. It makes me feel happy. Even though I'll only be able to mark each item off like once a month it's still a good list.

12. What should my private blog be called?

13. Without a TV I'm finding that I have to rely on youtube more than ever. Thank goodness for the internet. I've recently become addicted to watching music videos on there.

14. I wanna start a new business and I've got some FABULOUS ideas a'brewin!! My only issue? Is Jville a marketable city? It's definitely NO Dallas/Fort Worth. My brain has been full of new ideas that I'm playing around with and it all sounds and feels RIGHT. As with most BIG decisions, they come to me in the night as I'm trying to fall asleep and then I end up dreaming ALL about them. This has been the case the last few weeks so I've been having a hard time falling asleep BUT I'm getting wonderful premonitions about things to come!!!!!!!!!!! SO exciting!

15. I'm all out of stuff.


Vagabond Mother said...

Your new blog, like Austin hinted, should be called, "My Privates."

I really wish Amy was my sister. Oh well.

This doesn't have anything to do with Wells Fargo, but do you ever just drive away at a drive through because they are too slow and retarded?

Vagabond Mother said...

P.S. It feels really great to be the first commenter!!!! Thank goodness for my new blog roll!

Lindsay said...

okay.. i'm about to pull a Mother and say... i told you so.... weren't you the one to make FUN of me for having multiple blogs? yes? that's what i thought. Okay i feel better. i won't bring it up anymore. Also... i wanna know these ideas!!! call me and tell me them... and i was looking for the Britney performance you speak of but i didn't know what to type into youtube.... i need to see it.. i'm bored.... and also... i love the lengthy-ness of this list. It made my day.

Laura said...

Jess's Piece of Mind. Get it? Your second blog is so you won't worry your killer will find you (peace of mind), but it's also all your random crappola (a piece of your crazy mind). There you go. I win. Send me something gorgeous.

Valinda said...

Hmmm, a name for your private blog? I dunno I already have a private blog to whine on ;) oh hey! you can whine there too! So is mine not good enough for you now? JK You have my email so please invite me. Does Austin know you're sharing his texts? My husband blocks texts, he's kinda a dork. Lemme know if you need some killer costumes to go with any of your new business ideas!

Anonymous said...

1. swimming sounds good....

2. by my calculations, it's about time for some post thanksgiving lovin'. :) nobody call jessica tonight, we know what she's up to (i'm laughing).

3. the worst thing about mystic is the brown boogers that follow, so basically harmless if you can stand weird snot

4.britney came back? without my friend jessica to feed me my semi monthly dose of trash mags, i'm all outta celebrity news. :)

5. sounds like he's ready for some outback!!

6. you didn't know they charged for cancelling checks? they all do it, so the good news is, since you're changing banks, if you ever lose another check, you may be able to talk the new supervisor into removing it too since you wells fargo will be out tha do'

7. you know my email, i am dena, i met you (and your endless snack purse) in the child black market

8. good luck finding the "perfect" accessories. thanks for making me feel like i've committed photo adultery. Anyone in DFW, Amy does ROCK!

9. yeah for fitting in your jeans!!!

10. there's a big cricket crawling across the bathroom floor. yes, i'm commenting on the potty.

11. there's just something wonderful about lists. i totally agree, but if I raised both my hands, the laptop might fall off....

12. I like the first (I think Janae's) suggestion...My Privates, how great is that!?

13. pass on any good ones...

14. i wanna hear!!!

15. i need to wipe.

Aymee said...

You know I'll stalk you private blog as well:) Send me an invite fool! I wish I had lists like you. My lists consist of nothing but crap and more crap. Oh and I occasionally let Addy run around in the nude for her little bum, that and I'm too cheap to put a diaper on right before she is to get in the tub...oh and I love the baby bottom wedgies!

andi said...

So put me on that Private list. I think you still have my e-mail :)

Camilla said...

One dollar for a jean repair? What the?! How awesome. But what is even more awesome is that you fit in them again. I'm dreaming of the day I'll fit in mine again. Will it ever come?

Can't wait to find out what the big ideas are, how exciting.

Carolina said...

-Wells Fargo sucks.sucks.sucks!!!!

-Now onto Britney...it's like she's just a shell of her former self. Where did the fierceness go?

-I remember when you first told me your idea about Jessica's Princess Parties. You took it from a mere idea into a booming business! I'm sure your Fab-O ideas are all great!

-Your private blog should be called.

The End of my "list"

Carolina said...

Oh...and one more thing...
I wish Amy was MY sister too!
Her pics are amazing...and if I was in Dallas...she would have been my ONLY choice for our recent family pics...pass that on!!!

Sandra said...

I also vote for "My Privates" - I'm a huge fan of the clever double entendre.

Oh, Britney. That's all.

Why don't you come stay with me when Austin deploys and help me get my business going again, then I'll come stay with you and get yours going.

Amanda said...

okay--that is some list girl! I wish I had more time to comment.

I understand about shopping for specific clothes thing. YUCK!

Your so lucky to have AMy for free:)

I am a loser I could never come up with a business idea!

Are you getting Tv soon? or not at all? I would miss it so mUCH!

I wish I had a gym to work out in. I feel like a big squishy lump!

Invite me to your private blog:)


Heidi said...

Are you a Britney fan?? I am a closet Britney fan....I just DVR'd her big 'Britney for the record' interview on MTV. I just saw bits and pieces of it...it is kinda sad. We should have a Britney night and watch it.........

raschel said...

1. I don't know how the heck you find the time to work out. Maybe you need 4 kids to be a better multitasker. And, how the heck did you already find a gym?! WOW.

2. I'm trying really hard to think dirty about this, but I can't figure it out. It maybe looks like a skinny girl, w/ a curvy body and a belly button..and if i think REALLY dirty 2 bottoms bumping each other really hard. but, i do have an explicit symbol you can send back, i just don't feel appropriate posting it on here.

3. I feel the same way. I love tanning, but since being pregnant, i've started looking at different moles/freckles and wondering if I should get them checked out. Isn't mole an ugly word? yuck. i want to gag typing it. Freckle is cute though.

4. Um...i saw this. I was not that impressed. It was much better than the VMA performance from last year, but you're right, not the old briney. i watched the "for the record" thing...and that girl is WEIRD. "Every one shaves there head, I don't know why every one made such a big deal about it". And cussing up a storm in front of her kids...so sad. I was hoping for some juicy-ness and it didn't seem like I learned anything new. She just sugar coated everything that happened; it wasn't as "raw" as the ads made it seem like it would be.

5. Did you see the thing on the Today show today about the mom that gave the kids extra water in the formula and it almost dying?! Freaky.

6. I can't stand wells fargo either.

7. I think Janae's comment about "My Privates" is awesome. I laughed out loud.

8. yay for family pictures. i cant wait until our first official family picture.

9. did you already pay her? surely you saw that wrong. that's awesome.

14. i can't wait to see what you come up w/.

Dana said...

Privates is funny...
about the britney thing.. it is like they have her on too much meds or something.. but speaking of singers did any one see beyonce on tmz with really long pit hair... to me that is just gross.

David and Teresa said...

Well "Ug-Gleast" the stuff in your brain is falling out and not dissolving into thin air never to be found again and never to be relayed to those waiting intensly to hear it. Wait till you are 53.
Tell Jeremiah that I have a man friend at work that is "infatuated" with women's shoes, he says. He is not gay but loves womens shoes. hmmm..... so maybe that is all...uh..well Miah is "infatuated" with shoes AND bras....hmmm....not sure what that means but whatever it means I will love him NO MATTER WHAT. I will always eat egg scramich with my Miah no matter what.

Go private or not...I will find you because I am yo mutha.

Love you and Austin and my babies
Hurry and come to see me

Jess said...

I hope those jeans you wrecked weren't the ones you promised me for my b-day!


When you decide on your business I want to hear all the details. In the mean time, I want to hear all your ideas. I bet they're extremely creative and fantastic! *I'm not trying to steal them :o) *