Monday, April 28, 2008

It's time for Summer clothes!

I HAD to keep my mind busy today so I loaded up Miah and Kora and headed to the mall for some Summer shopping. Kora and Jake got the most because they had NOTHING, seriously. Their clothes were so ragged and blah. Miah got a lot of cute stuff for his birthday so I just added a few more pieces to his wardrobe today. I could have posted ALL the pieces I bought today, but I decided I won't bore you and only show you my favorites.
This skort is SO precious on Kora. You know she's a comfort freak so these type of bottoms are her absolute favorite!!
I was surprised to see her pick out these shorts because she's not a jean person AT ALL. But these jean shorts are much softer than most, almost not even jean they are so cozy. Kora was so cute walking around the store saying things like, "This is ADORABLE!!" and "This is the cutest thing EVER!!" or "This is SOO beautiful!" It was cute to see how grown up she's become since last summer when she could care LESS what I picked out.
SUPER love these! She can wear them short and rolled up or longer like little gauchos.

This is one of Miah's favorite shirts I got him. So cute!!
He looks good in almost EVERY color, seriously!! This teel striped shirt was perfect!
Jake got some new swim shorts. He always looks good in patriotic colors.
He also LOVES button up shirts. I got him this shirt and one for Miah as well so they can be twins. I was surprised that Jake is now wearing a 9/10 in size...UGHHH, I swear he will NOT stop growing and it's making me SOOO mad!!

Miah also got matching brown shorts like these of Jake's. Jake got these in 3 different colors.

After we got home we had TONS of clothes to unload but the closet was a MESS with old clothes and junk so I went into organizing mode and spent a few hours in the closet throwing things out. I had a goodwill pile, a trash pile, a play clothes pile, a "hand down to amy" pile, and a keepsake pile. I got everything looking SO nice and clean in there, I'm so proud. I even made a section for Isaak's clothes and hung up the few he's already gotten. All the drawers are organized and shelves are straightened! It's nice.


Vagabond Mother said...

Look at you!! Sounds exhausting but fulfilling. . . those clothes are so cute. I'm glad they have a closet to match.

Tara said...

WAY CUTE!!! Jade surprises me every year with the little things she changes about her taste in clothes, get use to it. :) I wanna see the organized closets, I REALLY appreciate the time in takes, good job!

Valinda said...

Fun! I saw similar bottoms like those Kora got at children's place but wasn't able to convince Fred that was what she wanted to get with her birthday $$. "Mom! It's called Children's Place! I'm NOT a baby!" Apparently it didn't matter that they had clothes in her size. Good job keeping yourself busy!

Amanda said...

It does sound exhausting!!!! I would rather stay home and Paint than shop! I am not a normal girl!!!!! Although I can't wait till I can fit back into normal cute t-shirts again!!!!

Unknown said...

CUTE CLOTHES! And go you with your organizing streak!