Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Okay Tara, here they are!

I took pictures of my closet JUST for Tara because she wanted to see it. This is the kids' side. Jake's stuff is up top with the future of Isaak's stuff (yes that's my beautiful bag waiting to be used). Austin's stuff is on the bottom left and then Miah in the middle and Kora on the right.

Here's my side and some organized shelves. I really should have taken BEFORE pictures too because it was a disaster. I got in a bad mood every time I walked in here. Hopefully there's nothing embarrassing in these pictures like last time, I didn't examine them closely. I'm sure you'll point it out if there is.

And here are more shelves and the kids' shoes under my clothes. Mine and Austin's shoes are against the wall and behind the door.

All of the kids' drawers are nicely organized like this one of Miah's. Everything has a pile :)

Miah saw Jake's shoes on the blog and told me to put his shoes on the blog too. Sorry I don't have a fancy artsy picture of Miah wearing his shoes like I did for Jake's. I know you're disappointed Janae.

And then are the weirdos watching a movie on my portable DVD player even though there's a TV just five feet to the left or


Vagabond Mother said...

Nothing like cheeze-its and movies. I'm really impressed by your family closet. I hate sorting junk but feel so happy afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Roman just saw Miah and Kora in the bed and asked if it was them. I said yes and he wants to know why the bed is messed up. You've seen my would think "messed up" looks normal to him by this time.

Tara said...

LOVE IT! I love how the hangers are organized too. I do the same thing during my quaterly closet clean-up. (ya, I'm lucky if I get to it 4 times a year) It's lovely Jess, I know how nice it feels to walk into a closet that is neat and orderly. I would feel like someone dumped a ton of bricks on my shoulders everytime I looked at my closet before clean-up, yuck. I LOVE Miah's shoes. And my kids did the same thing with our protable DVD player at first. I hope they are doing OK today!

Valinda said...

Ohh! So pretty, it makes me itch to get mine done but they aren't going on the list for this week. Your kids look very happy, I hope they stay that way!

Vagabond Mother said...

I could never be as blog immobilized as Lindsay.

Unknown said...

Amazing job!