Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Lover

Here are ONLY (there's a million more) 32 reasons
why I love my sweet lover
on his 32nd birthday:

he knows everything about me and still loves me
combined, we make good lookin kids
he’s not too hairy (just enough)
he always spoons me right before bed and first thing in the morning
he has good breath
he’s smart, motivated and goal oriented
he’s a trained killer
he looks freakin HOT in cammies
he has black hair
he has good style and always dresses nicely (and I’m really picky) and likes to shop
he uses a sweet voice when he speaks to Isaak
he loves sweets and yummy treats
he likes to vacuum (and I don’t)
he calls me “jess”
he has booger green eyes
he smashed cake in my face almost 10 years ago
he’s religious and has a strong testimony of the gospel
he smells good (most of the time) even his armpits
he has freckles
he reads my blog (even though he never comments)
he tastes delicious
he has a ghetto bootie
he likes Disney Channel movies
he drives a truck
he’s virile
he has muscles and likes to workout
he’s gonna buy me a house one day
he thinks I’m beautiful
he’s the perfect husband, a great dad and an even greater best friend
he’s the best kisser in the entire milky way
he holds my hand
he wants to be with me for all eternity
I love you hippo *kiss*


Valinda said...

Happy Birthday Austin :)

Laura said...

ah, booger. such a lovely shade of green. hippo? does this have to do with the ghetto booty?

Bonnie said...

He's no Dave, but he sounds pretty good.
Hope you guys a wonderful date! Let me know if you need someone to babysit the kiddos on Friday. Maybe you can go out for your B-day!

Goodnight moon said...

Your such a sweet wifey!!!! Happy Birthday Austin!!!

Burns Family said...

Happy Birthday Austin (By the way you have a great name, its my sons name also)

BTW jessica I had to look up virile because I am not that knowledgable. What a descreet way to say it ;)

Lindsay said...

i like the hippo part... i'd call Enos hippo but it might give him a i'll just call him Chubby instead like i usually do. HA

David and Teresa said...

Dear Sweet Son in Law
I hope your day was great! Sounds like it was. Your card is in the mail and I hope you get it soon. One other reason to love Austin is that he does have a tender side that is not always hanging out but the mother in law has actually seen it upon occasion. We love you also even though we are in Texas and you are there.
David and Teresa

Unknown said...

Happy B-day, Austin!

What a sweet list, Jessica!