Sunday, November 9, 2008

The end of an era...

Last night after our DC day we switched gears while the parentals watched the kids so we could go out to dinner with friends. We met at The Melting Pot for some good time and good conversation. We had SO much fun that night. It was truly bittersweet because it was probably the last time all three of us will be together for a long time, but we cherished the moment!
Amber talked about her yo girl haircut, Bonnie ragged on Amber for her Amberisms and I just got sick and sat on the toilet for most of the time. I thought it was funny to see the guys watch us together and realize how absolutely stinkin NUTS we are and act around each other. We didn't like our server too much because she wasn't allowing Bonnie and Dave to have refills on their water but then she started to grow on me because she looked JUST like Sheriece and even had her mouth and talked like her too.
Okay so the story is I was feeling a TEENY bit sick at the beginning of the meal and as the night progressed (which if you haven't been to the melting pot it's about a 3 hour ordeal) I got sicker and sicker to the point I just couldn't stand it anymore and basically pushed Austin out of the booth to run to the bathroom. The girls followed me in there and we spent the last 30 minutes hanging out in the bathroom while I sat on the toilet. What great friends I have to keep me company as my insides are falling out and I'm stinkin up the place, right? Oh my gosh, I was SO sick. I came home, got sick some more and finally got it all out so I was able to get some sleep.
We hugged and said our goodbye's in the parking lot. I'll see Bonnie at Christmas time in Texas when we celebrate Kora's birthday and I'll see Amber in January when she moves to Jville with me so it wasn't SO sad for me BUT for Bonnie and Amber it's the end for a long time. *tear*
Aren't we cute friends?! I like how our hairs are like a color wheel or whatever those color things are. Light, Dark, Darker. Also, the other day Kora was in the car with me and asked me how many friends I had. I was so happy to say that I have SO many friends I can't even count. Some people might think that moving around a lot would suck because you lose friends, but you have to look on the positive side. You don't lose friends, you just make TONS more to add to the already long list you have. Thanks to texting, instant messenger and cell phones we'll never lose touch! I'm so grateful for that. All my friends from Dallas, Fort Worth, Rockwall, and now the ones from Virginia I can add on my list.
Love you so much friends!


Goodnight moon said...

What are friend for right?!? I know that Bonnie and I had the best time waiting on you in the bathroom! But we both thank you for all the "courtsey" flushes:) I had a GREAT time at dinner!!! It was a blast!!! I just wish that Bonnie was joining us in Trashville! Since their is only 1 of her, and 2 of us, she will have to visit us! She can bring Katrina with her and make it a fun road trip! We out number them with their kids.

Being in the military, you realize who your "true" friends are! Bonnie, I will truely miss you!!!! Your freakin awesome! And I love how you are always pointing my flaws out! Again, what are friends for right?!? I know Jessica, I took your blog comment over and am dedicating it to Bonnie!!! Thats because she is so freakin HOT!!!!

Tara said...

Isn't that the best!?! I tell you, you will never find the "sisterhood" you find among military spouse, anywhere else. It is one of the HUGE perks, I really miss it. Seriously Jess, you seem perfect for this life, you went right in and found some amazing girlfriends. And now you have 2 wonderful friends to start your "girlfriends network" with, as you all go around in your travels. From what I read on your blogs, you guys were meant for each other. ;) What is really great, is how creative you can get with keeping long distant relationships. ;) Friendships take on new twists and you learn the value in the unconventional. Have fun!!! It's a good life!

Bonnie said...

Ah, what a cute picture! I love that Amber used her comment space to show her love for me! I feel so... loved!
Don't worry, Jess... we are LIFETIME friends, we'll definitely keep in touch.
Can't wait to see you in Texas! I may hold your fave movie for ransom, kinda like leaving my lipstick in your car seat... you have to see me again.
Love ya!

Froggylady said...

Ya'll look great! It's so much fun to have friends all over the country, people you can call with anything and they will understand because chances are they are going through the same stuff just in a different state.

Lindsay said...

i like the color wheel of hair... it's very shiny. I wonder what it's like to have friends where you live... mmm... all mine have left utah. It MAY be sad that you are leaving Virginia but just think about your cute little new house!!!! i'm so excited! i want to visit it! and what's this about celebrating kora's birthday during christmas? i thought it was only gonna be you and Izey coming... i hope this means EVERYONE is coming... call me and let me know!

Jess said... were blessed with great friendships in such a short time. And girl...I don't want to hear about your big rear look GREAT!

Linda Gubler said...

Yuck for being sick, Yay! for having great friends. I like having you as my blog friend for sure!

Jess said...

Okay, these girls are truly great friends! They stood by you through a bout of the stomach flu? I'm so impressed that you had the guts (or not) to have it out in the public bathroom with friends in tow. I have a huge phobia of public restrooms, and I probably would have to go home for privacy during the whole ordeal. Which is why you're so great! You're never afraid to be your true self. He, he

I hate missing a few days of your blog because then I miss commenting. And I wonder if I should write about a post that's like five days old. So look dang good in camo gear. You would make a hot Marine.

Good job to Austin on his graduation. Congratulations! BTW, I loved the video clip of the Rocky stair climbing. Classic.

Pics of your DC trip are great. It's beautiful there. And the sites are fun to see. Your kiddos are adorable. Can't wait to see them again soon.


Laura said...

i can't believe I"m friends with a public pooper. Or that you have friends that will sit with you during public pooping. When are y'all getting into town? We have to plan a massive get together with everyone.

Amanda said...

Jessica you look SO cute (and Skinny) for being sick!!!!

raschel said...

i'm impressed that you can poop in public also. especially with listeners. IF i ever go, i have to peak under the stalls to make sure i'm alone.

Carolina said...

All I have to say is....WOW! You have some awesome friends to sit and chat while you're stinkin' it up on the potty-chair!!!
You're too too funny!

David and Teresa said...

Well this is Mutha and Bonnie I am glad to see that you left the picture becuz it is very cute of you and ....well you know who...sorry! You three friends are so cute. I am glad my Jess found you 2. Good luck in NC and thanks for comforting my Jess during her little bathroom excursion. You 2 truly are true friends....ewwwww!!! Bonnie it was so good to meet you and your husband at the graduation.

Jessica's Mutha

David and Teresa said...

OOOPS!!! I mean Amber, I am glad you left the picture of you and know who. Sorry Bonnie! I meant Amber. I do confuse you two sometimes when I talk to Jess about you. I have only met Bonnie once and Amber none so I should be excused for sure for confusing you two. Both of you are beautiful girls.
Jessica's mutha