Thursday, June 19, 2008

What the heck am I doing?

Yes that's right, I'm still up. I know you probably think I have no life or I think YOU have no life and can just sit around reading my 50 posts a day. Well, the truth is I DON'T have a life so YES, I post 5-8 times a day typing to a computer screen so I can get comments emailed to me that make me smile.

I just got home from the movie with my kids and my dad. We saw the Hulk which is NOT a movie for kids younger than...ohhh....29. I was scared, Kora was scared and Miah was scared but we were glued to the screen. Jake and my dad loved it of course.

When I got home I found THIS beautiful basket full of joy that my two sweet friends Deanna and Laura brought over to cheer me up.

These two girls are seriously a total hoot!! I have to share with you what my card said, it's hilarious!

Gauze: To patch the hospital undies when they wear out.

Wipes: So you don't have to face the hospital shower or bath...and they're "premium".

Big Red and Funyuns: To satisfy the white trash in you

The Plant: In case you feel the need to kill something, spare the children and kill the plant.

Basket: If Isaak's crying and you need to float him down the river.

...and all the rest, just for fun and extra calories!!

What sweet little chickens these girls are, huh? I totally love everything in it and can't wait to partake of the goodies!!!! Thanks a MILLION times over, it really did make my night!


Jess said...

What sweet friends you have!

Sandra said...

Jessica! I am so excited/anxious/jealous of you! I was terrified they'd push my induction back with Lola, but I lucked out! I pray your cervix ripens quickly and the baby cooperates! Make sure you have Austin and your dad give you a blessing when he gets there, ok?

I can't wait to hear about it, but take your time, ok? Enjoy it!!!!!! Tiny baby toes and tiny baby lips and tiny baby cries!! Even tiny baby poops!!

Camilla said...

The first thing I thought about when I woke up (well, actually after thinking "why did my boys wake up soooooo freaking early AGAIN?") was that I hope you are in the hospital having your little baby. What a fun basket! Happy laboring ;)

Unknown said...

I wonder if Issak has been born yet!?

Those really are sweet friends!

raschel said...

Your basket was the sweetest thing. The first thing I saw was the funyuns and before I even read the part about the card, it made me smile. I hope you're eating your funyuns in the hospital and breathing the funyun breath on Austin. I heard about the flight delays yesterday and hoped Austin's was late enough that it wouldn't be delayed. I can't imagine what was going through your head last night!! I didn't realize they were going to ripen your cervix last night! I couldn't understand why you had to be there...but I'm thinking your cervix probably ripened on its own, right? And then Austin got there and you went to the hospital and you really WERE one of those ladies in labor...right?! I'm glad you went to see a movie, even though it was scary. At least it helped to waste some time. I can't wait! You've now been at the hospital for 3.5 hrs...that is IF it didn't get pushed back again. I wonder if you've had the little guy? I'm thinking about you guys!!

kay said...

Good Luck!!

Vagabond Mother said...

Your friends are funny. Maybe they could induce you if all else fails.