Friday, June 27, 2008

New pictures of the New baby boy (and some video for dad)

Isaak has a lot of hair, but it's really thin and with my hands and everyone elses hands constantly stroking his sweet soft head and kissing, it gets pretty oily pretty fast. I decided to wash his hair the other day and he loved the warm water on his head. When his hair gets wet it curls up pretty wavy so I think he has my hair. All my other kids have straight as a board hair. I also took some video of the hair wash down below for Austin to see.

Roscoe's been doin good with the new addition. I was worried about it at first but he seems to love him just as much as he loves the other family members. He gets pretty jealous when other people come in my room to see Isaak instead of him, but other than that he loves to snuggle with Isaak. He used to sleep at my feet on the bed each night but now he sleeps on Isaak's side of the bed. He seems like he's pretty protective of him.

Kora is STILL loving being a little mamma! She gets on to me if I don't put him in the outfit SHE picks out or if I forget to use a changing pad when I change him on the bed.

So young, yet already into the camo!

Here they are in all their glory!! The gauze panties I love so much. I'm living in these and will be until I stop flowing. They are a little hard to envision just here on the chair, but I wasn't about to take a picture of them ON my body...yeah right.

This is Isaak's FAVORITE place to sleep...cozy in his boppy from MawMaw. He sleeps in it next to me on the bed all cuddly and warm.

Kora took this precious picture when he was laying on my chest.

These beauties are from my neighbor! 24 gorgeous dark pink roses to make me smile.
Thanks Thompsons!!

This is just a little video I took of Isaak as he was laying in his boppy being precious.

This is the hair washing video. Most of these videos are for Austin since he can't be here. Sorry if they bore you, but I love them.


Anonymous said...

so is it Isaak or Izaak?

Amanda said...

I love all that wet curly hair!!!!!

Valinda said...

Ohh such a cutie, my girls loved all the pictures and actually watched both videos too, so it couldn't have been all that boring ;)

Sandra said...

Wow! Look at all that hair! SOOOOO cute!

raschel said...

aww... i'm jealous. He is so precious. I loved the videos also. How long did you wait to bring your dog home? I'm glad he's being sweet with the new baby.

Melissa said...

He truly is a cutie! Such beautiful skin! Did you check out my comment on your ode to gauze panties? They are actually called net pants from Coloplast model#COL5603. Now that you've posted a picture, I know it's the same ones. Check it out if you want net pants AFTERward. Have fun with your new little cutie!
-Melissa (Emily's Cousin)

Vagabond Mother said...

Those eyes in the last one remind me of Ray's newborn eyes. Oh, you boy is gorgeous!

P.S.- what the hell happened to Lindsay? I've called, texted, commented for the last week and I give up. Is she sick? She better be.

Unknown said...

Pwecious. Just pwecious.