Thursday, June 19, 2008

A list of Junk before the babe arrives

1. I'm all packed and ready to go. My big Texas hair is all set and I used extra products to keep it from getting greasy as quick.

2. Too bad to all of you who have to wash your hair every day. I would HATE that. I just have naturally dry hair I guess because it doesn't start looking greasy until about day 3. I usually wash every OTHER day but sometimes not even that often and I'll wait another day if I'm really busy. My advice to the grease heads: 1. Never use conditioner. Instead, use a detanging spray after you wash and ONLY on the bottom, never on your roots. 2. Use mousse or root boost in your roots and LOTS of it. 3. Hairspray!!!! 4. and TEASE!!!! All of these suggestions will help to keep your grease blues away longer.

3. I can't WAIT to see Austin tonight!! Pray that my cervix doesn't get TOO "ripe" before he gets there. My OB said there IS a chance I could go into labor tonight so that makes me a little worried.

4. Kora and I went to get our toenails done this morning and we had a blast. Kora was so quiet and shy during the whole thing. You could tell that some parts bothered her (she told me the hot towel wrap was too hot) but she just sat there with no expression and endured it. She picked blue polish with flowers and REAL diamonds, as she put it. I picked pink and I liked her flowers so much that I copied her. I got REAL diamonds too. The second picture is funny because she got pretty relaxed there during her "assage".

5. So that's about it. I'll be off to the hospital in about an hour and I won't be posting until we're a family of SIX!! Wow...can you believe that?! Wish me luck!! Tchau!


Unknown said...

OH MY GRAVY!! I can't wait to see pictures of the new little member of the family!! Love your guys' toes!

raschel said...

I love it when you update more than once a day. i can't imagine what you're feeling right now. i bet this feels like the longest day ever. i cannot WAIT to see new baby pictures.

Laura said...

THe countdown's ON! And I'm counting on you blogging the pictures for us as they wheel you out of the delivery room. Dee and I are in the process of assembling a little surprise for you for when you get home. Now calm down, it's nothing major. Are you coming back Sunday?

Tara said...

AHHHH, can't wait!!!! SWEET!!!