Friday, June 27, 2008

Delivery Day - June 20th 2008

This story isn't TOO exciting, it's pretty mellow and cool as a cucumber. This was my favorite labor and delivery ever because everything went so smooth and easy...well except for the waiting around part.

Austin and I got to the hospital at about 7am and they got me hooked up to an IV of fluids and in bed by 8am. Dr. Butler came in and assessed the the va.j.j. and decided that instead of starting pitocin right away, she wanted to try inserting this pill into me called cytotec. She said my cervix was still really thick and I hadn't changed much since the last time she checked me. I really wanted pitocin right away because I knew from past experience that I go really fast once I get that. I had Jake 5 hours after pitocin and Kora 4 hours afterwards. She insisted that we not start pictocin right away because this pill was supposedly more powerful than pitocin and would also soften me up which is what the night before was supposed to do. Not true.

I had to lay there with the pill in for 4 hours before she would check me again. Amy got to the hospital shortly after I got the pill. Contractions did start after about 1-2 hours of the pill, but they were very small and slight. Nothing was changing or making much of a difference. I was a little uncomfortable because I had to pee SO BAD but I wasn't allowed to use the toilet for the first two hours of having the pill. If I couldn't hold it I would have to use a bed pan and I was NOT up for that (little did I know the bed pan would become my life saver after delivery).

After 4 hours of doing NOTHING except being really bored, the nurse checked me again. She said if I had changed AT ALL, Dr. Butler would break my water and start pitocin. If not, it was another round of the pill for me and another 4 hours. I was praying inside that I had changed. I wanted so badly to scream out, "JUST GIMME THE PITOCIN!!!" because I know my body and I KNOW that's what makes me go. When she checked me I had only changed by less than a centimeter but was change and the nurse ordered Dr. Butler to come and break my water.

I had already warned the nurse earlier about not getting my epidural in time with Kora and how I didn't want that to happen again so she decided to get the epidural in my room before my water broke to make sure I had it in time. The epidural SUCKED big time. I mean, it was good, it just SUCKED getting it put in. It really is one of the worst parts of labor, it hurts SO BAD. I hate having an electric shock run through my legs, I hate it all. BUT, I would much rather endure that for 10 minutes than hours of contractions.

Once my epidural was in and I was feeling good, Dr. Butler came in to break my water which was nice and clear, no meconium so all was good. She also started me on pitocin, FINALLY. This was about 1pm or 1:30. I like to think of this as when my ACTUAL labor started, the 4 hours before this were just to put me off for a bit, I think. I feel like the Dr. had other things to get done in the morning and she wasn't ready for me to have the baby yet so she pushed me off using that dumb pill until she was ready. Just my personal opinion.

The pitocin definitely pumped things up a bit but since I had my trusty epidural, I was feelin nice and cool. The pressure was pretty intense. So intense that I THOUGHT I was feeling rectal pressure and needed to push and ended up crying wolf one time. Oh well. I've never had an epidural this good so I was nervous about not being able to feel him coming, gimme a break.

Lots of family came in to visit as you can see in the slide show, but I was pretty much in my own little laboring world of intense pressure just trying to concentrate through the contractions. After about 2 hours, a NEW nurse came in and pumped up the pitocin and from that point, it went very fast! See, I TOLD you all I needed was a little pitocin action and BOOM.

At about 4:30 I was laying in the bed with kids crawling on me and then I all of a sudden felt EXTREME pressure in my was time. I told my dad to take the kids out and called the nurse to get her buns in there. I had the shakes REALLY bad from my epidural and the pressure was SO STRONG that I couldn't control myself. I was crying and just trying to clinch my butt cheeks together because I was scared he was gonna pop out any minute. The nurses came in and quickly set up and she sat on the edge of my bed waiting for Dr. Butler to be ready. Isaak was ready and I had to try really hard to keep him in until the Dr. was ready too, it was pretty uncomfortable to be laying there with my legs spread, ready to go but having to hold it in. I thought for sure he would slip out. The nurse could already see his head with all his dark hair and told me not to laugh or he might come out! She knew I was a good pusher and it wouldn't take much. I only pushed twice with Jake and that was TOO much. With Kora it was about a half push and she was there. This time was a little different. When Dr. Butler was ready I pushed three good times but after each one she told me to cut it short so they weren't bad pushes at all. Austin was there next to me and when Isaak came out it was AWESOME! He was perfect and for the first time ever, Austin was able to cut the cord.

I sent Austin to watch over Isaak as they cleaned him up because I didn't feel he needed to supervise my stitches or the delivery of my hideous placenta....*shiver*. I always hate the part after birth when you're so overcome with emotion and so happy and so excited but your legs are still spread and open to the world for at least another 20 minutes. It feels so...uncomfortable. Like you wanna be happy and cry but you're also feeling a little violated as everyone is still all up in your business. I ended up only getting one stitch which is the best I've done so far. With Jake I had about 4-5, it was horrible (BAD BIRTH STORY) and with Kora I had 2.

All in all it was very nice. He ended up coming at 4:59pm (Amy's website is wrong) so that's 4 hours from the time I got the pitocin...not bad. My legs were pretty numb for quite some time and I bled a lot after birth (which is normal with me) so they kept me on pitocin until 3am which really sucked. I continued to have labor contractions that whole time. Plus, I had to pee CONSTANTLY and since I couldn't walk, my best friend was the mauve colored bed pan. I would seriously HATE to be one of those post partum nurses, I can't believe the crap they do for their patients...disgusting! And I was a CLEAN patient. I can't imagine doing the things they did for some nasty hill billy. My poor husband was DEAD tired that night (I don't know why, not like he had a baby or anything) so he didn't hear my cries in the middle of the night for him to help me to the bathroom. How pathetic is that?! I was so sad about not having help up and having to call the nurse, I was almost laughing at my situation. My dead husband on the couch, my IV still in, my contractions, my limp left leg. It all seemed like a cartoon. I couldn't help but be amused with myself.

By morning time, I had graduated from the bed pan, thank GOSH and all was well from that point on. I found out that because of my bleeding, Dr. Butler was concerned with me possibly hemorrhaging, Plus my uterus kept going soft and they had to keep coming in to massage it hard again. The nurse said, the more births you have, the more likely you are to hemorrhage.

SO that's that! Hope you enjoyed it. I know it was a little boring and not much drama which I'm used to, but I kinda enjoyed it being so mellow this time. The other two times had enough drama for several births. I can almost say that this time was pretty enjoyable.


Tara said...

What a great experience! It's so nice that your body works with the epidural, mine didn't, and Eddie had to come natural. THAT sucked more than anything, I couldn't even enjoy when he was born cause I was still in SOOOOOO much pain. ugh. And I hate when doctors don't listen to you, I had a similar experience with that as well. I mean, it's our third baby, you would think we would have at least SOME idea of how our bodies work? Sorry you had to wait around so much. But I'm SO happy you had a wonderful birth! Glad it's over too. :) Now that sweet angel is going to just grow and develop and bring so much joy to your family! Can't wait to see more pictures! (of everyone!)

Vagabond Mother said...

I'm ALL for the epidural and the pitocin at the same time. It made for a great Friday night, till my baby came out face up and it felt like my nether-regions had been tenderized and beaten to death. Other than that, induce away!

There's also so much pee from all that i.v. fluid. I had a bad experience with that. I ended up sobbing in a pool of pee and blood. It felt natural, motherly.

Why are birth stories so interesting? Must be the pain/mess/baby.


Great story! I know what you mean about the pain from having the epidural put in. That was the most painful part of the entire thing for me. Sorry you had to spend so much time with the bed pan. It scares me when they talk about hemorrhaging. I'm glad everything was okay with you.

Amanda said...

Jessica I love reading any birth story:) It was not boring at all:) You even made me laugh a few times:) Thanks for sharing it!!!!! I am glad you did not have any bad drama this time:)

Valinda said...

That doesn't sound too bad at all, he just keeps making up for all the acne all sorts of ways.