Thursday, May 8, 2008

To invest or not to invest?

So after being in the sun all day today (well half of the day) I started thinking about swim suits. Originally, I had decided I wasn't going to invest in buying one for this pregnancy. I'll probably have the baby the 3rd week in June and I just didn't think it would be worth it to buy a swimsuit I won't be wearing after that. Plus I knew I already had a maternity swim suit if I got desperate and needed SOMETHING one day.
Well, all that thought process was before today. Before I was hot outside. Before I thought about how much fun the kids are going to have swimming this summer and BEFORE I tried on the maternity swimsuit I already have. Not good. Not good at all. I should have know. I wore that swim suit when I was only 4-5 months pregnant with Kora which was a LONG time ago. When I put it on today I could have sworn it was my regular swimmer. The belly section was fine. The butt was hideous and the boobs? Well, let's just say, "my cup runneth over".
So now my dilemma is, do I invest or do I find creative ways to stay cool until I pop? If I DO invest, there is no way on EARTH I would even be in public without a swimmer cover on my bottom half so disregard that issue. I like being covered even when I'm not pregnant so especially now. I'd probably add a cute long tie skirt to whatever swimmer I bought and then NEVER take it off.
I found this cute one online at Mimi Maternity and I really like it.
The pros?
It's a halter.
It has a longer top to cover some bum.
It's tighter around the belly instead of just a big tent.
Price - $88
Does it have enough boob support?
The pattern - will it make me stand out more than I'd like?
Next we have this little beauty.
It's a halter.
It's black so I can blend in or at least try.
The bottoms have ties on the sides to "grow" with me.
The price - $69
Does it have enough boob support?
Is the top too loose and tent like? Will my belly hang out?
So I'm still a little unsure. What do you guys think? Every time I think about the pink one, I think I would be able to wear it AFTER the baby for the rest of the Summer because the top is tighter and it doesn't scream "PREGNANT" like the black one. BUT, the black one is cheaper so even if it looks terrible after the baby comes it wasn't TOO much of a waste of money.
OR, do I just not buy one at all? I'm stumped.


Valinda said...

Go with the pink one. I like you and all but you're going to stand out either way and you might as look super cute doing it. You will be able to wear it for 2 or 3 months and you'll feel better with all the coverage. Besides I think you should get whatever you want this month!

Anonymous said...

I think the pink one too very cute.. You are going to want something to keep cool in..

Tara said...

I wore one like the black when I was pregnant, it's classic and easy to resell on ebay. But the pink one would be as well. I worry about the deep plunge on the on black top, your cup might still runneth over with that. When it comes down to it, you know I am anti-money-spending during pregnancy. I myself bought my maternity one used, cause I couldn't spend $$ on a new one. Have you checked ebay, or a kids-2-kids? That would by my suggestion before you go with a new one. But that's just me. Good luck. And yes, I SOOOOO wish you could help me out with all the stuff we have around here. It would keep your mind off things for sure. (and I could teach you how to sew purses and make glass beads) thats a nice thought. :)

Amy Herfurth said...

Jessica, I have one just like that black on you have posted, if it fits you can have it!! Don't invest!!

Vagabond Mother said...

How soon are you going to go swimming after the baby because I don't want to swim in your afterbirth. I put you back in the water around August. You still have a lot of swimming before the baby, when it feels the best anyways. Get the one that covers and supports your beautiful body. Who wants to maternity clothes it anyway after the baby...

Vagabond Mother said...

As for the bumbo, it is great for lazy mothering and the little person can see what's going on. I started Henry in it at about a month and a half. They are like 30-40 bucks but indestructible and easy to move anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I just don't know. They are both cute in different is sassy and fun and black is classic. I say, check out Amy's, but you know me and cheap. And, afterbirth...what? That ranks right up there with the thrift store clerk comment tonight.

Tara said...

I just have to say the bumbo is one of those cool things I wish I had tried. I almost bought one on ebay, they are much cheaper. Most of my friends said their child was only in it until they started crawling. With how my kids are, (crawling at 5 mo) it would not have been worth it to buy new for only a few months of use on my last child. I have only heard one friend who said her son didn't like it, everyone else I know has raved about it. Go ebay!

Amanda said...

I like the pink:)

Unknown said...

Know this: I will always vote for black. So that's how much my vote is worth. Black is always better. In clothes, in cars, in electronics, in... you know... hair. Whatever. It is.