Thursday, October 16, 2008

Taggety SHMAG....ugh...i hate this.

This TAG is supposed to be EIGHT of everything but I hate that number because it's so random so I'm changing it to five. I like organization and even-ness so 5 it will be (even though eight IS even and five is not - it just seems more even than eight).

5 shows I love to watch:

I don't really watch ANY shows actually. Me and Austin are contemplating not getting any sort of cable or television network when we move cuz we never watch it. We do like movies though so we would use our tv for that and xbox 360. I'll list 8 shows that I USED to enjoy regularly:
1. A baby story - only because it makes me cry and sometimes you just need to get those tears out to feel cleansed or detoxed, right?
2. Project Runway - I WILL be on this show one day, even though I haven't the slightest clue on how to even turn a sewing machine on. I just wanna be on this show.
3. Hannah Montana - I love her, what can I say, I just do. She's so cute and so fun and makes great facial expressions.
4. The Kardashians - Oh my gosh, why is this so addicting? Even though the dad looks like a freakin skeleton with all the work he's had done, the girls act like total B's to each other, the mom is such a hoochie, and the whole show is so acted out and fake, I just love it. I thought the brother was the only sane one until I saw the episode with him and Adrienne and realized he's obsessed with her and he's just as freaky as all the rest. Gosh it's good.
5. John and Kate plus 8 - I love how crazy everything is and they're always yelling at each other and smacking each other but in the end they interview and are all lovey dovey sharing a loveseat. It's madness. Austin thinks I treat him like that but I really don't. He's over reacting.

5 favorite restaurants

1. Outback Steakhouse - Just yummy goodness all wrapped up in a yummy place with great lighting. I swear almost everything they have is wonderful. My favorite is just the basic dinner salad with their spicy ranch dressing...mmm.

2. Mi Cocina - I'm a mexi lover (hence the mexi little man) so this has GOT to be top 5. So authentic and delicious and fresh. I love it!!

3. Taco Del Mar - This has become a new favorite since living in VA. Many reasons why, it has mexican fast food, greasy, delicious and fast. It's in the PX so you can enjoy shopping afterwards and the scenery is fantastic with all the little Marines in their costumes walking around.

4. Cracker Barrel - Okay so this isn't like my SUPER favorite but I had to pick a place that has breakfast because I love french toast from breakfast places. I love the little shopping area in the front (even thought it's all over priced), I love that they have toys on the table for kids and I love the tiny syrup bottles that you can stash in your diaper bag.

5. Lamberts - The food isn't THAT great, but any place that allows you to throw your food is a friend of mine. I've only been once since it's far away but I can't wait to go back!! Check it out!!

5 things that happened yesterday

1. Or didn't, I didn't bathe or wash my hair. Nasty.

2. I watched two evil women squeeze a 3 month old dry of blood.

3. I saw the lady I lied to at the bus stop and my toe wasn't wrapped. I avoided her stares like the plague. I was caught red handed (or red toed?)

4. I forgot to make any dinner so we had pizza.

5. I spanked all three kids with a wooden spoon because I had enough of their talking 2 hours after I put them in bed.

5 things that I am looking forward to

1. Halloween! It's my favorite holiday because it's so spooky and Octobery.

2. Moving into my new house and decorating it with OUR stuff. I can't wait until our Christmas tree is up and it's all wintery and cozy.

3. Getting rid of ALL of our debt...bleh....

4. Going to see Lindsay and baby Lucas in February. YAY!!! I wonder what a HinHeinzen spawn will look like, smell like and taste like...yummy! (oh and you too Enoctofye)

5. Seeing Austin graduate TBS!! I can't wait until he's done with all this junk.

5 things on my wish list

1. A turquoise kitchen aid mixer
2. A docking station for my ipod at home and one for in the car
3. A TomTom
4. A beautiful plain gold band for my 10 year anniversary.
5. A brand new wardrobe

And Non-Monetary
1. For all my children to grow up strong in the church and be married in the temple.
2. For all of my family to live until they are very old.
3. For each of my children to be able to fulfill all their dreams.
4. For Austin to be happy with the career path he chooses no matter what it may be.
5. For our home (no matter where it is) to always have the spirit and be a refuge from the world.

If you wanna do this tag, great...if not, no skin off my back! You happy now Janae?!


Amanda said...

I love jon and kate plus 8:)
now I am starving and want to go out to eat--RIGHT NOW---I have nothing for dinner--so I guess I'll go to bed hungry:(

Valinda said...

Hmm, you could always come and be my model when I'm on Project Runway (I can at least turn on a standard sewing machine)I'm not sure if I can beat ur list, we'll have to see if I can try.

Vagabond Mother said...

I'm totally happy now.

It's weird that I can actually keep learning things about you and Lindsay even though it feels like what else is there, you know?

I always forget I don't HAVE to tag on. I'm glad you and Lindsay figured that out.

Lindsay said...

i like this list... and yes... 5 IS a good number to end on... but really.. i thought you'd pick #6. Anyway... i love your food choices. I never realized how much "down home" food i liked until i made this list... i guess it's just how we were raised. Isn't lambert's the roll place? ahh yes... we DO have to go back there. Hey... did we ever decide on where we're going for vacation next year?

Unknown said...

Velly, velly innnnnteresting. I might use this since I seem to be on permanent writer's block.

Mmmmm... mexican food.

Tara said...

You are good at tags Jess, I wish I could make myself sit down and do one. I keep talking about it, but I never do. There are just so many, and I don't know which one to start with, it kind of overwhelms me. I know, I'm odd. I like reading about you though, you are an interesting person. (Republican and all) hehe