Thursday, November 20, 2008

SO much to say...SO little time

So I'm back.
I've had internet since Wednesday but I haven't blogged because it's just SO overwhelming to look at my house and see what needs to be put where and how and when. BUT, I'm working on it and it's all coming together nicely thanks to some super duper friends I've acquired here ALREADY. Awwww yea....I'm the friend maker!
So we left the town home in Fburg but before we could leave we had to live off the floor for a few days. Here was our life there for about 2 nights. Beds on the floor, clothes packed away in plastic totes, it was nice.

The kids had their last day of Fburg school on Thursday and Kora gave her teacher a special treat to say goodbye.

Okay this pictures is in the wrong place but I'm not gonna redo the whole thing just to put this ONE picture back in the right place. So deal with it. This is sweet Izey's hand holding his car seat as we drove to our NEW home.

Okay back on track, I picked up Kora from her class and got a few shots for her to remember her teacher and friends. This is Mrs. Hughes. She's sooo cool and is like a hippie. She's totally laid back and just kinda whatever about everything and I LOVE it!

Here's Kora's class. The boy on the front row in the camo shirt is her "boyfriend" she tells me? Whatever. The boy in the red shirt is her identical twin separated at birth. Blow this picture up and tell me they don't look EXACTLY the same but in male and female versions. Craziness...

I had to get a picture of Mrs. Hughes' "big feelings " chair. Mine is better I think.

(Insert the Izey hand picture here)
Here are my heathens in MY car. I got the car with all the rowdy kids. Austin and Jake rode together in his truck. Lucky for me I had the DVD player...woo hoo!!

When we finally got HOME, we found some interesting things.
No rats, but a turtle in our front yard. Of course Kora had to be the one to pick it up and get all the nice salmonella germs.

Tiny bananas at the grocery store. What is it about miniatures? I'm addicted to them. No matter what it is, if it's mini...I want it.

Take a look at this basket here...
Now my new friend Heidi who came to know me through my new friend Summer has never even met me but only read my blog and she comes to my house and brings me THIS basket full of all sorts of yummy goodness. Stupid me decided to eat it all before taking a picture of the fun inside, BUT trust was SO sweet and fun. All sorts of food to make sub sandwiches- breads, cheeses, meats, condiments, chips, cookies, drinks, and all other sorts of divinity. What a sweet new friend, right?
So our movers arrived on Tuesday so we only had a few nights back on the floor. It wasn't too bad this time because we had some fun, "liberating" padding that we borrowed from our anonymous friends. Aww yea...
Anywho, so when the movers came my friend Summer took my Izey and Miah for the day so I could concentrate on all the incoming items. It was fabulous...I was able to get everything in the right spot. I even had the movers unpack everything this time too, AWESOME!! So my job of putting things away has been SO much easier than last time. After the movers left, Summer came by to drop my kiddos off at about 6pm and even brought dinner for my whole family. Oh my goodness...I owe her big time.
Yesterday was another special day because my little Koko turned SIX!!!
YAY for Miss Kora! Since we didn't have time to plan much and we are in a new state with hardly any friends, we've decided to postpone her party until December when we visit Texas so she can have her friends at her party.
BUT, we still had a small gathering yesterday on her actual birthday to celebrate the occasion. We borrowed Summer's youngest, Emerald, and Kora and her had a blast being silly girls. We went out to eat and the girls got their own booth and had nuggets, fries and milkshakes. Then we came home for cake! It was superb! Unfortunately, I was so moving logged that I FORGOT to bring my camera to the dinner. Sorry. Here are the two camera hams.

The girls played for awhile before we left to take Emerald home and Kora told Emerald to pretend she was a doll on the floor. I thought she looked hilarious as "a doll on the floor".

WHICH...brings me to today. It's Isaak's 5 month birthday so guess what we tried...
First we tried some rice cereal and then pears but he wasn't fond of either one. He actually was pretty mad about it. Well not pretty, but REALLY mad about it. I didn't really wanna start him on solids until later but he always seems unsatisfied after his bottles so I thought maybe he's still hungry and needs more sustenance. Guess not, but he sure looked cute being mad.
We'll keep trying!!!
I know its the camera angle here but his hands look massive right?

Two videos for ya to watch....

The birthday song!

The eating of the solids for the first time with the whole family eagerly watching his response!

Ands thats that for now. I'm back in the blogging world and I'll do my best to keep you updated but gimme a break for the first few weeks as I get into the swing of things. Once I get all the rooms put together just as I like em, I'll take pics and show ya...but be patient!!!!


Camilla said...

Glad you're back and you made it safely!! You are the queen of making friends and I'm cracking up over Isaak's angry face with the food. You even gave him sweet pears and he got angry? Poor little guy :)

Jess said...

Um, is it you move state to state and somehow manage to find the best of friends just waiting at your feet! You brat! I need your skillz! So, no dead rat this time? Happy Birthday to Kora!

redheadsmom said...

It's good to see you made it! Happy birthday to your kiddos. Good luck unpacking.

Anonymous said...

Okay, we'll be patient. Glad all is going well!!

Valinda said...

Yay!! You made it without any yucky rats, NC is looking WAY better than Fburg all ready!! So are the 2 older kids in school all ready or did I miss that part? Glad to have you back. :)

Lindsay said...

okay.. so i laughed out loud THREE times at this post... first at the "doll" picture.....that girl is hilarious! Second at the pictures of Izey in angst over the food and then third at the video feeding of the Izey... mostly because of how sweet Miah sounds in the background, i couldn't stop laughing at his excitement, and a little bit because Austin sounds like he's a crazy black dad. it's quite hilarious. I like how everyone was there for it. poor Izey... he was probably just nervous. OH! i almost forgot!... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOKO!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!! glad you're back in the blogging'll be seeing a lot more of me since the "happening".

Lindsay said...

p.s.... i'm jealous of your angel friends... where do you find these angel friends? at the grocery store? oh wait... i bet they are only in the military. and yes, you DO owe her big time. i can only imagine that basket all full and delicious... mmm.

Lindsay said...

dang it! i forgot one other thing... i also laughed at the two girls on the front row in kora's class picture... i bet they are friends because they are both missing the same teeth. oh! and Koko's doppelganger, that boy... WOW.. they ARE EXACTLY the same.. but the weird part is.. i can't ever see you having a BOY that looks like koko in your family... he doesn't fit but koko does... odd. i guess heavenly father just knows.

Goodnight moon said...

Let me sprinkle some A-1 sauce all over my keyboard first...okay, I'm back....

Welcome back to the bloggers world. I think that everyone, even your stalkers missed you! Isn't it awesome to be so popular!!! Your such a rock star!

I can't wait to get there so that I can meet your awesome new friends? I wonder if they will make me a beautiful basket? Heck, forget the basket, just have them buy me a Nikon D60!

I'll see you soon! Then we will be in blogger heaven together:)

Froggylady said...

YAY! Welcome back! I don't know wny you didn't listen to me and use TLE, there would have been a whole lot less floor sleeping, well for the adults and I'm sure piling all 3 kids in one bed would have worked beautifully. Poor little Isaak, he just doesn't want that yucky food on a spoon.

Jess said...

Yipee! Glad your move went well. I love the video of Izey eating his first meal. I can't believe he's so old now. His fat cheeks are the CUTEST! I want to eat him.

BTW, I love the big feelings chair. I need one at my house too.

That little boy in Kora's class does look EXACTLY like her. How funny that you picked that out. How are you so observant? Every time I look at Adam now I think about the time you mentioned that he has clown eyebrows. Thanks a lot. I never knew before ... I was just his adoring mother until you ruined me.


Jess said...

BTW, don't try to click on my blog. I'm still figuring it out because I'm soooo behind the rest of the world on this thing. So I haven't invited anyone to it yet cause it's not ready. Soon...coming soon.

But do you like my pic? Now you'll always know which "Jess" is writing to you.

Deanna said...

Whew, now I can stop checking 20 times a day to see if you've made it to the new place.

Happy birthday to Kora! Emerald looks fascinated at your family during the birthday song. The doll picture is hilarious.

Izey is such a cutie. I love the pics and video.

Welcome back to your blog!!

Amanda said...

Glad your BACK!

Happy Birthday Koko!

Izey's pictures and faces are priceless!

Unknown said...

a little better w/A-1. ur whole fam is the funniest ever!!!! i noticed how jake dresses and acts (hands in pockets) JUST LIKE AUTIN!!!! great vid's and pic's. thanks for sharing w/us so soon! awesome you have great friends already...doesn't surprise me. :D

Carolina said...

Your baaaaaacK! Ditto on Deanna's comment! Your family is the friggin' cutest!

raschel said...

yay! i'm glad you're back. i love the pictures. the one of issak's hands looks so funny! they look all arthritic and old personish. but he is SO CUTE. I loved the video of his first solids. It was like he was embarrassed that everyone was watching him. you're kids are growing so fast! oh. and i thought the same thing, jake looks so much like austin in the video for kora's bday--even the silly faces they make! precious.

Aymee said...

I must say I've been checking your blog like 30 times a day also to see if you were "back." So I am absolutely thrilled that you are! I am glad that little Emmie was able to attend a mini birthday for Kora...Happy Birthday Princess Kora! I have said it before and I'll say it again, that Jake and Austin could not be more alike. I think it is the coolest thing ever to see the similarities. How does Austin feel having his very own "mini-me?" So cute! Okay, that little Izey is just precious. He is getting so big and really filling out (in all directions, right..hehe). I so love how everyone was around for the first feeding chanting and cheering him on, "Go, go, go!" What a wonderful family! Jess you are awesome and I am sad you are gone, but so happy that you are close to Summer. Anyhoot, press on and can't wait to continue stalking you on a regular basis now:)