Monday, November 10, 2008

A Day in Downtown Fredericksburg

Yesterday was girls' day so me, my mutha and miss koko trekked on over to downtown Fredericksburg for some shopping fun. Most of the shopping down there consists of either really high end boutiques that sell stuff WAY out of my price range so I just get depressed looking around in them OR old antique shops filled with cubbies of vendors and their interesting treasures that they are selling for way too much. We found so much fun stuff that we couldn't help but document our travels.
Excuse me, but do you have Prince Albert in a can?
Well then you should let him out.
This particular piece was $17 and it didn't even COME with Prince Albert.

I found my first Marine Corps Ball gown I'm going to buy.

MawMaw and Koko found hats for a funeral.

Okay Amy and Lindsay, whoever can tell me what these next two pieces remind me of then you get to be my FAVORITE sister.

Kora found a friend.

And I found probably the most heinous piece of furniture I've ever seen in my entire life. The zebra patterned ottoman would work but the hoofs and the bent legs? I feel uncomfortable, don't you?

We also visited the home of George Washington's mother, Mary Ball Washington. It was so interesting to see where she had walked and talked and served tea with her guests. This was the only room they would allow you to take pictures in, the kitchen which was separate from the home. I don't know how I would do in a kitchen without a stove. I have a hard enough time in a kitchen WITH one.

This is for you Marian. My mother said you'd like to have a big Rosemary bush growing right outside your kitchen.

Back to the odd findings...
And I thought MY boobs looked like bags of rocks.

I saw these TOTALLY precious blocks of every duty station imagine able and fell in love. I'm going to try to recreate them when I get to NC and decide to be creative. Remember the plan Amber?

We ended up buying some delicious fudge from my fudge shop down there and a few odds and ends. My mutha bought me this fabulous retro red step stool/chair for my new home that I was drooling over. Isn't it adorable? I've decided to call it my "Big Feelings Chair". The reason is because Kora's K teacher has a designated spot in her classroom for the kids to sit when they are having "big feelings" i.e. sad, mad, happy, etc. They are supposed to sit here and think about their feelings until they are ready to come back to the class. I always laugh when Kora tells me about big feelings so I decided I wanted to have my OWN big feelings section in my new house. I love it!

And we ended the day back at home with the boys for pizza and laughs from Izey!

Love you Mom and Dad and Keith!!! We had so much fun with you here and will miss you!!

See you at Christmas time!


Unknown said...

Umm, yah....we are going to turn into crafty girl's! We need to do something to keep us busy so that we DON'T turn into trashy girls ourselves!

And I LOVE the red chair!!!! My grandpa had one at his house and I LOVED it!!!!

And what is this that I hear that TMO packed a RAT in your stuff from TX?!? That is so gross!!!! What kind of person are you?!?

Anonymous said...

The ball gown is stunning....can't wait to see THAT post. :)

Hats for Kora and a funeral in the 1800's? Planning some time travel?

That bench...the bent legs remind me of the half horse/half man (I know it has a technical term, but can't think of it). That new men's body wash commercial has that creature in it and it gives me the same heebie geebies as this bench.

The boob woman....she's obviously in pain.....her hands have been chopped off!!

The red chair........AWESOME! Great choice! Love it! Timeless. The kind of piece you'll love as much in 30 years as now.

Laura said...

LOVE the red stool/chair for the big feelings. Kora's next sentence will read "Sometimes Jessica is mad...and then she sits in the big red chair." And waht's with the malformed wooden boobs lady? she looks like she got her hands chopped off during a naked stick up. Scary. Those hats would be a FAB addition to a Halloween costume. And whomever thought that bench would be a good idea had to be under the influence of some sort of illegal's like a horror movie.

David and Teresa said...

We had such a fun time staying with you guys rather than a hotel. It was so much fun that way. Waking up and playing with the kids every day. Thanks for the Washington Day and we loved the subway ride. It was such a blast. Thanks again!!! Love Dad

David and Teresa said...

Jess you MUST blog about the fight or almost fight in the parking lot and the defending of the space that was yours. These people who read this blog have the right to hear the story FROM YOU. It is hilarious. If any of you EVER need someone to fight for something that they TRULY BELIEVE IN...get Jessica to help you. How many of you want to hear it. Ask her to blog it!!!!!! It is hilarious. I was dying. I could picture it all as she described it. And we all know that she is a good describer. She taught me that you never leave home without the ponytail holder...that is very important...goood thing you did not have to use it but I know you were prepared to fight even without the ponytail holder. GO you the mutha

Lindsay said...

okay... those items look like.... christmas presents from Grandma Monk. did i get it right? did i? i know i did. Also, if i had seen that wooden girl i would have liked to cup her boobs when no one was looking... they look so weird and i'd wanna know what they feel like. and that zebra table DOES make me uncomfortable... like i'm looking at something dirty. ew.