Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some bday jazz and park friends

Last night we took Austin to Outback for his birthday dinner with the family. Uhmm, do you think Austin is getting his 32 year old butt kicked at TBS? If you don't know the answer to this question just look at his eyes in this picture, poor lover.
Kora surprised everyone by secretly telling the hostess it was her Dad's birthday so they sang to him and brought him a treat. What a sneaky little rat she is, huh?

Jake wrote a special note on his menu and then slid it across the table to Austin.

The park was fun yesterday! Ian and Miah went bonkers with their crazy faces,

dirty hands,

and dirty toes!

Emmalyn got wild on the slide with her static-y hairdo.

Isn't she a cutie button?

I think she had dip in her mouth in this picture but she's still cute as a worm.


Bonnie said...

Funny, the boys hands and feet looked a lot dirtier yesterday. They are adorable! And of course, that little munchkin at the end is freakin' BEAUTIFUL!!!

Goodnight moon said...

Your kids are so funny! I can't wait to meet them. Ian had so much fun at the park with Miah! Love the pics!!!! Next time you take pics of my kids, you are seriously going to need parental permission to post their pics...or else my lawyer will be contacting you!

Lindsay said...

austin looks SO pooped... i feel sorry for him...Ian and Emmalyn are cute little toots! I miss my niece and nephews.

Froggylady said...

I think Emmalyn had a mouthful of woodchip dip. :) She's so stylin. Where'my mention? My fat leg and my daugters nasty foot made it in the shot.

Unknown said...

So cute. Love the dirty feet!

Vagabond Mother said...

I'm sorry Austin is worn down- is it almost over?? Kora knows how to make the world go round pretty well. And I love that red-headed baby!