Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gold bonded and some crazy signs

At the co-op yesterday I ran across this friendly reminder. Thank GOODNESS though because I was seriously wondering, "what the crap do you do when your angry?"
Blow this one up. Did you know he owned a truck like this?

It's no lie to say that my Isaak is a little on the chubby side. He quite the chunk and chunks always produce many many rolls. Another trait of the chunk is the lack of a neck, which my sweet Izey has definitely fallen victim to. He's also a slobbery little booger and because of this, the area under his chin is always damp and dark. What does damp and dark equal? Yes. Yeast infection. Now, he doesn't have one YET, but I knew if I didn't take precautions, it would only be a matter of time before he DID have a neckless yeast infection.
At the park yesterday, my friend Amber mentioned to me about her son having a neckless yeast infection and how she put powder in that area to keep it from staying damp. SO, when I got home today, I busted out Austin's Gold Bond (I won't say where he puts it) and I dusted it evenly over all of Isaaks dark and damp spots. There were a lot because again...he's a chunk.
Now my littlest man is smelling minty fresh. Miah said it's his breath, but I know it's his dark and damp spots that are no longer damp (but maybe still dark).


Goodnight moon said...

I am so loving my shout outs! LOL Just make sure your not putting baby powder under there though...stay with the gold bond or baking soda. Let me know how it works for him. OMG, I just had a thought...I think when I gave you my shout out at the park in my blog yesterday that I called your Isaak, baby Noah...sorry!!!! Will you ever forgive me?

Valinda said...

I never had a baby with chunks. Thanks for NOT sharing where Austin puts that. I'm sure he appreciates it too!

Bonnie said...

HAHA! She called your baby Noah!! That's funny. Anyway, I totally love the truck! I would love to come up with something spectacularly witty right now, but I got nothing. Regardless, I'll keep thinking of a way that I can use the 'Owned by Jesus Christ- Operated by...' in a funny way.

Vagabond Mother said...

That's funny, all the trucks around here are owned by Satan and operated by Mexicans.

Is that racist? Well, it's true.

Keep that baby powdered and dry!

And yes, make this a great week! I'm one for one on the gym and one for one on eating well.

Anonymous said...

okay, unrelated to izaak and his damp, dark parts.

this is in reference to austin's use....ernie has, in the past, employed gold bond for a certain use. but, after all day in texas sun and humidity running around with kids, gold bond was not cuttin' it. so, i asked the pharmacist for a suggestion/solution and he suggested getting antiperspirant (stick, spray, etc.) and using that BEFORE discomfort. ernie swears by it and now has a stick for above and one for below. it cuts out the dark, damp issues with our big boys.

just trying to do my part and save your men and their boys. :) i'm laughing.

Lindsay said...

it's a good thing i saw that sign... or i might take out my anger on that 1950's looking baby...and you shouldn't be ashamed of a lover who uses gold bond so his balls and stuff won't get sweaty... enos uses it too....awww... they can bond over their gold bond. That Jesus Christ truck is eerie... i don't know why he owns one of those...i wonder what he has plannned.

Froggylady said...

Why didn't you post that poster yesterday? I spent my entire day wondering what to do when I was angry. I tried glaring, I tried to use my powerful brain powers to make her sleep...I never ever thought to reach out for help shaking her. I would have done it on my own but I am lazy and she weighs 21 lbs. I'm really glad there's a 24 hour help line to shake my baby for me. I thought Jesus was a carpenter, why isn't his truck a flatbed?

Tara said...

I love the multiple uses of things like Gold Bond. (it's right up there with saran wrap+Preparation H (for firming some other body parts, I have only heard, NEVER tried) , or K-Y used to stick bows on baby girl's heads, (I DID do that with Jade).

Unknown said...

All this discussion of balls is making me uncomfortable! ;)