Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A list of just stuff

1. The whining has begun. I knew this would happen but I didn't think it would happen so soon. This same thing happened to Kora and even a little of Jake when Austin left for 3 months to OCS. Miah has started to be very whiney and crying about every little thing. I think this is happening because he's sad about daddy being gone, but doesn't know why or where he is or even when he will come back. All he knows is that we keep telling him he's not coming home for a long time. Poor kid. Kora was only 2 when Austin left last time and Jake was just 4 so I guess it's between those ages where they feel sad inside but don't really know any other way to express it other than crying about everything.

2. American Idol is crap tonight. Jason did good on the first song, but the second was kinda boring. Brooke sucked, she's going home. David Cook, did pretty good, the best of them all but not as good as the judges make him out to be. You can tell they want HIM to win. David Archuleta, blah blah blah and Syesha was another diva singer...same ole same ole. Come on people...this is the top 5 and these are Neil Diamond songs that rock!! How could they not blast 'em??

3. Got my first payment for Princess Parties which I'll be getting for the next three years each month. That made me smile!

4. Jake went golfing with my dad tonight and my Kora and Jake are in bed at 7pm?? What's up with that? It's so quiet here but I have nothing to do except sit all by my lonesome.

5. Had cousin day with my Mershie today and we ate at Babe's Chicken...mmm. I stuffed myself sick but it was good. Miah liked it too, especially the biscuits. If you haven't been there you need to go. Google Babe's Chicken, they have about 6-8 locations all over DFW. It's dirty and fattening but YuMMmMmMmY!

6. I hate how my "undershirt" keeps riding up to mid belly. I even bought bigger ones to prevent this and I'm outgrowing THEM. Austin said I look like Winnie the Pooh.

7. Hey Amanda!! I'm eating some yummy cookies and cream ice cream RIGHT NOW!! Don't you want some??

8. Austin's calling me so I gotta go!!! BYE!


Amanda said...

I understand the "undershirt" issue----- Yes---I do want Ice Cream and COOKIES NOW!!!!! I do want to have my body back so much so I can wear normal clothes!!!! Although it will be a few months before I am back in my normal clothes---uuuggg.

Vagabond Mother said...

American Idol was embarrassing last night. David Cook was smart to sing songs that no one even knew, because the rest of the sounded horrible in comparison.

Lindsay said...

yeah.. i was SO irritated by american idol.. i felt like an hour of my life had been STOLEN. Janae and i should have started our movie earlier. wait... that wasn't the same day.. but it shouldv'e been. And i HATE my "undershirts" everyday.. they make me feel fat and i hate pulling them down all the time...