Thursday, June 26, 2008


Even though I have a 3 year old, it's been a WHOLE five years since I've had a newborn. It's amazing what erases from your memory in five years. Lately I've noticed so many things about having a newborn that I had somehow forgotten. Let me share these things with you...

*Warning - The items listed may be graphic, blunt and very fact of the matter. If you choose not to learn more about me and my bodily functions or would rather be surprised as you experience these things on your own with your own birth, then stop reading now. (this disclaimer is for you Keith)

1. Smelling like sour milk - Like Janae said, whether you choose to use your boobies or not, all after birth boobies are milk boobies. On Tuesday I decided to wrap mine up and stop using them but that doesn't mean my boobs are listening to me. They continue to leak milk which dries up leaving me smelling like sour milk 24/7. It's my new perfume.

2. After birth contractions - How could I forget that even days, sometimes weeks after you give birth, you continue to contract as if you were laboring all over again. Although these contractions are sometimes painful and uncomfortable, I kinda like them. They make me feel tough and like I'm losing weight.

3. Poop pains - The first bowel movement after giving birth is quite a difficult one to handle. Especially if it's been 7 full days since you've had a bowel movement. It feels like you're pushing another baby out except you have to do it carefully so you don't burst your stitches. Oh, and you don't get an epidural for this one.

4. Oh so tired - How in the WORLD did I forget this one? I'm so dead tired...all the time. I try to sleep when he sleeps but being a mom of 4 kids now I have about 500 millions things running through my head during the day to try and make sure my older kids are taken care of. At night, when I CAN sleep, Isaak decides he wants to stay up and party with me. We've become big fans of all the late nite infomercials. He's a big fan of the Zorbeez towels. I on the other hand am really likin the looks of Dr. Rey's Shapewear.

5. Empty bellies - I know I complained and complained about my belly being so big and all that. I don't want it back by all means, but I do kinda miss it. For those of you who've had kids you know how sad your belly looks after birth. It's so mushy and empty and hollow. You feel useless and just blah. All the skin that was used to hold that sweet baby is now droopy and hanging all over the place, rubbing up against each other and just being gross now.

6. Car Seats - I hate them. I hate that big huge bucket car seat you have to lug around everywhere you go. I had to go to CVS to pick up a prescription the other day and I went around to the drive through only to see about 4 other cars in line. When I drove past them all to find a parking spot since I wouldn't be waiting in the line, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them were filled with old men or women who are just too dang lazy to park their stinkin car and WALK IN. Drive thrus should be for people with children ONLY (or handicapped ppl). I had to carry that big ole honkin seat all the way in CVS just to grab my prescription...UGH.

7. Boys and their parts - This one is interesting. If you have a baby boy, be prepared for not only wet diapers at each changing, but wet clothes and wet blankets. EVERY TIME he wakes up he's soaked. I didn't have this issue with Kora, but I did with Jake and had just forgotten it. I try to point his dingas in a better direction each time I change his diaper but it never fails that he finds some way to shoot the pee OUT of the diaper and up his back or down his leg.

8. So much laundry - I am amazed at how much extra laundry this little man is causing me to do. Especially with his pee issues it seems like everything is pee'd on, spit on or dirty after just 10 minutes of using it.

9. Being crowded - Seriously, how many "things" does this child really need? If we didn't feel crowded before having Isaak up here in this room, we do now! He has his bassinet, his boppy, his rocking chair with ottoman, his car seat, his bouncy seat, his pack n play and all the little items including clothes, wipes, diapers, formula, distilled water, burp rags, towels, pacifiers, medicines, etc etc. The list continues... It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for that fact that you feel you need everything within reach and at every changing. My goodness!

10. All the special things we love - I saved the best for last. I had forgotten about kissable gums, yummy formula tasting lips, baby breath, those smiles he makes when he sleeps, all the tiny noises and grunts, tiny toes and fingers, all the extra soft skin on his elbows and knees, baby bums, delicate ears, the way he calms down from crying simply by my voice or my touch, the time he spends awake with wandering eyes in deep thought, his soft cheeks and a neck you just wanna bite, the warmth you feel when he's the first thing you see when you wake up, wrinkly foreheads and even tiny cries. I love them all and they make numbers 1-9, worth it.

Coming up tomorrow...the birth story because I know you're dying to hear it (yeah right). I thought it would be fitting for his one week birthday. I also have a MILLION pictures but it's hard to choose which to post because I don't wanna bore everyone. I know I love every one of them, but I'm the mom and like I said...they DO tend to all look the same. I'll do my best to stay fresh and exciting, I don't wanna lose my viewers (or bore Janae...she speaks so highly of me).

Also...I can't WAIT to start exercising. I'm totally craving it if you can believe that. Anyone know when it's okay to start light jogging?


Laura said...

ok. Isaak is seriously too cute to be a newborn and nowhere near gerbil-like enough. And give it a few more weeks and most of numbers 1-9 will improve. Oh wait, mine are two and my stomach is still mushy and empty and extra droopy. Does that make you feel any better? What is your favorite sonic drink? One of these days I may do a surprise Happy Hour drive by on you.

raschel said...

I can't wait for the birth story. I hope it's very detailed. And, I like to know about everything you keep them coming! And, I think you should post every picture you have. I won't get tired of looking at them..even if they are all the same.

Valinda said...

# 1-9 are the best reasons to quit having babies and #10 is the best reason you did it again! If people want to be bored with pictures they don't have to look the rest of who do will enjoy them all!

Sandra said...

Well, I was in total agreement with all of those! Except for the poop thing, I never had any issues with that! But I even miss some of those things. Being tired is the worst, though. It seems like the first week or so of all of my children's lives are a blur because of the sleepiness!

Anyway, looking forward to the birth story - I kinda think I have an idea between the slideshow and your sisters blog, but it will be fun to hear how your induction went!

Tara said...

I love all the details Jess, it's like reliving my life 1 yr ago. As far as lugging that damn carseat around, THAT'S why I kept myself wrapped up with the baby wrap. It was SOOOOOOO much easier to pop him in and out of the thing, have my hands free, and a clear view of the shopping cart. I never bought one of those carseats that remove, I thought they were pointless and I hate having to carry more than I have to. Try the wrap, or a baby carrier or something like that. My best friend swore by this one super hip fabric carrier, I will have to get the name of it, but it looks super chic. And it's so true, it gets better before you know it. Except the laundry, that seems to get worse. :) (Josh gets pee all over the place more than Eddie does now. So even that gets better!) But man, that 5 yr gap, it really does feel like starting over, I completely understand how you feel!!!!

Jana said...

It's Jana from the O group, Isaak is adorable! Congratulations! I'm glad to have your blog I will visit it regularly! I miss chatting with the O girls, I can't access it at work anymore and when I get home, sometimes it's just too crazy!

David and Teresa said...

Well you might be crowded but that little boppy sure is cute that mawmaw got you so you gotta have it, right?

Love you baby and baby Isaak


Vagabond Mother said...

My belly is still horrible, seven months later. I'm really nervous.

Thanks for all the references to me. It makes me feel so proud. So proud to have someone else not using their boobs. Not that we wouldn't like to be that cool...

The worst thing with Henry happened in the dead of night when he peed, pooped, and threw up at the same time during a diaper change. I've never felt more overwhelmed, or dirty. Well, THAT kind of dirty.

I hate that car seat thing too, even bent my wedding ring lugging it. Oh, and SPRAINED my foot lugging it. . .but somehow, it just seemed like the lesser of all evils with having two little kids. I tried the sling once, but the weather (freezing below freezing) just didn't work. Plus Henry hated it. Bleh. Here's a plus- sold the carseat/stroller combo for $80 bucks the other week- it was THREE years old and been through two babies. I felt awesome.

Anyway, enjoy your boy, even if you feel like trash. It's a marvelous time.

Amanda said...

I hear ya on soooooo many of those things!