Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Officer and a 2nd grader

I'm so excited about today! Austin and I have planned to surprise Jake for lunch and he has NO IDEA! This isn't just ANY lunch visit. This is a visit from his DAD, in UNIFORM, the fancy one! Jake and his friends have this little military game going on that they play at recess. They each hold ranks and have to do things to achieve higher ranks. All of Jake's friends think Jake is so cool for knowing all the ranks and explaining to them how and WHEN they can progress. They know his dad is a Marine and I think they secretly admire him for that. Jake of course LOVES the attention.

Last night, Jake picked out his clothes for today (which he never does). It was a surprise to me that he chose to wear his khaki colored button up shirt WITH 2nd Lt. bars pinned on the collar. These are Austin's old bars. He has new ones now that he's a 1st Lt. so Jake has claimed the gold ones as his own. What a coincidence that he felt the need to wear THIS on a day like today. I promise I didn't say a WORD to him!

I don't know if I love Jake so much because he's kinda a nerd and wears stuff like that to school, or if it's because he's just so DANG innocent and wants nothing more than to be exACTLY like his dad. Maybe it's a combo of both. Whatever it is, I love my Jake, he's perfect.

Austin is bringing two of his Marine friends from the office who can't WAIT to meet Jake because of all the stories they've heard about him. How he wants to be a sniper and a Marine pilot. How he wants to go to the Naval Academy and then one day be an astronaut. How he knows every detail about every weapon ever created. How he can look at any Marine personnel's uniform and tell you what his rank is, what ribbons he has earned and why, and if he's a sharpshooter or expert!

I love Jakob, have I said that? I want SO much for all his BiG dreams to come true.

Austin is bringing him Chik-Fil-A for lunch, pencils and stickers for his friends and he took my camera so he can get pictures. Don't worry, I'll be posting them ASAP!! I just can't wait! What a wonderful memory for Jake to keep with him before Austin leaves. What a special day this is.


Amanda said...

aaahhh----That is SO COOL!!!!! I can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about it!

Janae said...

There is nothing more sweet that the enthusiasm kids have! Especially when it is about their dad! That's so cool that Austin is doing that.

Janae said...

There is nothing more sweet that the enthusiasm kids have! Especially when it is about their dad! That's so cool that Austin is doing that.

Janae said...

Sorry about the double comment. I'll make up for it right now.

Thanks for relating about the r house thing. I think you are more an authority on it seeing as you have adopted. . . it was a big mistake to click on the link on Lindsay's blog yesterday. Big, hormonal, angry, late night, mistake.

Ah, life is full of those.

SM said...

That gave me chills reading! So sweet what you said about Jake!

Jess said...

Aw! I remember that innocence...of not having a care in the world about what anyone else thought of what I was wearing. It's so sweet that he's brave enough to be himself...I love it!

Lindsay said...

i love how jake knows so much about the guns. It made me laugh when he was telling me about his book of guns in detail the difference between them. Honestly... i believe jake IS perfect. he's my favorite Jakob that i've ever known. :) I remember holding him at the hospital all sweet and cozy. No other baby was as calm and sweet as he was.