Friday, October 17, 2008

Absolutely NOTHING

Yep. That's all I did today. Nothing. It's cold today and I have a feeling this is the first day of a long winter. Well, longer than the winters we have in Texas, those dont' start until about Jan 1.
The kids got out of school early today so everyone was bored. I was on facebook the entire day (no joke) because I'm obsessed with making things perfect. I knew I shouldn't have ever gotten serious with that time sucker.
I made Jake load the dishwasher. He did it. Sideways.

Kora was feeling domestic so I let her make a cake. She took it very seriously.

Isaak hung in the "hands free" position while I helped Kora. He's been clingy all day so putting him down for a bit was NOT an option.

Nice work, no egg shells.

Besides splattering it all over everything at the blenders level (notice her shirt), she did good.

Now it's time for her favorite part. This is probably the ONLY reason why she wanted to make a cake but I can't blame her. I don't really LOVE brownies. I like them, but not love. I usually only desire to make them so I can eat half the batter. It's the best!

I told you she was serious!
If you're on facebook come find me! "Jessica Lowe"

I did all that work and I'll be DARNED if no one's gonna see it!


Goodnight moon said...

Umm, since I am the first person to leave you a comment on here, I must be guilty of also doing thing today but sitting infront of the computer. I did manage to take a nap though, which I really needed, but not much else got done. I have a really good excuse though:)

I can't stand facebook at all! I don't like that everyone can see "who you made friends with". Its non of their business. I will stick to myspace! I like that you can customize it! Losers use facebook, but I guess thats what you were today since you didn't do anything?!?

I want some of those brownies....well, that is if Kora did wash her hands before she made them?!? That looks questionable?!?

Lindsay said...

yep.. i gotta agree... today was a most BORING day... well that on top of the fact that we didn't get paid... AGAIN. *sigh* I like Isaak's face in that picture... it's very sweet.

Bonnie said...

Dude! You let Kora make the cake! Holy Crap, you are a good mom. There is no way my kids are getting near a blender! I don't want to clean up their mess... I hate cleaning up my own mess!
Go Jake! That's awesome that he actually did it. Now that's something that I will let the kids do. Maybe next year, I'll give them a little more time chore-free.
I'm glad Izey is feeling better!

Amanda said...


Paige said...

Alright, now you've got me curious! I've got to check out your facebook account!

Valinda said...

I wish I could sit around and do nothing, how do I get that job? Is this where I rub in it was high 80's today? How'd that load of dishes come out? Mmmm brownie batter, that is the best! Has her dress come yet??? I'm dying over Here!

Tara said...

I'm starting to get really irritated with Lindsay's employer, what a looser! Anyway, good for you today Jess, we all need "nothing" days, it's good for us, really.

Misty said...

I am coming to find you on FACEBOOK!

raschel said...

i like how you documented the brownie progress - it was very pioneer womanish of you (and kora). Isaak's face is too cute in this picture. and, i love how jake sideways loaded the dishwasher. also...i can't wait to scroll through all of your comments on your photos on facebook...I was going to tell you should do that, and came back and surprisingly they were have to go look again. :) I am super obsessed with facebook - i check it every time i sit down at the computer (like i do with your blog). ha. i'm pathetic.