Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dooby Dooby JUNK

1. So on my birthday, after we worked out, we (me Bonnie and Amber) went to the locker room to visit the sauna and just gossip like we usually do. For some reason or another we left the sauna and decided to chat in the locker room area. Bad idea. I ended up being branded with images in my mind that won't leave. *shiver*

Boobies, Booties and VaJJ's of all shapes and colors were flailing everywhere. Okay, I know it's a locker room, but COME ON! There's an area in the shower where you can change so you don't have to push your nudity on other ppl but I guess these ladies didn't think that maybe we didn't wanna have images of their privates flashing in our heads days later. Ugh, it's hideous. One girl even proceeded to lather her self from head to toe (and in every crevasse imaginable) with lotion before dressing...all while being completely nude (except for a thong but I was on the back side of the picture so it's not like it helped me). "Chewies" as Amber puts it, where floppin around and I felt like I couldn't escape without having to pass another set of 'em! It was madness...have some decency ppl!
2. I won't even begin to write the thoughts that flashed through my head as I drove by this interesting piece of metal. What the junk?

3. So when Austin doesn't come home for dinner, my kids are basically given all the leftover cans of shenanigans I bought but will never use. Meatless meals, canned chili, know, the storage I call it. Oddly enough, this is the stuff they eat the MOST of.

4. OH MY GOSH I SWEAR! If this isn't the cutest little bundle of love you've ever seen then you need to get your eyes checked! He's such a little man, thought..."is mom gonna hug me soon? or should i just keep sitting here looking absolutely ADORABLE until she does?"

I LOVE this guy, I LA LA LOVE (leg kicking up in the air like on Saturday Night Live) HIM!

5. We're going to NC this weekend to meet with a realtor to look at houses to buy and lease. Not sure what we wanna do yet. We got pre-approved but I'm so nervous about it. The economy is great for buyers, but not so much for sellers so we'd have to rent it out and that makes me nervous. I really wanna live on base but the wait for a four bedroom is about 12 months at LEAST and that's just not do-able. We could downsize to a 3 bdrm but I dunno. I don't know if I'm ready for Izey and Kora to sleep in the same room together. The wait for a 3 bdrm is only 2-4 months so I could just stay here until it's ready. So many decisions, so little time. I just wanna make sure I do the right thing. Usually all our big decisions seem to just fall in place and work out and then all the little ones that I'm sure don't make much of a difference are left for me to sort out, I just don't like being the one in charge. I want someone to say, "okay, this is where you're gonna live, this is why, no questions." I'll keep ya'll updated on what we decide!
6. The other day Austin saw a friend in Q Town as we drove through so he parked the car and ran to chat with him about something. Me and the kids waited in the car and entertained ourselves by listening to Kora sing her "Coin Song". It's hilarious at the end cuz she throws this random phrase it!
Favorite Parts:
1. You can tell she's a Texas with that accent
2. When she says "ReNIMber"
3. "Bold I say!"

7. OH forgot to tell you that Kora got her haircut short again. It's about chin length and she loves it! She's been going back and forth every weekend on whether she wants to or not and she finally decided she wanted it chopped. It looks so precious! We went to a big girl salon and everyone treated her like a Queen! After her haircut we were driving home and she said, "Mom, all those ladies back there kept telling me how cute I am." She was beaming when she said this and I think her head grew like 4 sizes bigger.
8. I took a pregnancy test the other day. Negative.
Phew! That was a close one! I NEED to go to the freakin doctor!!!
9. Did yall notice Bonnie has a new blog on my sidebar? It's "unusually large". You need to go to it and bug her with comments so she'll keep posting. She's funny too, go read!!
10. So I realized today that MAYBE, just MAYBE the reason I'm not losing any weight is because after my workout there are many days I drive on over to the local Taco place at the PX and order up some greasy (I'm talkin DRIPPING with grease) tacos for lunch. Hmm...just a thought, I could be wrong.


Goodnight moon said...

Umm, they are called "dark chewies", LOL!!!! Thanks for the blog about it, now I don't have to repost mine:) Nasty girls...private parts are meant to be private!!! Oh, and we don't want to see "spider webs" either! On my way to your "surprise" birthday party, I saw a license plate that said "DrPeper" I tried to get my phone out to take a picture of it for you, but we were going 70mph on the highway, and I was driving...I wasn't able to take a picture of it. I care about the safety of my children. Oh, and thanks for inviting "Aunt Flow" into me and Bonnies lives...we seriously OWE you big time!

Valinda said...

LOL where to start? I LOVE Kora's accent! I wish my kids talked cute, mostly they just talk. Izey can come sleep in my room if you have no space for him. Don't buy a house, I'm seriously down on that this week!Kids always eat the easy stuff, maybe that's why I don't cook much for them anymore.

Vagabond Mother said...

Um, your blog has turned into a locker room and it makes me uncomfortable. Don't HANG out in there again! And what's this pregnancy test stuff? Holy cow, go to the doctor already!

Greasy tacos, women bits. . . bleh. So glad I at least got a picture of baby looking sweet.

Lindsay said...

oh my gosh jessica.... don't you DARE get pregnant again!... that's unsanitary... okay probably not.. but heavens!! get your butt to the doctor!!!... even though.. i must say... Izey IS the cutest bundle i've seen... i like how modest he is and meek. it's precious... and probably just the angle of the camera. ha. and kora.... tell her that Ni doesn't think she's cute... she thinks you're GORGEOUS!!!! i like her little personality evolving... i miss seeing it happen.

Lindsay said...

oh... and "dark chewies" is not something i want to associate with vj's. let's just call them woman wookies. hehe

Aymee said...

I think it's official, Adalei and Izey should be betrothed. I know, she is a little older than him, but that's cool:) He is so cute and SO cuddly. He seems like such a mellow and sweet baby. I love his little outfit, so cute! Anytime there's a baby with a hat on I melt, especially one as cute as that little man. And Kora, what a little performer, she is adorable...and Lindsay is right, GORGEOUS!

So next time are you gonna take your conversations elsewhere? I really don't understand it either, PLEASE COVER UP! Oh, have you talked to Summer yet, just curious?

Unknown said...

GRODY about the private bizness being flashed around.

And why the crap "chewies"!? I don't even think I want to know...

Kora is too cute.

Oh yeah, and J is coming home on Monday. I know I'm a weenie.

Laura said...

#1 Take your chatting somewhere where nicknames for privates are unnecessary.#2 Naughty. #4 He looks like one of those creepy real-life dolls they advertise in magazines. Are you referring to the Molly shannon skit where she kicks, stretches, and kicks. because that's the funniest one EVER. ANd if i remember, she hikes her pants way up to show off her camel toe. *I'm boycotting the use of dark chewie--that's disgusting* #7 I liked her hair short-i'm sure it's cute. i keep trying to get maddie to go back to it but no luck. #8. welcome to my world of craziness. after the twins--NINE MONTHS without, then for TWO straight. I was literally anemic.#10 Is it worth losing the pound if you have to give up those delicious tacos? too bad there not from some guy frying them up naked in his house then selling em out his side window. heehee