Friday, May 16, 2008

Thanks Dad!!

The kids got a special surprise in the mail today...a package from DAD!!!
Austin sent each kid their own Marine t-shirt, even Isaak got a little digi-cam onesie!
Kora's says "Daddy's Girl USMC" if you can't see that part. Jake loves his with the devil dog on it and Miah couldn't WAIT to put on his "army guy" shirt. We love you Austin, thanks for brightening up their day! Oh and it couldn't have come on a more perfect day, Jake's birthday. He loved his card and after he read it he wanted ME to read it too because he was so proud of what you wrote to him. I love you, you're the perfect husband, dad and best friend!

Here's Miah with his new "sharkboy" haircut as he calls it. If you've never seen the Disney movie sharkboy and lava girl you need to check it out, that's what he's referring to!
Doesn't he look cute in his little wife beater too!?
(and no, we don't sleep on a naked bed, I'm washing the sheets for the MILLIONTH time this week...ugghhhhh)


Amanda said...

How sweet:) I bet a package from Dad no matter what it has in it is special! The shirts are cute!

Vagabond Mother said...

Ah, so fun. Miah looks so proud of his hair- I love it. Your three children are gorgeous.

Tami said...

I feel silly leaving you a comment, but I will anyways. It is so sweet that their Dad sent them surprises in the mail!
Anyway, I just started blogging after giving into the peer pressures of my 3 sisters who blog :) I found your blog after a series of clicking links, starting on my sisters blog...

I think your blog was 4 or 5 clicks away from hers. It would be interesting to see of you can find the link trail :)

Anonymous said...

Miah looks awesome. He looks like a little man. I love him. Kora's pose is priceless. Big Bubba's coolness dominates. I love you kids. Happy bday Jake!


Lindsay said...

hehe... shark boy... what a ridiculously funny kid. i love miah.