Saturday, October 18, 2008


This post contains more pink than is good for the normal human being. Beware of viewing these pics, you may end up ralphing all over your keyboard due to the amount of pink consumption.
So Friday night we had Chinese food. Kora opened her fortune cookie and it said that someone was sending her something very special in the mail. Little did she know it was true. Because I spent so much time addicted to Facebook yesterday, I didn't check the mail until later that evening and lo and behold, Kora had a package.
Valinda the talented dress maker had delivered her promised work of art to Miss Kora and it was DIVINE! Kora opened it frantically, ready to see the dress of bling. As soon as it was out she was already tearing off pieces of her clothing to be able to slip inside the "Princess Kora"
dress that Valinda made for her.
I told her we needed to take pictures of her in the dress for the blog so Valinda could see how beautiful it looked on her and she was MORE than obliged to "pose" in all different Princess poses for the camera. She insisted that I use them ALL on the blog but for the sake of my readers and their daily pink allotment, I have only picked a few to post.
Even with cake batter still on her face she's gorgeous!

I call this one, "vogue down low".

Remember that all these poses are her very own. Even when I showed her a new one she wouldn't do it, it was all her!

This picture was taken after she found out that there are 14 more days left until Halloween. Ugh, how can she wait THAT long? Because she has a Princess Leia costume as well, she was torn on which costume she should wear. Luckily her school allows them to wear costumes and we may go to a church gathering as well so there will be many opportunities for many costumes. I said to her, "When you grow out of this dress maybe you can give it to cousin Lauren!" Kora said, "Uhm...or maybe I can just keep it to reNIMber it." Sorry Lauren.
Kora can't wait to wear this dress to school and show Paul...OOoOOoOooOO!!!
This morning when we woke up she said, "Hey mom, (in her crackly morning voice) renimber my dress?!" hehe I'm not 100% sure, but I THINK she really loves it. hehe
Thanks Valinda!!

Until I MADE her take it off for bed (she wanted to wear it to sleep like Sleeping Beauty) the rest of the evening was spent doing this (she didn't wanna cut the ribbon because she said it looked better long)...



Camilla said...

How sweet! I remember I had a dress I loved and couldn't stop spinnning in it either. I loved how the skirt would come all the way out when I spun. She is such a lucky girl....and makes a beautiful princess! :)

Bonnie said...

Wow, that dress is awesome! I know a little girl who is very jealous! She looks beautiful!

Amber said...

Isabel wants to know where she can get a dress like that?!? And Ian wants to know "where is Miah"? Kora looks VERY PINKALIOUS!!! Beautiful dress! Beautiful girl!!!!

The Lowe Family said...

Amber, go to the link under Business Blogs on my side bar that says "The best dress maker ever". Valinda will hook you up! For a pretty penney that is!

Tara and family said...

That brings back so many memories! The dress is so beautiful! Way better than anything Jade got. I am a lazy dressmaker. I just took an old wedding gown someone didn't want, and sinched it up to make a princess dress. Didn't look nearly as beautiful, but Jade danced around in it too, (with her hair cut short just like Kora), so that video makes me want to cry! You never know how they might change, Jade is NOT what you would call a girly girl, but OH MY, did she have her pink princess stage!

Valinda said...

Yay! I love it when happy fortunes come true! If she's anything like my monkeys hopefully she'll continue growing up and not out for a few years and it will last. I'm very happy she loves it and be sure to let me know when YOU need your dress and when she needs another!! BTW machine wash gentle, line dry, iron on wrong side of fabric.If she happens to get anything on it soak it in oxyclean overnight and then wash like normal.

Froggylady said...

That is gorgeous! I love the spinning, and if you cut the ribbon then it wouldn't twirl with her dress!

the ragsdales said...

very cute. i like how she gets embarassed when you ask her about paul.

dena said...

yeah for princess kora!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deanna said...

That is so pretty! Way to go Valinda!

Aymee said...

So beautiful. She looks like a real princess. I love the color too, very bright, awesome! I also liked it when she got embarrassed when asked about Mr. Paul. She is so fun!

Jess said...

So fabulous! Kora looks great!

By the way, sorry for not posting all week. My computer is always on the fritz so I've given up using it. (Not completely, but almost :) First off, I'm glad Izey is okay. I can't imagine what you went through during the bood tests. Poor, sweet baby Izey!

I love your tag post. You always give unexpected answers. My favorite was the one about spanking with a wooden spoon. I think John is going to report you since he's required by law.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new house.

David & Teresa George said...

Jess and Kempy LouLou: I always had a wooden spoon with me when Lindsay was small because she could be naughty at times. I did not think of using "the spoon" until after Jess and Amy grew up but Lindsay got it...sorry Pooh. Anyway, i love the dress and I bet she will bug Paul at school until he notices...unfortunately he will not say anything like what she really wants to hear because afterall he is a "young" boy and not yet into what he needs to say to girls to make them happy. Oh well. She looks lovely and flowing in the pink dress.

Love you KOKO

Marian said...

Kora, you have STAR quality.
Great Aunt Marian

Larman Family said...

I love the dress! I have been searching everywhere for the perfect sleeping beauty dress for Sara for Christmas. I tried the website you listed several weeks back but did not find it very useful- maybe I wasn't resourceful enough. But if you could send me the best way to contact her to see if we can look into getting a sleeping beauty dress for Christmas that would be great.

SM said...

Awe, she's SO PRETTY!! I think she got some of those poses off your old princess website!