Thursday, April 10, 2008

More doctors today?

I'm so SICK of waiting rooms, I'm sick of taming Kora and Miah while we wait for hours, I'm sick of their fighting, I'm sick of being moved from the waiting room to the exam room and then being made to WAIT all over again. The bad part is, I better get used to it because I have a lot more doctor visits in my future. I guess that's part of having a million kids, huh?

I went BACK to my OBGYN today since yesterday was a flop visit. Today she did a sonogram to check measurements, size and weight. I guess she was concerned because I'm HUGE. Who knows. Anyway, it was SO precious. Isaak is STILL a boy, he was sucking his thumb the entire sonogram and his hair was sticking straight up like Jake's was when he was born. My doctor also mentioned that he's quite the tiny guy. Although his measurements are fine for his gestational age, he's just very small and right now only a little over 3lbs. So that's embarrassing. All this weight is just me? Let's see...

Weight Gain: 31 lbs to date
Baby Weight: 3 lbs to date

hmm....for some reason that doesn't add up as correctly as I'd like it to. I've come to accept the fact that I just gain a LOT of weight when I'm pregnant. I think it's part of my genes. So good luck with that Lindsay.

All in all it was a good visit, but probably my last one with that OBGYN because now I have to find a new OBGYN on my Tricare Insurance. This means I first have to go to my "Primary Care Manager" to take a test and find out for SURE that I am, indeed pregnant. I doubt that will come back negative. Then she has to refer me to an OBGYN that takes my insurance. It's all a big annoying mess of doctors but for what I pay (or really don't) I'm not going to complain. It'll all work out.

Next I had to go to a follow-up visit with the boob doctor to make sure the lump I had is okay. Either my boobs have gotten SO big, or the lump has gotten so small that neither of us could find it. He thinks (yes that's right, "HE"...yuck, I feel molested) that it was a hormonal thing which would explain why it's gone. He said if it comes back, or if I ever find it, let him know. I hated that appointment. The whole time we sat in the waiting room I kept trying to talk myself into walking out. I don't like hands on my boobs and I was seriously sweating bullets just sitting there thinking about what I was going to have to go through shortly. Luckily I made it through and it's over. *shiver*

This brings me to my next dilemma. I've never had a man OBGYN, EVER. Something about a man doing what an OBGYN does, makes me cringe in my head. It just doesn't seem right in my mind, I can't get over it. I told my sisters that I'm really picky about who's hand and who's head I'll allow down there doing all that...junk. I don't want someone that's too pretty, then I'll feel gross. I don't want someone with an annoying voice. I don't want someone who has warts or acne scars or blonde eyelashes because all those things bug me. I don't want someone who's too old and uses old methods. I'm so nervous about this referral process because I want to be able to SEE the person before I pick them but I'm not gonna have that opportunity. Well, I guess I could, but I don't have the patience to go from doc to doc. Plus there aren't many to choose from on my plan. I'm going to tell my PCM that I HAVE to have a woman and hopefully that works out. I'll keep you updated. Oh...and please don't think of me as being judgemental. I'm okay with all those traits on people who WON'T be in my privates. I just like this ONE doctor to meet my specifications. That's all I ask.

I gotta go shopping for the big parties on Friday/Saturday!!


Unknown said...

Blah! I hate all that crappola, too! I had a male doc for a quick second, and went back to a female. She is missing a toe on one of her feet and always wears sandals, but I don't mind. I only mention it because it's the only unique thing about her... she's very nice and ordinary, which I like very much.

Valinda said...

I think you totally deserve to invest in a personal DVD player, then you can entertain your kids without letting them play with waiting room toys ...those gross me out! About having a guy OBGYN mine is and he delivered #'s 2 & 3. With #1 I had a lady who I totally did not like and she met all of your qualifications. I love my guy he is LDS, funny, reminds himself of who I (& my kids) am before he comes in each year and is very relaxed. Good Luck getting somebody you can like!

Jess said...

Maybe you can research or *google* the OBGYN's that are on your plan...just maybe they will have a dr. profile or something with a pic? I don't know...worth a shot! may end up liking a male dr. more than you think! I have several va-ja-jay male drs. and like them both. Good luck!

Lindsay said...

ew... i hate people touching my boobs who aren't Enos.. and even then i'm picky about when. HA. As for the weight gain... YUCK... i am NOT looking forward to that... i'm gonna have a swollen oversized body for my small q-tip head and that makes me feel ugly just THINKING about. oh well... as for weird people up in my BIZ-ness. i'm not picky if it's a man as long has he's not old or weird (or awkward). If he was chubby i'd feel more comfortable and not handsome or ugly but just roundy with a big roundy nose. nevermind... i guess i am picky.

Lindsay said...

oh also... the personal dvd player thing that valinda said.. i totally agree... i went shopping with tara one saturday and josh was PERFECT because he had a little video ipod to watch in the cart while we shopped. i'm SOOOO doing that.