Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to YOU blog :)

Exactly one year ago today, I birthed my precious blog. Here's a post that I dedicate to YOU blog, thanks for being a listening ear when I need to vent, a keyboard to cry on, and a place to display my beautiful family!

So remember how I told you guys about Kora making Miah do everything she dreams up? Well here's another example of just that. Today she made him be the "baby" while she was the mommy. She put him to bed, fed him with a bottle, put a bib on him that was 10 times too small for his neck, and mothered him until he wanted to puke. Miah enjoys it for a while, but enough is enough for him sometimes. I know when Kora starts school in the fall he will miss her playing with him, but he WON'T miss her making him be the baby, giving him a fake haircut or playing school with him and giving him fake homework.

Here's the lambie (named Toodle) that Kora got from Bath and Body Works the other day. Kora told me that Toodle is very sick and she has to do breathing treatments every day. This is the process she has to go through...

1. First Toodle has to get the tubes on her snout.

2. Then Toodle closes her eyes and gets ready to relax.

3. The mouth and nose piece go on and Toodle has to keep breathing with it "until the clock says 596" is what Kora tells me. So basically forever.

Yes, today was the day of cake making. I wasn't going to put it off until tomorrow morning because I have enough to do besides the cakes which will stress me out. I was on my feet ALL DAY from morning until night working on everything. Thank goodness I had two helpers that made a HUGE mess for me to clean up. Is it just me or is Miah's tongue like TWICE as long as it should be? What the crap!?

Kora was sweet enough to dirty up every single dish I had already cleaned AND even those that I wasn't using! Thanks Kora, I LOVE washing dishes!

So here it is. It's unfinished in this picture. I'm adding the wheels and a few other items tomorrow just before the party. It's the under side of the skateboard so the wheels will be on top. I didn't want to put any extra weight on the cake or frosting tonight. I'm already concerned that I'll wake up to a melted mess of green and yellow. It wouldn't fit in the fridge so I'm crossing my fingers it'll be okay tonight. It was exTREMELY stressful and I was sweating like a hog because I was so nervous, but I think it turned out alright. It kinda reminds me of the converse sign, doesn't it? In the picture, It was red and yellow with a swirl in the middle, but Miah wanted green and yellow with a star. He loves stars.

I had an extra round cake so I let Kora go crazy with it and the leftover green frosting. Things got quite hairy with all that. Her and Miah ended up looking like green muppets covered from head to toe with frosting. She was very proud of her design.

Tomorrow is the day of festivities so I'll have many many pictures to post but maybe not until Monday. I have to teach my YW on Sunday and I haven't even looked at the manual yet so I'll be busy tomorrow night. See ya!!


Tara said...

WOW! It looks PERFECT! That cake is going to be SOOOO cool!!!! Well done! That icing looks florescent, how did you get that green to be so GREEN?

Deanna said...

You did an AWESOME job on the cake! I'm impressed.

Camilla said...

you really did a splendid job! miah is one lucky boy.

Amanda said...

IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!! YOu did AWESOME! I know what you mean about being on your feet all day! Doesn't anything you do preggo seem like more work????

Jess said...

Love the cake! YUM! Makes me crave bday or wedding cake...which isn't on my diet! And Miah will get used to Miss Kora...that's what big sis' do! It makes for great memories one day and even greater blackmail! :)

Lindsay said...

my favorite part of this post was the story of Toodle. What an inspiration to us all... :)

Unknown said...

Kora seems like such an interesting child. I bet it is fun to be her mom.

You did amazing on the cake! YOU ROCK!!