Sunday, June 15, 2008

Away on vacation

So I'm here at Amy's on my mini vacation and I'm enjoying myself and all the kids that are crawling all over me like ants do when you step in their pile. I won't be posting pics until mid week cuz I didn't bring all the right cords and crap.

For those of you who actually BELIEVED Amy was going to cook for me three meals a day, I lied. She's only making me ONE meal and I already used it tonight for our Father's Day gathering with my my parents. The rest of the meals I'll need to fend for myself.

She DID make a cozy room for my kiddos and I with internet and ALL!! I just feel bad that my energy level is SOO LOW that I can't play as much as I'd like or stay up chatting all night. I just wanna go to sleep.

The kids are having a blast with all the new toys, scenery and friends to play with. We've only been here for a few hours and it looks as though a tornado has plowed through the house.

I'll keep everyone updated and post pictures of our fun when I get home. We plan on going to this place called, Going Bonkers which is basically Chuck E. Cheese on steroids. I've never been there before, but so I've heard. It should be great fun. We may go swimming too, who knows!


Tara said...

Sounds fun! I have to say, you are quite active for a woman about to give birth! Way to go!

Unknown said...

Sounds great! Have fun!!

Amanda said...

Have fun! Molly and I tried Going Bonkers one day and there was a field trip there and WAY too many kids---P did have fun though--Ty was a bit young & short and P had to boost him up to everything along the way:) Hopefully there won't be too many day cares or anything on the day you go:)

I am with you I am SO TIRED and my feet and hands are swelling.....maybe it time I take it easy? I still need to do a big Target shopping trip this week to stock up on food. uuuugggg!

Lindsay said...

i wish i was there and we could have a sister slumber party... but you're right.. you and i would probably fall asleep around grandma-type bedtime. Did you start getting tired this early? I feel like a wiener.

Vagabond Mother said...

Are you sure you are pregnant? I've been thinking you may have made it up for attention, just like Lindsay.

Who is not a "wiener," but may be married to one. I mean Penis. I mean Enos.

molly said...

hey, why am I not on your blog feelings are deeply hurt :( Oh and I loved your outback story!!

Jess said...

Have fun at Amy's! What a fun time before baby Isaak makes his debut!

Sandra said...

I'm so glad you're keeping busy for this last week - your kids will appreciate it. I'm keeping you in my prayers and hoping everything goes smoothly!

Get some rest!

Oh, and PS - I still would have rather played Belle! Being onstage is more fun than being off. But, the director was really grateful for me and it was fun to be involved at all, it's a great show.