Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I fixed it myself

Austin never did get around to fixing that scratch disk problem, so I worked it out myself. FINALLY, I'm able to post some pictures for you guys.
First and foremost, here are Jake's new shoes he got yesterday. He wanted me to take a picture of them so Austin could see them. He said they look just like dad's. It was funny when he was trying different shoes on he would walk around the store and it reminded me SO MUCH of how Austin acts when he tries on shoes. He had the same facial expression, staring off into no where, just trying to focus on the feel of the shoes. He got on his tiptoes, kinda bounced in place, walked with his chest out. He's becoming more and more like Austin each day. All of which made me miss Austin more. That's funny because usually when I go with Austin to buy new shoes I get annoyed at all these habits he does. I want him to just try them on and be done with so we can leave. I never realized how much I LOVE these habits and miss them.

Last week Jake got in the killing mood and dressed as a Marine at war.
He's sooooo tough, look at those muscles!

On Saturday, we celebrated Kim's birthday at Saltgrass. I took a few pictures of the boys being silly.

This is Uncle Evan making a Blue Steel face.

At first glance this may look like a delicious pastry. Maybe a cinnamon roll covered in delicious frosting?? No...it's Kora's bread at Saltgrass. I let her butter it and this is how it looked when she was done. A little bread with that butter maybe?

For Family Home Evening yesterday, we bought the two boys new shoes and then went for ice cream at Cold Stone. We ate our ice cream at the harbor on the lake. The kids played on the steps and in the waterfalls while blue ice cream dripped all over the place. It was nice to just sit and relax and watch the sunset over the lake. I missed Austin as I sat there alone with my fat-full ice cream waffle bowl.

3 terd balls


Lindsay said...

i miss austin for you. Mother told me you were kinda low yesterday. I hope when we come there it will make things better. I miss you.

Lindsay said...

oh also... Jake is scary in that Marine picture... phew! hot stuff!! hehe

Tara said...

You and Austin did good on Jake. In one pic, he looks equally the two of you, another pic he looks COMPLETELY like a mini-Austin, and then another shot he looks JUST like you. It depends on the face he is making. Wild. Sounds like you are keeping the kids busy, (and yourself), that's key, good job. I love the pictures. We will start calling Kora the butter-monster. (Each of my kids have a food item they love to go overboard on, and we call them "----monster" accordingly. I happen to be choco-monster) Good job on fixing your photo issue, seriously, that's awesome!

Vagabond Mother said...

Your picture of Jake's shoes looks so artsy. It looks like those shoes are going to make him run a million miles an hour. Fast shoes.

Family Home Evening?????? You put us all to shame. You make single mothering look GOOD.

So, like a Brazilian comment spammer, I sign off with:

A hug.

Amanda said...

Those shoes look cool...I love em'! Good for you for having some yummy ice cream---you are really making me CRAVE Cold Stone right now!!! That fountain and sunset look so relaxing---well as relaxing as you can get with 3 kiddos in tow!

Vagabond Mother said...

Uh, I'm leaving a comment on my blog in response to yours.

A hug.

Vagabond Mother said...

One more thing- GLOWING BOOBS on her cousin or sister or something.

"Hi, I'm a teenager that keeps my pants on. But my boobs glow blue at prom."

It made Enos and I uncomfortable. And yes, we hang out during the day. We are the best housewives around. Okay, he's better than me.

A hug.