Thursday, April 10, 2008

A day FULL of doctors and some stuff from Tuesday too!

Besides the rain, the kids have been LOVING the warmer weather and have been spending their after school time outside instead of glued to the television INside. I'm thinkin this is good because all the mess they make will be outside and I don't have to deal with it. NOT TRUE. I've recently come to find out that when they play outside, they make a bigger mess than when they play INside. Whether they have all their bikes strewn across the driveway and street, use all of the Tupperware and utensils we have to collect beetles, bugs and dirt, OR smash playdoh into the's a mess that needs to be cleaned. Yesterday I let them take playdoh outside. STUPID. First of all, let me tell you how much I HATE playdoh. I'm sorry, I know it's fun for them, but I can't stand it. It gets everywhere!! Usually we don't keep playdoh in stock at our house but when Kora HAD to have those fake scissors, I of course had to buy the whole set of playdoh they came with. SO there it was, beggin to be played with. I thought sending them outside to play with it would be better than inside but I was so wrong. Instead of just keeping it on the table, they decide to SMASH and GRIND it into the concrete leaving huge stains. So here's Austin helping the kids scrub up their playdoh mess. What a great husband he is to not make me do it!!

Another thing we did on Tuesday was go to Target. Kora has been beggin me to take her to the store with her wallet and "cash" as she calls it because she wanted to buy Jake a birthday present for this weekend. I love this about Kora. She really is the MOST giving person I have ever met. You'd think this type of girl would hoard all her money for herself, but anytime she gets money, she just wants to spend it one everyone else. For Christmas she used her mula to buy everyone a gift, same thing for Valentine's Day. And it's always HER idea. Her favorite place to buy her gifts is in the dollar section at Target. She feels so big shopping and then paying the lady and she ALWAYS keeps her receipt like it's the greatest thing she could ever receive. Now, don't ask me why she didn't want to get Miah a present this time. I'm thinking it's because she's extremely jealous of the skateboard, helmet and pads he's getting so she's rebelling by not buying him anything. I'm staying out of it.

So that leads us to yesterday, the day of doctors. I had my appt. in the morning at 9am and waited there until 10 to see the doctor. She was at the hospital for a delivery. Miah had an appt. at 10:30 so I had to tell the girls I had to go. They told me to come back after 1pm and then she would be there. I grabbed Kora and Miah and we rushed to the pediatric urologist for Miah. This visit went SO well. He was completely different than the one we saw in Fort Worth. He told me that it WOULD be a good idea to circumcise now to prevent infection later on in life, especially since he was having problems retracting that skin already. I told him about the other doctor we saw in FW and he was furious that someone would treat a patient like that. Miah, on the other hand, didn't enjoy the visit so much, but I think he'll be happier in the future and feel more like his dad and brothers if we go through with it. We scheduled the surgery for MONDAY! Oh my gosh, much sooner than I expected but I'm glad to get it over with. I was worried about the Insurance paying for it, but the lady who certifies it feels pretty confident they will pay. So unless I hear from them saying they won't pay, it's on for Monday.

Another thing the doctor mentioned that I was worried about with baby Isaak was that a lot of pediatricians in the most recent years have stopped taking off as much skin as they should because they are worried about the parents being mad that too much was taken off. I didn't even bring this up so it surprised me that he was thinking the same thing I was. I had mentioned to Austin a couple months ago that I didn't want Isaak's circum. to look unfinished and still cover the head a little. I had seen a few like this on younger kids whom I've changed their diapers and I was wondering WHY this was happening. Jake's isn't like that, is this a new thing they do now? The doctor said that he has had to re-do SO many circs lately because of this. I know a few of you had mentioned to me in your comments about my last circum. post that you had your son's redone or had contemplated it. Is this why? This doctor said that the pediatricians are telling parents that the kids will grow into the extra skin but he says that is not true at all. (Nat, didn't you mention this to me? Someone did, but I can't remember if it was you or Amy) I'm just going to be sure to tell the pediatrician, when she comes to the hospital for Isaak's, that I do NOT want extra skin left covering the head and to make sure and cut it all the way back. I want him to LOOK all the way circumcised, not halfway. Tell me your thoughts on this (if you're comfortable talking about it) I'm really interested to hear how your son's circ went especially if it was in the last 5-6 years.
Okay so after that visit we went BACK to my doctor who STILL wasn't there because she was BACK at the hospital delivering the baby now. I sat there for about 30-40 minutes before I told them I HAD to go and would come back tomorrow. UGh. It was frustrating but when I got home, Dr. Ruiz called me personally to apologize saying that it was just terrible timing. I appreciated that because it's very rare that the actual doctor will call your cell phone to say I'm sorry.
So then we grabbed Jake from school and took HIM to the pediatrician for his follow-up since he's had two big sicknesses back to back. He's still been pretty congested and his poor little eyes have been SO red, swollen and watery from all the allergies. This is even AFTER using Patanol eye drops everyday, twice a day. So we talk to the doctor and decide to do an allergy test like we did with Kora a while back. They took blood and hopefully we'll find out some good results that will help us by next week. She also gave him ANOTHER allergy med. to take ON TOP OF everything else he already takes. Poor kid. I feel bad for Jake and Kora because their allergies are SO terrible they can't even go outside for a minute without being affected. Kora is allergic to almost every type of grass, mold and tree imaginable and I'm sure the results are gonna show Jake is the same.


Vagabond Mother said...

Does playdo stain? I haven't ever opened Raymond's playdo and now, I don't want to. That day at the doctors sounds like hell.

Lindsay said...

ew... playDOH. the only thing it's good for is eating... at least the homemade kind.. i always ate that when we'd make it.mmm salty.

Unknown said...

EW! Lindsay eats playdoh!! She's disgusting!!!!

I'm sorry about the crap you're having to deal with! I guess it's just part o' havin' a million kids! I love that! Hee hee!

Amanda said...

First I have to say that is why I am LOVING my mid-wife and birth center. No waiting ---EVER:) No rushing EVER---- She actually knows me and spends time with me:) I hated the WAITING with my last pregnancy---like she was a GOD and I just had to wait even if it was an hour in the room half naked at 37 weeks trying to keep myself up on that table!

Circ----From what I have heard....And I have asked around. Ped's in TX do not do the circ's on babies only the OBgyns do. Ped. urologist yes....but normal ped's--no. SO your obgyn will be doing it. And it just depends on what kind of Circ. they do so you will want to discuss it before you go to the hospital:) P's circ was a "loose" circ. like they all do now. I was not given proper instructions to pull the skin back at every diaper change for the first few months and At least once a day after that for the first year! So some of his skin reattatched---let me tell you---The ped pulling that back at 1 year old with no med's was the worst thing I have EVER let happen to my child. he screamed for WEEKS after ward as I had to apply vaseline and continue to pull it back so it would not reattatch! Now it is fine----but I will never forget that!!!! THat is the one reason why I didn't want a boy---THE CIRC! Molly's boys done by a different obgyn than mine were tighter but she still has to pull back the skin some. My babies this time will be done by a mid-wife that does them at a different birthing center than I am delivering at. She has done 2 of my friends babies----We will go around the 8th day after birth since that is when their blood will have it's clotting factor formed. No obgyn would do it since I was not delivering with them, and no ped's here do it. SO it was either a mid-wife or a moil for me---LOL! This has been a sore subject in my life. GOOD LUCK with Miah---sorry I wrote a book!

Anonymous said...

It's been my experience (3 kids) that scheduling OB appts first thing in the morning makes it less likely that I'll have to wait on the doc or that she'll be at the hospital delivering.

My experience with circumcision is this - I don't recommend it. I have 2 boys. My first was circumcised and he was a bleeder. They also took too much off and took even more off when they did the second surgery. I think the reason they are doing "loose" circs now is to allow more skin so they stretching is possible when the boy get erections. If they skin isn't there to allow it, the erections can be either uncomfortable, wind up crooked, or even painful. This is the case with my first boy. So if you get it done, please let them leave it as a loose circumcision.
My third child, my second son, is not circumcised. He is fine and has never had a problem. There was no way I was going to put my baby through that again and I always thought an uncircumcised penis would be problematic and prone to infections. This simply has not been the case. I just wanted to share that perspective in case nobody else has told you that side of it.
I hate to sound cynical, but I think doctors sometimes recommend the surgery because they make money from performing it. I know the American Academy of Pediatrics doesn't recommend it but they do leave it up to the parents to decide. Maybe that is why you got conflicting opinions from the two doctors.
If you are worried about Miah not being retractable by age 3, you really shouldn't worry. Many boys aren't retractable until much later and the AAP even addresses that on their website: (I can't figure out the tiny url, sorry)
"Most boys will be able to retract their foreskins by the time they are 5 years old, yet others will not be able to until the teenage years".
So I'm pretty sure Miah has lots of time for retraction before it becomes a problem.
Good luck in your decision.
Good luck with TriCare. Historically, they haven't been cooperative with my family.