Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Play at Mimi's and a few strays

I'm home! I had a great time and the kids did too! I would have stayed longer but nature was calling and for some reason I don't "work" when I'm not at home. I didn't wanna get TOO backed up so I had to end the trip. Here are some pics from our fun time and some I took before we left as well. This first one is totally out of order because I forgot it and I couldn't get it back down on the bottom. Soooo..too bad. The kids loved playing on all the ride on toys. Amy has MORE than enough of them, but the only problem is she doesn't have FIVE of each one and of course there was a favorite that was always sought after by each child.
Okay back track, the bird wasn't there the next morning, but before he left, we got a few more pictures of the germ with each child. This way, if they didn't ALL get the bird flu the first time they held him, they FOR SURE did on their individual turns.

At least they wore a glove.

Okay and remember that sign from BoBo China I told you about a long time ago? Here's that SAME sign again when I went to Outback. What is the deal with this? I think it's funny how it doesn't tell you NOT to drink, it just tells you to at least THINK about it before doing it.

On the way home from church on Sunday I turn around and both my boys were nude. It was so freakin hot I guess they couldn't wait until we got home to take their shirts off. Kora and I did the same thing in the front seat...too bad you don't see a picture of that huh?! haha

Okay back to Amy's...
Here's Aidan at the Bonkers place eating Cheetos. Let me tell you, this kid is NUTS. He will do anything and everything and just runs Amy crazy all over the place any where we go. He's hilarious!!

This is Miah telling Lauren, "This is MY Jake." Jake was a favorite amongst the kids and we all had to share him.

Kids eating at the kids table.

I took this picture to show the massiveness of this play place. It's huge. Kora was at the very top here. I loved how you can see through all the play areas and it's not a bunch of tubes that may have bodily fluids sitting in them and no one knows.

Lauren and Miah on the bridge.

Jake being SO serious about playing Guitar Hero. Miah thought he was doing something here too but he's not.

We ended the trip with a bubble wrap popping session. This was Amy's bright idea. Apparently they have a lot of odd rituals at their house.
After the initial shock of all the Herfurth weirdness, it was quite fun!
(I beat you Amy...I blogged it first)
For more pictures of our stay at the Herfurth Hotel, check Amy's blog!!


Amanda said...

Looks like you had great fun:) I am glad you posted pictures....although I would have liked to have seen one of you and Amy!!!!

Lindsay said...

oh my gosh... you guys are the coolest mom's ever... i wanna be a cool mom like you in nine months... that would be fricken AWESOME to do with my baby... i'll just throw my baby up and down and make it's bottom hit the bubble wrap...is that okay? i thought so.

Anonymous said...

i want some bubble wrap!

Unknown said...

All I have to say is that those are some freaking adorable kids.