Thursday, June 19, 2008


So yeah...I'm still here, still bloggin although I'm 100% dressed and ready to go. The hospital kept pushing my arrival time back later and later until she finally called and said they have too many people there who are actually IN labor and they are cancelling my cervical ripening for tonight. They still have me on the schedule for tomorrow, but instead of 6am, it's now 7am.

As much as I didn't want to go tonight, I'm a little ticked because I feel like I've been waiting FOR EVER for this. If I would have known I wasn't doing the ripening thing then my brain wouldn't be feeling like it's just waiting.

To make matters worse, Austin's flight home which was SUPPOSED to leave at 8:20pm, has now been delayed to 10:30pm. They are saying the storms are too bad in Texas to fly in earlier. Huh? It hasn't stormed this entire day nor is there a cloud in the sky. So this means he won't be arriving until 12:30 and then getting to our house at 1:30am. Not like I was gonna get any sleep tonight anyway, but that just makes this stupid day even LONGER.

I basically threatened the lady at the hospital telling her they better not cancel my induction tomorrow. I told her my husband is flying in FOR THIS WKND ONLY and that was the purpose for this date. I guess my doctor threatened her too because the poor lady said she already got a mouthful from Dr. Butler about my husband being military. She PROMISED me that it will not be cancelled (possibly delayed...nice) but I'm #1 on their list tomorrow. Yeah right, that is until 6 or 8 more women come in who are, "actually IN labor" as she put it. Are those women who are IN labor with their husbands? That's what I thought, can't they shut their legs and come back LATER with their husbands?!?! Because I can't. If I have to come back later I won't HAVE my husband stupid girl...

Sorry for the ranting...I'm pissed, tired (but can't sleep), constipated, hungry, and just plain ANNOYED with everything. Poor Isaak is gonna think I'm the devil when he meets me.

I gotta go do something to keep myself busy...I'm dying. I think I'm gonna go see a movie, BYE.


Camilla said...

I'm sorry you're being put "on hold." Hang in there. Maybe this is to help make sure that Austin is there for sure before you go in (some positive thinking, how annoying:)). I'm so excited for you. This is going to be one heck of a weekend for your family!! How awesome. Family of

David and Teresa said...

Whoa!!! I am the mother of the Mother of Isaak and i just got home from work. It is 10:10 PM and no one is here and i just met some friends of my daughter Jessica at the door who were bringing her a gift...nice gift by the way and they were telling me that she is being delayed because of the women that are "actually in labor who are with their husbands" uh um....WOW! I think I will go back to work because I don't want to be here when the unripened mother comes in the door. If anyone asks I am at the funeral home sleeping until the mother goes to the hospital...whenever that is...bye the Mawmaw

Jess said...

Can't wait to see pics of your little bundle tomorrow!

Vagabond Mother said...

Hopefully you are finally in labor, you faker.