Saturday, June 28, 2008

Help me Choose!

Ever since I was about 6 months pregnant, I've been eyeing a baby sling/wrap. Yes Tara, I agree 100% with you, they are MUCH better tha lugging aroung that dumb car seat. My only dilemma was WHERE to get one from. I searched the internet far and wide for months reading and learning about all the different types of wraps/slings there were. After weighing the pros and cons from all the different brands, I finally settled on The Peanut Shell!! I liked everything about this company more than all the others so I will definitely be purchasing from them.
NOW, the problem is what to buy?!?! You have to help me!
I'm debating between THIS adorable WRAP which can carry an infant or older facing in like this, facing out, or cradling.
Or THIS precious SLING which I originally thought was my favorite but now after reading more about the wraps and listening to Tara I'm confused. It too can carry an infant in cradle or an older child in a hip carry but I worry about the stability in both. I love the pattern on this one, but after more thought I'm worried that I'll look like I'm always wearing the same shirt or clashing with whatever OTHER pattern is on my clothes. I know I wear a lot of solids (white, black and brown) for the most part, but what if I wanted to get funky one day and wear a pattern? It might start looking like someone vomited all over me with all the different colors going on.

SO that brought me to THIS sling which is just plain black but the same thing. Both of the slings have 3% lycra in them so they give a little and I think I'd probably order a size that isn't so high up on the boobs and just a teeny bit lower. But is this one to drab?

If you have a sling or a wrap and want to give me some advice about what you do and don't like on either on, feel free! I'll probably go to a dealer in my area to try on the sling, but none of the dealers around here have the wrap so I don't know how It'll feel on. I'd order both and send one back, but they are both on sale and for sale items...everything is final. Also, the wrap is extremely more expensive at $89 whereas the sling is only $39. So I want to make sure the one I order is the one I want. HELP!!!


Tara said...

That's why I liked making my own, even though I could have bought one that was made better maybe? Or more simple, since you have to get used to "wrapping" yourself up all the time. But I had 3 wraps to go with my different outfits, one that was pink/red/brown, one teal/cream, and a dark grey. And all three cost way less than buying one from a company. I just talked to Lindsay, and I'm sending my wrap with her for you to try out. If you like it, find some fabric, and I will put it together for you. I would LOVE to do that. (I also want to make another rock, once you know for sure what his eyes and hair color will be) Good luck! ;)

Vagabond Mother said...

I hated the sling I got and it looked a lot like the middle one. Tara always looks like a pro- I'd listen to her.

Camilla said...

my sister mae got the sling and her baby always looked so uncomfortable in it. she ended up just using my bjorn all the time because the baby liked it better. i really like the bjorn, but its not as cute as these wraps and slings.

Unknown said...

Although you couldn't use it just yet, I too loved the Bjorn. I did have a Maya wrap which I liked for around the house, but didn't take with me much. Of those you're interested in, I like the first one most.

BUT, I like Tara's idea a lot.

Also, see if they have a store near you and you can go try them on and see if you like them first.

Amanda said...

Molly needs to chime in here...she has 4 slings/ wraps I believe...She hasn't taught me how to use any of them yet---but I want to learn. I think the second one you showed is one she has and I held Ben on my hip in it at the pumpkin patch this past year and loved it for that.....Molly--where are you????

The Trost's said...

I am visting from Amanda's site. I wear my baby. I personally like ring slings. I have friends that use wraps also. To use ring slings and wraps there is a learning curve and it takes practice. I shop at Peppermint Baby Boutique in Richardson - they will work with you one on one to show you how to babywear and help you choose what is right for you.
Here are some sites to help guide you.

Good luck!